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  1. Backup on px160 was working now doesn't

    Finally solved my backup problem. There was indeed nothing wrong with the keyboard just that the keyboard manual was a bit confusing. Firstly when the keyboard is in backup mode it doesn't store the last settings that were used on the keyboard before you turn the keyboard off and then on again. For the backup function to work, get the settings you want to store in backup on the keyboard, press the backup facility off then on. Then it will store the settings but only then. The keyboard will then start up with the settings in the backup memory. The manual is quite misleading.
  2. Backup on px160 was working now doesn't

    I've noticed on page En-6 of the manual where it mentions connecting audio equipment the line out jacks into the back of the piano look like they're three pole. I was using two, two pole 1/4 inch jacks. I've now changed them to two, three pole 1/4 inch jacks. The duet mode and duet pan mode now work properly and I can hear the left hand of the keyboard coming out of the left hand speaker of my midi hifi and the right hand of the keyboard coming from the right speaker. It's not really clear in the manual about this. Still the backup up problem but I can live with this for a while.
  3. Backup on px160 was working now doesn't

    in following up your post and looking into the duet mode. I've noticed that the duet pan doesn't work at all either. The keys on the left hand side of the keyboard below middle c sound from both the left and right speakers. However on further investigation I find that the duet pan mode only works when the piano is in duet mode.
  4. Backup on px160 was working now doesn't

    The backup feature worked at first then after a week it stopped working. With the power left on coming into the back of the keyboard the backup feature still doesn't work like it did. Is it possible to factory reset the keyboard?
  5. I've just acquired a px160 privia piano. The backup facitlity initially worked, now it doesn't. I've tried doing a factory reset ie powering on the keyboard with the function and electric piano buttons pressed but that hasn't worked. Has anyone any ideas on this please?