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  1. If playing in a small room eg classroom, the in built speakers are OK. You could connect the monitors in ADDITION if you find the volume an issue. I play with a guitarist and find that when he is amplified, then I can sometimes be drowned out by his volume. If playing with an acoustic instrument however, the in built speakers are acceptable.
  2. I notice several Hex files for sounds from the PX560 site. Do they work on a PX360? I have been able to import Rhythms from others but have not tried these Hex files yet.
  3. Headphone use

    Do both headphone jacks not work? if so consider returning under warranty.
  4. CGP 700 Sound Disappointment

    The taste for piano sounds is as diverse as taste for good wine. One person may love a sound and hate another and the other will be the opposite. I have shopped for a piano and a portable one for a while now and I believe that if you really want a nice piano sound, then consider a Kawai ES110 for the under $1200 price point, and portability is your concern. The CG700 has far more sounds, rhythms and other bells and whistles, but I agree that the piano sounds are not the same elegance as other dedicated digital pianos. Because I wanted the sound to be better, I did also buy a console Piano CN35 which to my ear is very pleasing and often I prefer playing it compared to my 35 year old Yamaha C3 Grand. My recommendation is to spend the time playing the instrument in the showroom, and using YOUR OWN headphones too. At the end of the day if the sound really bothers you, flog it on eBay or Craigslist and get the keyboard you really like . Life is too short to have to put up with annoyances like this .
  5. Does anyone have a copy of the Cakewalk .ins file for the PX-360 they could share with us ? I need one to import into Anvil Studio please!
  6. Loading rhythms problem

    This is also covered in the forum: Can I import tones and rhythm files from Yamaha or Roland to PX360?
  7. GM midi incorrect on PX-360

    Tried it and it works! Yay ! Interestingly, once you run the sysex, it sticks for all files for the rest of the session provided you don't reset the sysex or reboot the keyboard. So I created a blank MIDI file and play that first in the session and all other files are fine. Saves me from having to editing every MIDI file I have ! The other quirk was that on Anvil Studio it automatically drops the start and end Hex codes.
  8. GM midi incorrect on PX-360

    Thanks Scott, but does that same sysex code apply to the PX360? I am worried that the things alluded to in the PX560 forum may not apply to the 360. Perhaps when people post to the 560 forums there should be a note of whether those solutions are true for the entire range or just specific models?
  9. Can someone provide the Sysex command to achieve this for a PX360 ? I need to add this to my MIDI file collection to enable it to play on the PX360M
  10. GM midi incorrect on PX-360

    I am also having the same issue. GM files do not play the GM drum tracks appropriately.
  11. Just found this link too for AC7 files http://www.casiomusicforums.com/index.php?/files/file/1080-old-casio-ac7-rhythm-style-files/ I have also tested these and they load from the USB stick into user memory, but again only 10 can be loaded at a time. Does anyone know how to preview the rhythm sounds without having to load them ? ie can we play them directly off the USB stick ?
  12. Try this link for the Rhythms. http://music.casio.com/e/data_ex4/rhythm.html I have tested them and they are recognised and loaded into user rhythm memory from a correctly formatted USB stick. You can only load 10 of them at a time....
  13. Tried it today with a powered Tandy 15" subwoofer and WOW ! It really sounds good ! My recommendation is to play the demo tunes while you tweak the Subwoofer volume and crossover level, and hey presto, it sounds like a real combo ! I noticed that the board containing the sockets for the line out and line in jacks are quite flimsy- is this a Casio thingy? Mine seems to be able to tilt a little. Surely this will break someday with regular use?
  14. Problem with PX-360M

    How can it be out of warranty ? We have 5 year warranty on these in Australia and the product has not been around that long ! Take it back to the dealer and hassle them for a replacement !
  15. Organ rotary speed toggle?

    How do you set up the mod wheel to change the slow/fast Leslie effect? The assignable foot pedal only offers Soft and Sostenuto as options. The pitch bend wheel is not programmable from what I can see.