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  1. WK-500 sustain stuck

    Thanks, Ted. I think you might be right about bad circuit board ribbon cable / defective chip. I took a last try at it last night after reading your post. The only thing different I saw (just didn't notice this before) was the sustain symbol was lit on the screen when I turned on the keyboard (with or without the pedal plugged in.) It does go out after I change the pedal setting and doesn't come back on no matter what I change. This would seem to support your bad/defective theory. Oh, well. It's probably not worth fixing (I don't know how to fix it myself) so I've ordered another Casio -- the WK-7600 this time. I appreciate your help, Ted. scotto
  2. WK-500 sustain stuck

    Thanks for your reply, tnicoson. When I assign the pedal jack to something other than sustain, the sustain effect stops and the pedal does nothing. If I then change it back to sustain then the pedal has no effect/impact on sound. scotto
  3. WK-500 sustain stuck

    Hi, folks. My first post is a problem I'm having with my keyboard (typical, right?) It's a Casio WK-500. I've had it for 5 years or more and never had an issue. I turned it on the other day, keyed a chord and it sounded like the sustain pedal is continuously pressed (which it wasn't). It's very noticeable if I change the tone to something other than piano such as strings, organ, etc. Pressing the pedal has no impact. I unplugged the peal and still the same issue. The only way to make the sustain stop is to go into the settings and change the pedal setting to something other than sustain. After that the pedal has no impact at all. I've tested the pedal in a different keyboard and it works. Any ideas? I did get a response from Casio (kind of surprised that I did actually hear from them) but they asked me the old "did you try turning it off and back on again." (Which btw doesn't work.) Thanks for any help, Scott