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  1. Brad thanks..I got it to an audio file..I sent it to my friend but he said he couldn't open it ?.I told him it would be a wave file..
  2. Hey Brad, ive got a CGP-700..So if I'm understanding, if I play the system track then I can also record it with the audio record..Would I start the audio record before the system track? I guess I can hit the buttons pretty simultaneously.
  3. First off thanks a bunch for helpn through this..Super nice of you..When I play it on computer its out of my media/audio player...
  4. I'm useing Windows 7 on my comp.,It installed the software from keyboard, and I see the icon, whrn clicked on it shows device options,I'm not seeing and midi graphics or controls
  5. Ohh nooo..I wrote the sickest horn arrangement too..I'm not sure if I could even play it again..i was in the zone..Lol..Dang..What if I copy the system track to a open solo track spot?
  6. I wrote a song on the system track and added drum line,,then on solo track one I wrote a bass line for it..I then saved the midi file to the flash drive..Put the flash in the comp. and it showed up with my other (audio) saves..But when I hit play it only played back the bass track..I've now tried to connect keyboard directly to comp..It loaded and shows me the midi device icon, but when I click on it nothn happens..It just shows device options
  7. When I play my midi recording back on my computer, I'm only getting the bass line and not the full recording?.