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  1. Firmware 1.04

    I just saw that firmware 1.04 was released in June. The changes stated on the Casio support site are "Improving certain operation." Has anyone installed this and noticed any improvements? I'll see what I can find. Download link here: http://support.casio.com/en/support/download.php?cid=008&pid=1655
  2. Resampling with Effects?

    I'm trying to resample the internal sounds of the XW-PD1 with effects but all it's recording is the dry signal. The only way I've been able to do this is by running a cable from headphone out to line in. This is really crude as I can't hear anything while recording and the levels are too low. According to the manual, the sampling point is before the effects chain for external sounds, and Block A of the effects are used for sampling internal sounds. This is really unfortunate as it limits the usefulness of resampling. Anyone know of a way to resample with effects without using the above workaround?
  3. Resampling with Effects?

    I guess I could do that but I'm trying to avoid using a computer. I did get better results by routing the line out to mic in and maxing the input gain. Gives much better levels and I can still use headphones. Just have to be careful not to slide the mix fader towards external! Get some nasty feedback if you're not careful.
  4. Is it possible to route only 2 banks to the effects? I have Bank 2 (sample melody of strings) sent to a delay effect and would like to send Bank 4 (synth lead) as well. I tried setting two toggle pads to the same delay effect but assigning one to Bank 2 and the other to Bank 4. When I activate the first one Bank 2 is sent to FX, but when I activate the second it stops routing Bank 2 and only routes Bank 4. Also, it doesn't seem possible to route two different effects (from different FX blocks) to two different banks. This kind of makes sense looking at the effects block chain, but I thought at a minimum one bank would go through two blocks, while the other would only go through one (later in the chain). Seems like all FX sends are routed only to the start of the effects chain. Anyone able to get more flexibility out of this?
  5. Effects Routing to Two Banks? Separating FX?

    Thanks for the reply Brad. Looking back at the effects routing diagram I see that there is no way to 'insert' effects. I do wish there were more options for sending a combination of banks to the effects though. I can't imagine there would be any hardware limitation to sending banks 1 and 2 (or 2&4, or 1,2&3 etc.) to FX. You'd have to cycle through 14 options with step key 15 when assigning FX target, but it seems like it would be possible through a firmware update. So far I haven't got the 'Current Bank' FX target to work. Would be nice to put a LPF sweep on a pad from Bank 2, then switch to Bank 1 to sweep a lead without changing the pad. Maybe I'm doing it wrong...