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  1. How to set default values to knobs 1,2,3

    The 3 knobs can only be saved in registrations. You cannot save them globally. To set the 2nd set tap 2 and choose a controller and proceed as the 1st. Just remember that both controllers will be affected when you make adjustments.
  2. Firmware 1.14 released

    Thanks Mike, this does indeed solve the issue with the knobs. The problem is not one of inherent with the keyboard or its programing but with our knowledge and understanding. Thanks for clarifying, Mike.
  3. Rhodes sounds distorting PA

    It was done at the individual tone level, but not system wide. I almost never use tones/patches right out of the box. The clipping I was getting was on acoustic pianos.
  4. Rhodes sounds distorting PA

    For what it is worth, when I began to edit/create tones and registrations on the 560 I began to notice some light to moderate overdrive distortion. I traced it to the 560 and not external gear. What I found is that when I added light compression and very slightly increased the gain of the EQ it caused the overdriving distortion. For me, by reducing slightly the gain stages of the compression and EQ the problem was corrected. I also noticed that the output was ever so slightly less dynamic. My opinion is that by running the gain stages to the max before clipping Casio have given us some great and dynamic sounds to work with. The down side just may be that it is easily overdriven internally. Just something to think about.
  5. Volume Jumping w/ Expression Pedals

    So far so good, but for me with my tried and true Roland sustain pedal it is not as smooth as many/most other keyboards I've owned; but I am not complaining, just my observation.
  6. Volume Jumping w/ Expression Pedals

    Just downloaded and installed firmware update 1.14 and I am thrilled to report that the expression pedal volume "jumping" issues have all but been eliminated. Haven't checked on any other improvements but all my main registrations work as before with the greatly improved expression pedal function. Thank You Casio for listening and correcting this issue! Cheers
  7. Initial 'fall off'

    Just recently bought the PX 560 and am very pleased with both its performance and sound. Not sure if you are still looking for an answer but here goes: tap EDIT scroll to Amp (amplitude) and tap scroll to Env (envelope) and tap find release 1 or release 2 or both and increase the number value. This will give you a longer sustain/release time. Increase judiciously or it won't sound natural. Hope this helps.
  8. Volume Jumping w/ Expression Pedals

    Unfortunately every electronic instrument or device has quirks. I think these can be managed in various ways. I do often play fading strings/pads in and out and have been practicing when and how I initialize these fades. Not ideal but I think workable. Cheers.
  9. Volume Jumping w/ Expression Pedals

    I did decide to purchase the px 560 despite knowing the problem with using expression; I have discovered the same issue with using an expression pedal (to a lesser degree the same problem persists with when using the mod wheel to control volume). I have found a work around that although not perfect works better for me than abrupt, uneven jumps of volume: I set the minimum value of the pedal to 1 instead of 0 and I didn't notice the annoying jumps in output volume. The down side is that the layer is never off completely; it does sound softly and can be heard. The work around for that can be accomplished by muting the zone on the touch screen. Hopefully Casio will find a software solution to the problem, but I think I can live with this for now since the keyboard action, sounds, portability, and ease of navigation and editing are very good. Hope this helps.
  10. PX 560 Editing

    Thank You AlenK. OK, so only one insert/DSP effect for the 4 layers with Upper 1 receiving priority. Any preset tone can be edited and saved, and used in any of the 4 zones, but any insert/DSP effect saved with the tone may not be applied unless it's in Upper 1. Thanks again.
  11. PX 560 Editing

    Still considering a PX 560; currently using a Kurzeil Artis 7. I have read through the manual and have watched Mike Martin's Webinar and am still left with a question regarding editing. It appears that only the Upper (main tone) can be edited (although I realize that some assignments can be made through other menus such as balance, etc.). Can any of you that have done any editing kindly set me straight? Thanks
  12. Expression Pedal Woes fixed?

    Thank you, Alenk.
  13. Expression Pedal Woes fixed?

    New member here who is very interested in the px 560. I am concerned with the ongoing problems with utilizing the expression pedal. I have A Kurzweil Artis 7 and a year and a half still cannot work the expression correctly (it works, but works on every layer in the patch regardless of settings). Plus, I miss a weighted keyboard ( generally I use a piano or piano layer with different pad or string type sounds; that's about it. I'm usually solo or with another singer). I was just about ready to purchase the px 560 until I read the posts on the pedal problems, which are also evident in Mike Martin's webinar. So, is this problem fixed or not? Mike? One more thing. Can separate controls be assigned to each hex layer individually? Thanks.