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  1. Hope I am in luck for understanding sequencers, for my mind is flooded with musical ideas ready to be expanded into a piano solo composition. But I just can be friends with the grand staff and the quarter notes and all. (They can't be erased, you see). This is where my need for a sequencer began to grow. Thanks for the guidance, sir. I'll look for ebooks and probably find something useful. Thanks for all the time, too. Have a great day.
  2. Is there any good informative video on understanding Casio's song sequencer ? Esp. of Casio WK-6600 Any help is appreciated. Thanks in advance!
  3. Okay sir, let me tell you. I totally missed that spot. Thanks for solving my problem before it even came into my way! Okay I think I'll have to be a bit careful with the sequencer as I am a beginner. And the reason for merging the tracks is that I can't hit the perfect notes at the right timing for over a minute. So I just want to play (right hand melody part) for thirty seconds(quantize it), play another 30-second melody on next track (again, quantize it) & merge the tracks . Same with LH (arpeggio accompaniment) part. I just wanna keep RH and LH part organized into 2 separate pieces. Hope you got my point. I'm afraid I am unable to learn the Measures, gates and note values on the Casio's sequencer.
  4. I'm all satisfied with your reply tnicoson. Thanks for the reply Ok firstly I'm happy that it's not a "defect" that i was afraid of. And secondly I guess I will record the midi without sustain and try to add sustain in the DAW in my laptop itself. Will it work? Since midi is just a set-of-instructions I think it should work. Thanks again.
  5. Hello everyone! I decided to give the Casio WK-6600 Sing sequencer a try and trust me i got too deep into it. I just merged a track(Piano sustained) into another one(also sustained) but when i merged the former into the latter, the sustained voice has been cut off. The sustain pedal i use is Havana WTB-005. Thanks in advance. Have a nice day!
  6. Problem with new Casio WK- 6600

    Dear Sir, Thanks for your advice and guidance on this topic. Glad to let you know that my Casio WK 6600 is up and back in action! I'm thrilled to hear the piano sound. The repairs were made and thankfully the store is a Casio certified one. Thanks and have a good day sir. -Robin 😊
  7. Problem with new Casio WK- 6600

    Dear Sir, It seems persistence works. The sirs at the shop agreed to send my digital piano to a certified Casio store, I hope things work out fine!
  8. Problem with new Casio WK- 6600

    Okay sir, Thanks for the guidance!
  9. Problem with new Casio WK- 6600

    Hello and thanks for the quick reply! I agree with you on the housing issue, sir. Coz when I went to the shop (from where I purchased: Vadya Sur Sangam, Nashik, Maharashtra, India ), it started sounding normally [I guess that happened during transit (maybe a loose part ??)]. But when I reach home, boo! the sounds needs fixing! Due to this, the seller wasn't ready to repair my product. And just to mention, I take utmost care of my instrument while using and storing (Of course, that's my first Digital Piano!) And I play the piano at medium volume most of the time. (volume doesn't seem to have any effect on the issue) Once again, thanks Sir & have a nice day.
  10. Hi Everyone! Its been about 4 months and my keyboard has been giving me problems. Specifically, the "B" note of the keyboard is sounding rather shrill and that's getting worse. I'm sure something's wrong with the speakers. Please help. Thanks in advance! Below attached is the sound recording that describes the issue. Voice Capture 011.m4a