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  1. Ok solved, I buyed another stick and it's working now... I used Minitool Partition Wizard to format the first two sticks (Windows 10 can format only to NTFS and EXFAT) but this new one was already formatted as FAT32 and I didn't reformat it... Maybe there's something wrong with Minitools program, idk...
  2. Thanks for answering. Both are used but has been working fine. Hmm, I can't get to "Media" submenu because it starts mounting the drives automatically and never stops, unless I press exit and then it goes to the main screen, so I don't think I can format these drives using the keyboard. Audio recorder too says "Media Media Mounting" and nothing happens unless i press exit Ok, I'll get some other USB sticks and try them, will report back
  3. Hi all, i have tried to upgrade the firmware in my PX-560M but cannot get USB flash drives working. I have tried 2 different drives, 1GB and 64GB, both formatted in FAT32, but when I press "execute" it says ERROR Media mounting Please press exit or something like that. And when I go to "Media" in Menu, it shows Media Media Mounting but doesn't seem to get it completed. The manual says it can take over 20 seconds, I have waited at least 5 minutes. I have also restored factory settings several times. What should I do now? edit: I have version 1.10 and trying to upgrade to 1.14