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  1. My October 2017 song, "I Still Haven't Found What I Need" was inspired by a conversation I had with my sister in law, about the Rolling Stones. In short, I told her that my Favorite Rollings Stones song was "It's Only Rock N Roll". She said her's was "You Can't Always Get What You Want". That's all it took. I started thinking about my own wants and needs. https://www.reverbnation.com/silverb...ound-what-needCheers,TerryI did the math - I read the booksI kept myself clear - of teachers dirty looksI formed my answers - that turned out rightFrom long hard studies - of countless nightsI still haven't found what I needI played the game - I paid my duesI kept beliefs that - I wasn't gonna lossI fed my hunger - to never stopTo fill my ego - and reach the topI still haven't found what I needI think I got what I thought I wantedTime and time againBut I still haven't found what I needYeah - I still haven't found what I needNo - I still haven't found what I needI still haven't found what I need I think I got what I thought I wantedTime and time againBut I still haven't found what I need Yeah - I still haven't found what I needNo - I still haven't found what I needI still haven't found what I need
  2. Now, I Wonder

    "Now I Wonder" is my September 2017 song. It was inspired by the sound of the song "Last Lover Standing" in the movie"Not Fade Away. The Lyric was inspired by the thought of guilt, when taking something that you never should, https://www.reverbnation.com/silverbeat/song/28640245-now-i-wonder Cheers, Terry Today I find my self face to the wallThe heart I took has made me feel so smallAnd as your on your way to give him newsI stand here head and hand and so confused Chorus Now I wonder how it's gonna endWill you stay him, will you stay friendsI know that he will wanna stay of youIt's something that I know he'll wanna do Last night may be the reason that you stayIt's him or me is all I had to sayAnd though I may end up with pain of heartIt's what I should have said right from the start In my heart I know I don't belongIt's him and you, and you and me are wrong
  3. I Want To Break Free

    My August 2017 song is "I Want To Break Free" Please let me know what you think. https://www.reverbnation.com/silverbeat/song/28501802-i-want-to-break-free Cheers,Terry
  4. My July 2017 song is "You Make It Easy To Be Sweet"https://www.reverbnation.com/silverbeat/song/28413976-you-make-it-easy-to-be-sweet Cheers,Terry I have completed every thing from start to finish. You make it easy to be sweetI wanna tell your wonderfulYou mean the world to meSo incredibly beautifulIn every way I know and seeI think about you all the timeWhen ever I'm awayI need you like a poat needs a rhymeLike a flower needs a summer day ChorusYou make it easy to be sweetSo very easy to be sweetI wanna tell you it's lavishingAll you give to meSo amazinglyravishingIn every way that one can beRepeat ChorusYeah you make me wanna be a better manYeah in every way that I can
  5. This is my first song of 2017. Life https://www.reverbnation.com/silverbeat/song/27464943-you-may-or-you-may-not-know Cheers, Terry Words and Music Piano, vocal and all keyboardsFull Arrangements, production, engineering and mixing Completed by Terry Carroll
  6. This is my December 2016 song, I completed the final mix Friday. The Way She Smiles - Listen at - https://www.reverbnation.com/silverbeat/song/27241835-the-way-she-smiles I never Saw her eyes If I would have I would have seen through the lies She never let me in If she would have She would have Thought less to sin Chorus I really love the way she smiles I really need the way it makes me feel inside I'm gonna miss the way she smiles I'm gonna miss the things she never had to hide, the good times So many times I tried Tried to reach out To a love that must of died So tender is the pain When you love her And you find your loves in vain Repeat Chorus So many ways she delights me So many ways she excites me But I can't ignore the rain