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  1. CTK 611 and Windows 10 compatibility

    Ted, You were right. I had to switch the midi inputs. By putting midi in into midi in and midi out into midi out, it worked. I knew that out to in and in to out was how I did it back in the old days. I guess the leads were labelled as to where they needed to go, not the actual direction. Once again, thanks so much. I am now working on the latency issues with my sound card, and the ASIO drivers don't seem to work for me. Thinking about an external sound module so I can use it with my laptop, and not have to use the MS GM software driver. Regards, J. Woods
  2. Hello all, I have a very old Casio CTK 611 with midi outputs. I have a midi cable to USB. When I plug it in the midi cable lights up, and my Win 10 computer does indicate that a USB2.0 midi device is connected, and my music program (Sibelius 7.5) sees that device, but I can not get Sibelius to receive midi input from my keyboard (the test fails). I am assuming that my keyboard is way too old to work with Win 10 and there probably are not any compatible drivers. I just want to be sure before I sink money in a replacement keyboard. The midi cable that I have is a Sanoxy USB MIDI Cable Converter and has a dual in/out 5-pin DIN and a USB on the other end. I have searched the internet for possible answers, and have not had success. Any ideas?