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  1. Perhaps this is yet another instance where the technological capabilities of the MZ are not being properly explained by Casio?
  2. Next Generation MZ-X wish list

    Tson, you're right. but the posts about Casio's support of the MZX are also spot-on and relevant: This is a very complex instrument with many different (ideally interconnected) capabilities and Casio has supported it hardly at all. it seems to me the company either signals its commitment to this product line w/ explanatory materials (tutorials, step by step instructions, whatever) as well as OS updates. or it doesn't. right now, Casio is not listening to its arranger customers. it seems like wasted effort to make wish lists for a product that may already be abandoned. we'll know by NAMM.
  3. Keep MZ X500 or Tyros 5?

    Thanks a lot....you're right about the nutty comparison. but what you said about using the MZ more b/c it's more playable -- that resonates w/ me. the Tyros sounds are really good, in that glossy Yamaha way. I just don't click with them esp w/ pianos and EPs. every time I think about the Tyros I think I'd have to get the vintage keys expansion and by then I'm like, lemme just play the MZ. didn't expect that! now, I wish the acoustic bass was better and I've got a longish wishlist for MZ updates but there are workarounds....using Compression effect on the acoustic basses (even the GM one) helps a lot! thanks for the input! TM
  4. Keep MZ X500 or Tyros 5?

    Seems like a ridiculous question but.... I like the MZ a lot for basic sounds and some arranger functions. not impressed by the (much-discussed) half-baked nature of some of its features, and also not crazy about the lack of tutorial support for phrase sampling, seq., etc. I have the chance to get a used T5 at a great price. I use yamaha styles (kept an old PSR for this purpose) and am seriously considering. home use only, so weight is not a factor. this would allow me to eliminate a little used PSR in my rig, and give me the good yamaha keybed. (I like the Casio keys just fine). some of the factors in the decision.... hard to resell the Casio uncertainty about OS update/feature improvements on Casio the hex and sound creation on Casio is a plus -- Tyros is basically about presets better array of drum kits and perc sounds in T5 no arpeggiator in T5 straightforward Yamaha sequencer operation (tho the 4-bar loop creation thing is tricky on both) looking for thoughts from those who have played both....at this point I'm leaning toward keeping the Casio and hoping they support it a bit more in the future.... thanks TM
  5. So, I tested the X500...

    OK I see how to change but not how to Save the rhythm. thanks for your patience!
  6. So, I tested the X500...

    Brad: I had the All Element trick the other day and now I can't find it. do you have to use in sequencer mode only? is there no way to change when just playing the keyboard? thanks TM
  7. So, I tested the X500...

    thanks Brad! very helpful!
  8. So, I tested the X500...

    where drums are concerned, my wish list would include : MAKE IT EASY to change kits. don't make me do steps for each of the 4 rhythm variations.
  9. Closest thing to MZ-X500 ??

    I'd say one of the newer Privias -- the blue one (PR 560 or something like that?) has similar sound engine and some similar features (not sure if it's the exact same midi sequencer)....
  10. Where are all the Casio MZ-X' tutorials?

    and what's weird about that is Casio hired Rich Formadoni, a former Korg guy who did great tutorials on gear for years! Mike, Rich, if you ever dig into this forum, please let us know what's in the pipeline for the MZ in this regard. even knowing that "nothing" is in the works would be helpful. thanks
  11. Where are all the Casio MZ-X' tutorials?

    Just checked out a series of short tutorials Korg did for the Krome 2 budget workstation. this board isn't out yet and already I have a clear sense of how to work with it! I've owned the MZ x500 for nearly a year and still struggle in small ways. some blame goes to the manual but some also0 to Casio for not covering all the capabilities in tutorial form. C'mon Casio...that Kross 2 looks awesome right about now!
  12. Brad....I want to bring in some drum machine stuff I've done on the volca -- not via MIDI, but sampling it as the basis for a loop. I can sample that no problem other than my own spazzing w/ loop points. but if I want to add say another track with internal drum sounds I can't seem to do it. I have auto accomp OFF. I'm just looking for instruction on how to do a four-bar loop with some internal and some sampled material.... thanks TM
  13. Thanks for that Brad....so can I "sample" an internal rhythm (4 bars say) and then assign it to a pad, then create the other phrases using internal or external sounds? I found the manual and more-in-depth manual very confusing on this....really wish they'd do a step by step tutorial of some sort, text or video. thanks TM
  14. I just read the specs on the Korg Kross 2 keyboard, which has a sampling feature in which four phrases can be active at once. I think this workflow is great, and should be at least partially doable on the MZ. basically I want to use 4 pads this way and loop the results: 1. sample a four-bar rhythm from external drum machine 2. bassline from MZ 3. keys from MZ 4. lead synth from MZ or external is it possible? how is it done? thanks in advance....
  15. thanks for this one too Brad! never saw that in the manual!