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  1. Mic sampling ? Ralph Maten ?

    Thanks Rick I'll give it a go .
  2. Ive connected a mic and was wondering how and if I can sample my voice then play out on pads ? Also where can I download the samples from Ralph Maten below ?
  3. Got mine today!

    Cheers everyone ,all good advice and info ,no doubt I will be asking questions in the near future and its good to know some fellow people are with me ! Now I just need to find the power button! lol joke . I'm not an experienced keyboard player ,been learning about 3 years at my own slow pace but what I do know musically sounds way way better on this .I love the Hex Layers and I actually managed to record on it without any tutorials - something It took me ages to do on the yamaha . The quality of the keys is not a deal breaker as I believe this is a superior keyboard with insides better than rivals charging twice as much .
  4. Got mine today!

    Got mine earlier today and gotta say very happy with it though Im still learning how to use it. One minor gripe is that the keys are not as good quality as my Yamaha PSR S650 and move a bit - that being said its a hell of a better keyboard - the tones and quality of sound is amazing and its so easy to navigate with a touch screen. Still looking for youtube tutorials but very few! anyone have links to an english tutorial ??