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  1. Quiet noise in the headphones and speakers.

    I use the Audio Recorder - wav file is perfect ... (no noise). Need to check most the electric sockets in the home (Connect - Disconnect the instrument). . . Tested .. always noise . Dealer suggested replacement of the instrument(shipping for free).
  2. Quiet noise in the headphones and speakers.

    This is white noise "constant, not variable" - independent of volume knob level - constantly audible. Thanks
  3. Quiet noise in the headphones and speakers.

    This is not a problem with the keyboard. The quality is good. It sounds like preamplifier background noise.
  4. Quiet noise in the headphones and speakers.

    Thank you, Rick. Yes, I mean background noise. I did factory reset. I turn "Audio volume" in the rear panel to miniumum - > background noise audible. I adjust N. Gate Tresh to value 127 -> background noise audible. The noise is not coming from external audio input. Background noise can be heard all the time... I have a guarantee, so I can send for repair. Did anyone hear this background noise in the instrument?
  5. Hardly I heard this silent noise. Quiet noise is the same if volume is adjusted between min or max. Did anyone hear this quiet noise? Or is it a problem with my MZX? Looking forwards to reading your opinions.
  6. Request for sound demo

    I'm working on this sound. I have a problem with the "click" in samples. In a Software Instrument (My Organ) the sample sounds well (no click). I am waiting for help in this matter...... When I'm done with these problems, I upload the sample. For now, the samples are too large for the MZ-X.
  7. Request for sound demo

    I am very grateful to you. interesting problem
  8. Request for sound demo

    Yes, wave is 44.1 kHz, PCM, 16bit. In the Wavosaur (and other software) everything is ok. I have built a simple split (only one sample, e.g. F4) in Sample Manager. In the instrument can be heard "click" during each loop.
  9. Request for sound demo

    Thanks Brad. I try to crossfade, new loop points and nothing works. In the computer headphones loop sounds good. In the device can hear a "click" in each loop. Can I ask an example? e.g wav?
  10. Request for sound demo

    I have got a problem. The sample is looped correctly. I checked it in Wavosaur and other programs. After taking "new_tone" (Melody) in the Sample Manager then I hear "click" in the loop on my device.. I had tested Various samples with different loops. I always have such effect. What am I doing wrong? Firmware 1.4, Sample Manager 1.1.0 I have attached sample for F4 sound. 065-F.wav
  11. Request for sound demo

    Ok. I'm just beginning with MZ-X500. Good instrument. Lots of fun.
  12. Request for sound demo

    The file moved to the section. Samples are loops. I can not configure the Sample Manager that sounded good (start - loop - end).
  13. BureaCHpl v1.zlt

    Version 1.0.0


    My first chapel organ Hex Layer tone for MZ-X500.
  14. Request for sound demo

    Hello, Since Friday I have a MZ-X500. With free samples (Burea Chapel) available at: http://www.familjenpalo.se/vpo/download (The license allows the processing of samples). I created Hex Layer tone. BureaChpl v1 Layer 1 - PedGedackt8 (C2-C5) Layer 2 - Gedackt8 Layer 3 - Salicional8 Layer 4 - VoixCeleste8 Layer 5 - Rorflojt4 Layer 6 - Principal2 I do not know how to make better loop in Sample Manager. marecki76 Caution! Wait a few minutes to load samples. BureaChplv1.zip
  15. Request for sound demo

    I do not have the MZ-X500. You can demonstrate samples? I am looking for natural (similar) sound pipes 8,16,4 (characteristic sound).