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  1. My understanding is, that this ( line in etc) is for recorded audio from another source, be it MP3 whatever and it is not meant for another keyboard or drum machine.
  2. Music stand for PX560

    Somewhere along the line I have mislaid/lost my music rack for my PX 560. Whilst I dont use it all the time, I would like to buy a replacement music rack and have it whenever the need arises. I live in Europe, Dublin Ireland . Where can I obtain one on the Web. Thanks
  3. Any data available on creating s commercial usable brass secton on the PX560 ,utilising hexlayer area featuring sax , trombone trumpet whatever, similiar to Motown brass sound. Thanks Frank
  4. Hexlayer question

    Thanks for that, had a feeling it would be possible. Frank
  5. Hexlayer question

    I want to make a hexlayer with 2 splits featuring bass, piano and a lead instrument instrument, sax, guitar, flute, whatever. My question is, can I change the octave of that lead instrument to the same octave as the piano in the first split. To put it another way, can I adjust octaves within hexlayer splits. Thanks Frank
  6. Privia 560

    Hi all, I am a newbie to this form. I am very interested in the PRIVIA 560, it looks like a very interesting keyboard with some very good features. Question, can I create my own drum patterns from scratch and save them to a new folder. I have viewed a lot of Youtube videos and I'd like to see one on making my own bass and drum backing patterns and how they work. Frank