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  1. Alternative metronome?

    Arcturus, I would like to know from beginning to end the steps you took for the final solution. I have been thinking about this same thing and figured I was going to be stuck with creating my own beat from the beginning to the end (and again for every change in beat (not tempo) I want). Thanks,
  2. PX 560 Bad Steel Guitar 1 tone

    Great information of which I was ignorant. Thank you for taking the time to explain this. I will stop whining now.
  3. PX 560 Bad Steel Guitar 1 tone

    I have had a PX560 for less than a year but have found the Steel Guitar 1 tone doinks at the top of the register (not quite 2 octaves). Frist, I wondered if anyone else had that issue. Second, I hav found that with the 1.10 firmware update, there is an ability to save tones and load tones. I would appreciate it if I could get that tone - that is, if it isn't a common problem and the Steel Guitar tone is good all the way up. Thanks, Alan