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  1. I will try what you have suggested but please let me know if there is any specific pedal I may buy which will surely let me control volume while using the on board speakers Thanks for all the explanation Alen. Appreciate it.
  2. Its a generic brand Soundx. Model - SX VP500. It is self powered. With 2 inputs & 2 outputs. Thanks for your attempt to help me.
  3. Hi, Need help from the experts on how to connect a Volume Pedal with my Privia PX 560. I am new to these technical matters. I have a generic self powered volume pedal which has 2 input & 2 output. I tried to connect the Line Out of piano to Input of pedal and Output of pedal to my keyboard amp. This way it worked but then I could not limit it to Upper2 and it was working for both Upper1 & 2. But I use the amp rarely at home as the built in onboard speakers are sufficient. Is there anyway to connect this pedal with the piano so that it works even when I am using the built in speakers of the piano ? (I am not sure if I need to use the Assignable Pedal port) Please help. Thanks. Gaurav
  4. Perfect. Thanks Brad.
  5. Hi, I just got my PX 560M. Is it possible to disable the foot sustain pedal for Upper2 ? I wish to experiment this when layering Piano (Upper1) & String(Upper2). The sustain pedal will remain active for Piano but not for Strings. Thanks. Gaurav