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  1. The XW-P1 Companion, Volume 1 - Rev 4

    Normally me too, but I bought a spiral binding machine while ago and the deal came with boxes of pre-perforated paper....have to use them somehow. But later I realized how printing things that I plan to use often free myself from the limitations imposed on by expensive tech. I can toss the copy around freely, leave it opened on my bed for days, stack it on synth or under mess on my desk and generally don't have to worry where it is, what is on top of it, where it falls etc...
  2. The XW-P1 Companion, Volume 1 - Rev 4

    Nevermind, found the log on page 5. Great job!
  3. The XW-P1 Companion, Volume 1 - Rev 4

    1000 thanks. I fully printed the rev 3. Is there some log to tell which pages were changed/added so I don't have to reprint the whole thing (and hence save lot of trees). Thanks again, as synth guides go, this is one of the best organized and most readable.
  4. PX-5S hex layers waveforms over XW-P1

    Well we should not forget the 4 layers of HEX on 560 vs only 2 on 5S. At least that was one that struck me most. This is 24 layers of pcm sounds on 560 - if that isn't enough, then I don't know. To be honest I don't understand the full difference between 5s zones and 560 zones but I see the DSP routing is better in 5S. To be hones I would really want MZ-X500 with privia keyboard at this point. They seems to be adding stuff left and right in new models but never to create one workstation that rule them all. I somehow hope they will create 7S with many of the MZ additions. If you think about it the 5S is form 2013. It may be time to refresh the legacy.
  5. XW-P1 vs MZ-X500

    I hope they will make a Privia with those capabilities. Would be fantastic. Lot of new sounds over PX560.
  6. PX-5S hex layers waveforms over XW-P1

    Thanks for the info. Also great to know about resonant filter that works. I always wondered about the people who were managing the P1 development. When they heard the DSP filters in P1 and said, "yes, perfect"! Because it takes some engineering to make set of filters that without doubt destroy any sound that goes through them. I am currently bit confused by the mix and match methodology Casio makes with the new keyboards. Like I love the fact that PX560 has 4 hex layers - total Vangelis reincarnation. But why it has to loose the 4 arpeggios from 5S? Seems to be common way of thinking in casio land. Never make one keyboard with all the features. And then there is MZ-X500 that seems to have seriously improved many solo PCM sounds beyond the PX560 / 5S and allows to create new sounds by uploading waveforms.... Darn, I was almost ready for 5S, then found out about PX560 and now I want to see something like that mixed with the stuff from MZ-X500. Well, i will see what they will come up next, but it may not be that soon. I watched the videos from Musikmesse 2017 and there was literally nothing new. Which means at earliest there will be something next year.
  7. I have XW-P1 and I am curious if the waveforms for hex layers from XW-P1 had been improved at all (they are mostly low quality and or PWM in P1). I am not talking about the piano sound, that is obviously in different category. I know the DSP effect had been hugely improved - and that should be obvious as well, the XW-P1 DSP is just plain digitally horrid (and mono) mostly happily destroying any sound it passes through. But I am curious if the actual waveform in 5S had been redone. I like the potential of the hex layers for the lush "vangelis" sound it can produce in theory. When you can layer 2x hex layers + 2x PCM, with multiple arpeggios, with the big polyphony, this allows for unprecedented wall of sound, sort of going into Motif territory. But on the P1 this all never goes beyond being just for fun or basically a toy due to the digital aliasing of waveforms (and the incomprehensibly bad DSP). So for someone having both, how is the improvement? I did try one at store, but they didn't have headphones and it was plugged into sort of mono guitar amp - far from being able to actually judge the quality of sound (it sounded bad in any preset so I just gave up)
  8. The XW-P1 Companion, Volume 1 - Rev 3

    I just registered to download and say big thanks for your hard work. As someone who had to write lot of documentation, I know how big task it is. I bought the p1 just yesterday, used, from a nice fellow.