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  1. Privia 360 Velocity

    I made tha test on MIDI-OX and the result is the same. Where I note the most difference between velocities is the range 80-105. Like the post @tnicoson mentioned, G4 has quite higher value. But with the same pressure both keys send noticeable quite different velocities values (I see at least 10 of difference).
  2. Privia 360 Velocity

    I see what your point is @Jokeyman123, thank you for all your comments. I talked with the store where I bought the PX-360 and they seems surprised with the issue. Right now they don't have other PX-360 available but maybe this week they can bring another and test this velocity problem or look at mechanical defects. I'm gonna make what you say with Midiox (have to download the program) and post what I find. Thank you so much
  3. Privia 360 Velocity

    Tannk you all for your replies. All the key action seems to be well weighted (all the 88 keys). Obviously, the feeling of pressing black keys is quite different of pressing white keys. Maybe this is for mechanical construction in both kinds of key but I'm not familiar with thechnical performance of Casio key action ( @Scott Hamlin Did you think about some specific issue? ) However, PX-360 feels different to me since I played PX-410R. And I'm talking about sound intensity. Black keys sound lower than white keys if I play them with same pressure. The first thing I did is turn off the "Touch response". Then, all notes did sound with same level. I read thet topic @tnicoson said and the problem seems to be the same. G3 sounds louder than nearest white keys just if I used medium pressure. I wanted to figure out if maybe Piano samples were the reason for this and I thought in MIDI velocity layers. I made a simple experiment: With the spine of a book (to simulate fixed pressure), I play both white and black key and record a MIDI track. I repeated it for three different octaves and the result was the same: black keys sounds approximately 25% less. I upload results images for you to see. I hope @Jokeyman123 can measure velocity to compare. I don't know if this is normal on X-60 line because it's not one single key, it's all the black keys. I hope you can help me to answer my question: Is my PX-360 defective?
  4. Privia 360 Velocity

    I bought the PX-360 keyboard but I was wondering about its velocity... There is an audible difference when I play white keys and black keys. Balck keys sound lower than white! In fact, velocity is about 10% less if I look at DAW when I use USB/MIDI connection and keys are pressed in the same way. Is this normal? I don't know if X-60 casio line has this characteristic or maybe my keyboard is defective. Before, I had an old Privia Model (PX-410R) and it didn't have this characteristic so I was wondering why the difference. I'd appreciate any comments about this. Thank you