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  1. Auditioning sounds on an Sd card

    AK, thanks for your response, although, I do wish some of these things were in the User's Guide. Oh well... anyhow, I appreciate the help.
  2. I thought I was pretty well up to speed in the "how to" category as far synths go, that is, until I purchased XW P1. I downloaded the MuzykujPack soundfiles into the Musicdat folder on my SD card and popped the card into the SD slot on the P1. All I'm seeing on the P1 display is the name of sound file, MUZYKU~1. ZAL. What's the next step to auditioning the individual patches on the sound file? It seems like I've pushed every button except the right one. Thanx in advance. `
  3. XW-P1 midi file playback for drums

    Thanks for your response. Perhaps as you can tell, I'm a newbie to this whole forum thing, but will definitely take your suggestions to heart and promise to do better the next time should I have any more questions. Peace.
  4. Hey guys, I'm not new to synths, but I am new to this synth. I have a midi drum file and I want to use the P1's on board drum sounds to play it. I've been reading the User Guide, pouring over You Tube, pushing buttons and everything else in between and can't figure it out. How the heck do I get the P1 to play my midi drum file? Many thanks in advance.