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  1. Volume Pedal Connections on PX 560?

    I will try what you have suggested but please let me know if there is any specific pedal I may buy which will surely let me control volume while using the on board speakers Thanks for all the explanation Alen. Appreciate it.
  2. Volume Pedal Connections on PX 560?

    Its a generic brand Soundx. Model - SX VP500. It is self powered. With 2 inputs & 2 outputs. Thanks for your attempt to help me.
  3. Hi, Need help from the experts on how to connect a Volume Pedal with my Privia PX 560. I am new to these technical matters. I have a generic self powered volume pedal which has 2 input & 2 output. I tried to connect the Line Out of piano to Input of pedal and Output of pedal to my keyboard amp. This way it worked but then I could not limit it to Upper2 and it was working for both Upper1 & 2. But I use the amp rarely at home as the built in onboard speakers are sufficient. Is there anyway to connect this pedal with the piano so that it works even when I am using the built in speakers of the piano ? (I am not sure if I need to use the Assignable Pedal port) Please help. Thanks. Gaurav
  4. Disable Sustain Pedal for Upper2 in PX 560M

    Perfect. Thanks Brad.
  5. Hi, I just got my PX 560M. Is it possible to disable the foot sustain pedal for Upper2 ? I wish to experiment this when layering Piano (Upper1) & String(Upper2). The sustain pedal will remain active for Piano but not for Strings. Thanks. Gaurav