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  1. After up date v1.50

    I was able to solve the problem by doing the factory reset on the MZ and also formatted the flash drive. Problem solved! Thank you very much!
  2. After up date v1.50

    Hello guys! I have an MZ-X300, it's still in version 1.2 (I don't understand why), but I can not update it to 1.5. It simply can not find the update.bin file at the root of the flash drive. Why?
  3. New guitar tone.

    Hello guys! I made some mixes and inserted some effects into some guitar tones for MZ-X500. Try it out! GUITARRA.ZTN
  4. EP Registration And Voices

    Version 01.50


    Hello guys! Here is a sampling of combinations that I made on my MZ-X500, you should first read the memory files (PIANOS_E.ZRM), then choose the tones. Now, load the tones: ELEC_MAR.ZTN DIGITALE.ZTN PIANOCHO.ZPF DIGITALE.ZTN ELEC_MAR.ZTN PIANOCHO.ZPF PIANOS_E.ZRM