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  1. Default Tempo for Rhythms - Hex-Layer Sliders

    To elaborate on the post above: the one-touch function should be a on/off feature so as to give the possibility to decide if and how to apply the one-touch items (tempo, effects etc...) to the chosen rhythms without the need to press the button with each rhythm. side note on the fingering modes: the casio chord mode permits to use one-finger chords (it's been created to make it easy to play chords); is it normal that the other fingering modes, e.g. fingered 1 accept, together with the standard form, one-finger chords too? One would expect that fingered 1, that should be the standard, default mode, would accept only standard chord forms and not one-finger chords. This thing can create problems if, for example, one wants to play a Cm chord but press the C key before the other two keys keys, resulting in the keyboard playng a C chord.
  2. Default Tempo for Rhythms - Hex-Layer Sliders

    Thank you very much for your explanation of the use of hex layer tones. As all of you are very helpful, as always, I’d like to bring to the forefront the question about the tempo for rhythms. It’s very strange that the only option to play rhythms at their intended tempo is to set that tempo manually (with one-touch funcion or tempo buttons). I understand that one can create a registration in which to save tempo, tones, etc.., the fact is that the system gives you no option to have the default tempo recalled automatically when you select a rhythm. This thing would be very useful when, for example, auditioning multiple rhythms; it’s quite unpractical to set the tempo to its default for every single rhythm or to create a registration for it.
  3. Hi, I’d like to say thank you for the great information shared in this forum. There is one thing for which I couldn’t find an answer: is there a way, when a rhythm is selected, to automatically set the default (recommended) tempo for that rhythm? It seems that the rhythms you select use the tempo that is already set (for example by a previous rhythm) and the only way to set the recommended tempo for the new chosen rhythm, is to use the one-touch function or press both the tempo buttons, meaning that, to have a rhythm play at its recommended tempo, one have to change the tempo manually every single time a rhythm is chosen (unless one wants to set a specific tempo and have all the rhythms play at that tempo). There is one more thing that I’d want to know: the use of the sliders to control hex layer tones. When a new tone is selected, it’s necessary to move the sliders to hear all the parts of the hex layer. If the sliders remain in the same position as the previous tone (or all up/down) only some of the parts are heard. Is there a way to put the sliders in a “default” position (e.g. all up) on which it’s possible to hear the full hex layer tone for all tones, wihout having to move the sliders for each and every tone selected to hear all the parts? Thank you