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  1. i dont know how to share the link... but you can vote for this on the Independant Music Awards... its under instrumental... if...you can find it!...the site is very slow these days bah please vote if possible thanks! alan
  2. https://www.songtradr.com/user/catalog/master/edit/overview/1266300 uhm...its FREE to listen on songtradr...but ..uhm....hmmmm..... enjoy! Alan LaBudde.......
  3. Keith mcmillen 12 step,????? 560

    its a chromatic midi foot pedals
  4. Keith mcmillen 12 step,????? 560

    Keith mcmillen 12 step,...if anyone has used this with a 560 PLEASE LET ME KNOW...how it went..... ?????? am considering...
  5. full album 20 songs px 560 spotify link

    its on YouTube as well for free.....with ads of course
  6. Synth Secrets of the Pros

    thanks for the link....i tried it out!
  7. how many 560's have been sold?????

    so how many 560's does one estimate have been sold? i ask because i might want to sell hexlayer creations or something...... hmmmmm
  8. need Pad for contemporary church music

    maybe you should try the string ensembles as a pad....they aren't wierd at all....but....you've probably looked at them all ready.....they dont always say pad or anything.....just my two cents.....you could try them with a lot of reverb or delay and such ????
  9. keys chair knee ...560

  10. all was done on the 560 except for normalizing in audacity.... https://www.reverbnation.com/alanlabudde/album/159434-palm-sunday-driver-excerpts
  11. anyone else getting screen freezes?

    ok ...so i've chosen an organ sound then try out different reverb settings on the fly switching from stadium to long delay? and my screen freezes ...and...i have to do an on off hard shut down...which fixes it....anyone else getting this? do i need to not touch the piano while switching revrb settings or also do i have to wait for the tone to stop reverberating? hmmmmmm this is on the 560 firmware 1.12
  12. Loading Hex Layers from USB Broken in Ver. 1.12

    if someone downloads a 5s file to the 560 area how in the world does one check for model type???? must be hard to do i imagine?
  13. firmware for PX560?

    down grade? egads i have vers 1.12....but on a further note when doing the hold store button press rec play to update midi headers i found that i had to have the port set to C to influence the midi recorder settings....very important