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  1. Hi tnicoson, I have Reaper for MIDI editing. Attached is a screen shot of what it looks like. The first few lines (2 -6) are what I think you refer to as the "embedded 'Bank Select' and 'Program Change' codes"? I deleted lines 2-7, exported the file and tried it on the Casio. Played Grand Piano, even though I had 363 (Space Voice) selected on the Casio. I then tried changing line 2 (original file) to Sitar (104), exporting and playing on the Casio. It played the Sitar synth scheme. It appears the Casio is not capable of playing a MIDI file with the effect selected on the keyboard by the user. Only, what is programmed in the MIDI file, OR, if none present, defaults to piano, ignoring what is preselected on the keyboard. Any ideas? And thanks for your time.
  2. Want to play a MIDI file from SD card through px-410r keyboard with the selected tone. I have the MIDI file playing from the card just fine, but it is using the "standard" MIDI synth sound. Want it to play using whatever tone is selected at the time, OR, let me choose what tone to play it through, such as 363, Space Voice 2, or 000 Grand Piano. Thanks for you help