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  1. Hi everybody. I bought a new PX-830 back in 2011. Since then in some rare ocasions the piano has feezed and stoped responding but turnning off and on again fixed. I was never able to repoduce the problem but since it happens like 1 time per year I was not worried... until today: I was playing, I turned to see something on the computer, came back: piano was freezed. I turned off and on again but this time, only the red led turned on but the other lights that normaly does a sequence do not turn on. No matter what I do the piano seems dead but the turned on light is on. The boot sequence seems to no been excecuted so the piano does not do anything. Note: I have used the piano connected to the pc several times, but today wasn't doing anything but playing default piano sound, so it is not something related to midi since it is not connected to anything. Does this happend to someone else? Any suggesions? Thanks.