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  1. Casio WK-3300 DemoTune 0?

    Yeah I get all that, probably nobody cares about it anymore, but I do. Well I'm just a guy who's bored and that keyboard had a lot of memories and I miss it and that particular demo tune. I find it kind of sad that the at the moment they only way to get any information on it would be to plaster it all over the Internet and find out who copyright claims it. Of course they might not even care. Just a shame to me. I loved this keyboard, and I quite love the sound of techno. Might be nostalgia goggles, but meh.
  2. Casio WK-3300 DemoTune 0?

    Yeah I understand that, but I would love to be able to get the song at its original quality. I wonder if the only genuine way to get it anymore is to get one of the keyboards with it on it and use it as a MIDI device to play it back through a computer. Considering it being a demo song, I really do wonder if it's got some kind of license. Edit: Whelp, I've gone and ordered myself a WK-3300. But if anybody still knows anything about it, I'm still interested.
  3. Casio WK-3300 DemoTune 0?

    Actually I already tried to send an email. The email is dead. It failed to send. I doubt it's public domain either, but regardless, I'm incredibly interested in figuring out where it came from and anything more about it.
  4. Casio WK-3300 DemoTune 0?

    Nah, I'll bing it instead. Joking of course, but yeah Island Dusk by TECH-NOTE INTERNATIONAL LTD? I checked out what I'm guessing is their website technote.com. However, that refers to it as Technote International and not Tech-note. Not sure if there's a difference, but still. The website is for musical instruments. I don't see any references to the actual music. Hm... This doesn't really answer all my questions about it then.
  5. Casio WK-3300 DemoTune 0?

    Hi there! This might be a little odd, but I used to have a Casio WK-3300. I absolutely loved the first demo tune on it. I was wondering if anybody knows what this song is? It's the first one in this YouTube video. Is it something specific to this keyboard? Is there any sort of license to it? If it were public domain or royalty free or something to that effect, that would be absolutely amazing. Regardless I'm very interested in finding out more about it. Anybody know anything?