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  1. Any PX-5s successor yet in 2018?

    Good question… The 5S is kinda due for an upgrade. Expression pedal/half pedal damping, etc. And while we're at it, what about the 560? Even though it's got some very cool features that are a step up from the 5S (better piano/piano adjustments/better quality sounds/display/expression, etc.), the 560 seems to be stuck between a pro board and something for home enthusiasts (to quote Rich Formidoni), with the auto accompaniment & such. That real estate might be better served with a bank of sliders. I'd love to know what Casio has got on the drawing board. Anyone else curious?
  2. EP Vibrato Speed/Depth Control

    Bear in mind that Wurlies don't really have vibrato (frequency modulation). They only have tremolo (amplitude modulation). A Wurlie sample/sound that has vibrato just sounds wrong right out of the gate. JMHO... And yes, I realize the Wurlie control panel says vibrato...but it's trem.
  3. 560/SP3 MIDI question...

    Exactly, AlenK. I’ve got a PX-160 (which I’m totally digging) but I haven’t as yet used it for VST. I’ve been using a Yamaha P150 as a controller in my studio, and while I love the action, it doesn’t translate well with my software - Ivory or Galaxy. It’s not quite right with orchestral software, either. So, a new controller is in my future, and a 560 is on my short list.
  4. 560/SP3 MIDI question...

    I have a question about the SP33 pedal unit. I understand that the unit is necessary in order to have half-pedal, sostenuto and soft pedal functions on a 560 (and on a 160, as well). My question is… Are half-pedal, sostenuto and soft pedal MIDI messages transmitted (either via USB or MIDI port) to a computer running VST piano software, like Galaxy Vintage D or Ravenscroft 275? I've searched the Forum, and haven't been able to come up with a definitive answer. Thanks in advance. -Skip
  5. What's the deal with the jumpy volume pedal?

    Thanks, Mike…appreciate it. I must've missed that in the other thread.
  6. So, first off let me say that I'm a new convert to Casio. I'm a pro player, and have been for about 50 years. I've had a stable full of Kurzweils, Yamahas, Korgs, Rolands, Generalmusics, Hammonds and so on. About a year ago I got a PX-160 just to have something simple & light (!) for a quick on-the-go piano, and I was just blown away. Seriously…still am by how good this thing plays & sounds. Now I'm about to move on a PX-560, but this jerky VP thing bothers me. One of the main things I do live is piano & strings with the strings controlled with a VP. Has Casio gotten a handle on this problem yet? Is it a question of using MIDI Expression vs MIDI Volume? Have they or are they considering an update to solve this problem? And while we're at it, what about being able to use a Yamaha FC7 volume pedal? They might be the best VP made in terms of ruggedness, smoothness of operation, and a physical curve very much like a Hammond exp pedal. (Not to mention that I have about 6 of 'em…) As long as Casio is trying to fix the VP problem, maybe they can make using a FC7 an option. Thanks in advance for any replies… -Skip