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  1. Midi connection - px560 to PC

    That sounds perfect for my needs. Thanks for the clarification - that's exactly what I was hoping to hear, I think I'm sold! One last question: Can you explain to me - obviously in layman's terms - what a keyboard such as the PX-5S can do as a midi controller that the 560 cannot? I understand more sliders and controlling knobs, but there must be something - some specific tipping point that allows Casio to designate one as a midi controller and the other as not. sorry so many questions. big learning curve here. and, Happy New Year!
  2. Midi connection - px560 to PC

    Thanks so much for your reply, BradMZ. Yes, my guess is that my needs are pretty straightforward. Years ago, I had (still have) a Roland JV-30 that I used with Cakewalk, just as a hobby for fun. Honestly, I can't even remember what all features I used....I just know it was a blast to play and create with. So now, fast-forward 25 years, I'm looking to get back into it with an upgrade - specifically 88 weighted keys and the PX560 looks like it would be lot of fun. I'm not looking to control multiple devices, but would I still be able to take a song I've created on the PX560 and edit it on the computer? It seems like there might be times when the PC's visual representation would be easier to work with than the real time sequencer built into the PX560. Would the PX-560 allow me to work back and forth like that?
  3. Midi connection - px560 to PC

    I am considering purchasing a PX560 but could use some help understanding it's midi capabilities and limitations. Though I've read it is not a Midi Controller, it see it does have midi in and out ports, and I've read it can be connected to a PC. I assume to use a software package like Sonar or the like, correct???? Sorry for the stupid question, but what functionality would this keyboard be lacking that one, like the PX-5S which IS a midi controller be capable of? Thanks in advance - as you can tell, I'm a newb