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  1. Same here I have Yamaha Montage and MZ X500 happy with both of them for what they are.
  2. You need a workstation (yes MZ is workstation as well but more work needs to be done on software) so cheapest is Korg Krome about 1000£ then if you want better Korg Kronos at 2700£ and finally Yamaha Montage with Cubase AI included and plenty of audio tracks only 2500£.
  3. new Korg Pa700

    Played PA 700 too I don't know 1 gig sounds (PA 1000 2 gig)bit better than MZ tiny bit due to ease of use but no sampling I do like os very logical still 1130 £ double price over Casio .
  4. new Korg Pa700

    Just played Korg PA 1000 yes better than Casio but at 1700£ 😱 it is expected to be .
  5. Pattern edit

    opposite Casio thinks that we are all programmers not musicians while other manufacturers have less respect for us they treat us like dummies and explain everything so we can do music 😀
  6. Pattern edit

    Can you fully edit patterns in MZ so I can for example put EDM drum phrase in the Disco style ?
  7. Next Generation MZ-X wish list

    Yes so why Casio doesn't support MZ X 500 they can knowledge is there I had to go to Casio Indonesia to watch how to do pattern recording (did not understand language but video was very helpful) Casio can do everything what Yamaha Genos can (obviously better sounds on Yamaha you expect that for 4000£)
  8. Next Generation MZ-X wish list

    I agree with you but remember that Casio maybe have no interest in improving MZ maybe due to the poor sales at least in Europe (they didn't even try to Introduce it in the UK)so yes they can will they do it not sure . I am Casio watch fan and I have couple of them and price I paid is more than MZ X 500 you see what I am trying to say. I will keep my MZ X 500 but if I was doing music for living then I would buy Korg or Yamaha not because they are better but because they have excellent support.
  9. Next Generation MZ-X wish list

    And tutorial videos like Korg and Yamaha so people can actually use MZ to do music and not trying to be programmers.
  10. Priority

    Operating system need an update that is obvious why is not coming yet who knows also no new videos from Rich or Ralph fells like they given up on MZ series.
  11. Audio styles

    Sounds nice I don't understand Polish so no idea how he did it.
  12. MZ-X' PDF manuals on tablet?

    1.Yes, navigate with finger 2.🤔 3.Yes SD card transfer
  13. So, I tested the X500...

    Yes MZ is no perfect many things could be sorted by updating os why Casio is not doing it who knows maybe because they selling it at loss ?I have Casio watch which cost more than MZ X500 If they charged price of keyboard who does everything what Casio can like new Yamaha Genos who according to rumours will be arranger/workstation then maybe . Would you be ready to pay 3000£ for that ? You get what you pay for and for the money Casio beat them all.
  14. So, I tested the X500...

    I had XW and WK and I could hear lack of punch in the voice department immediately like diluted sound compared to my Yamaha MOXF, when I got MZ X500 sound quality was to my ear same as Yamaha as for drums they are a bit dry but that is easy fixed by effects .
  15. So, I tested the X500...

    I guess you are after an arranger only i.e you don't make your rhythms or sounds to me MZ X 500 is perfect for somebody who uses it as an workstation with sampling capability which I do and arranger is added bonus which I personally don't use. So what keyboard are you getting then instead of Casio.