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  1. When I play my midi recording back on my computer, I'm only getting the bass line and not the full recording?.
  2. Brad thanks..I got it to an audio file..I sent it to my friend but he said he couldn't open it ?.I told him it would be a wave file..
  3. Hey Brad, ive got a CGP-700..So if I'm understanding, if I play the system track then I can also record it with the audio record..Would I start the audio record before the system track? I guess I can hit the buttons pretty simultaneously.
  4. First off thanks a bunch for helpn through this..Super nice of you..When I play it on computer its out of my media/audio player...
  5. I'm useing Windows 7 on my comp.,It installed the software from keyboard, and I see the icon, whrn clicked on it shows device options,I'm not seeing and midi graphics or controls
  6. Ohh nooo..I wrote the sickest horn arrangement too..I'm not sure if I could even play it again..i was in the zone..Lol..Dang..What if I copy the system track to a open solo track spot?
  7. I wrote a song on the system track and added drum line,,then on solo track one I wrote a bass line for it..I then saved the midi file to the flash drive..Put the flash in the comp. and it showed up with my other (audio) saves..But when I hit play it only played back the bass track..I've now tried to connect keyboard directly to comp..It loaded and shows me the midi device icon, but when I click on it nothn happens..It just shows device options