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  1. They testing the market and showing what they can do it takes time to get into workstation market the high end one I said before if Casio did workstation which is technically superior to the others but demand high price for it how many of you including myself would buy when you have choice of Yamaha Korg or Casio and all cost 2000/3000 £ even if Casio would have better specs ?
  2. Desperate for mz2000

    I never had MZ 2000 I had CZ and FZ but seeing prices you guys offer I.e same as MZ X500 was it that much better then current MZ or is only nostalgia?
  3. Re The Sampler - Exactly what IS the problem --

    And to carry on I had Yamaha Montage and I sold it to get Korg Kronos because Korg suits me better and of course is nothing wrong with Montage brilliant but not for my workflow style so I don't go to Yamaha forums and nag about Montage why this why that you don't like it buy something else (Kronos). Now Casio MZ X500 is perfect for me and my needs and I still don't believe Casio managed to sell it so cheap if somebody can find cheaper and better please tell me if not then accept it or get something else stop nagging make music (if you have enough sample memory)
  4. Re The Sampler - Exactly what IS the problem --

    I read some older threads and I see that only problem is that when you preload some samples some keys are not responding or in another thread user sample banks are disappearing .I had none if this problems on my MZ other request in those threads are not bugs they are features which some users would like to have I.e bigger sample preload ect and who wouldn't Why you people think that you can pay peanuts for MZ and then expect that to be a Kronos or Montage Casio is not perfect but nobody ever said it is the best workstations just most affordable so enjoy it and if it doesn't fulfill you needs then you know what to do pay much more for keyboard which can do what you need simple as that .
  5. Re The Sampler - Exactly what IS the problem --

    Maybe they are upset that MZ cannot do perfect sample loop by itself and maybe do the song as well while giving a massage to the player and I don't want to be rude so I will stop now
  6. If they bring MX with proper keybed fix bits and pieces in os and advertise properly not hard job at all Casio can sell loads of them I think they just chickened out with MX and gave up to early pitty I still can't believe what value for money MX is so fingers crossed.
  7. Re The Sampler - Exactly what IS the problem --

    I have no idea I did not manage to do anything in my bit more expensive Kronos what I can do on MX I guess I am not that good like some of our MX friends .
  8. Re The Sampler - Exactly what IS the problem --

    I guess the question is why the best value for money workstation ,arranger and sampler (MZ) can't do what Kronos does Shocking
  9. "Just sounds like a real Casio"

    I think Casio is hesitant to go at full steam ahead and release top of the range workstations because they think in my imagination that people would not buy because of name example is FZ 1 and I was proud owner of this much better sampler than any of other manufacturers at the time but in the name.
  10. Ok let's look at this In perspective we are talking about very cheap workstation which if it had different name (company)would cost at least twice the price now it happens that I have Kronos after I sold Montage and this two are better than MZ and they cost in Kronos case five times more so when people compare MZ with much more expensive keyboards I personally find that funny I still have MZ and I am enjoying it beside my Kronos I don't compare them because it is useless to do it just enjoy what MZ offers for very cheap price.
  11. Happy New Year

    Happy New Year to all
  12. Power on but no sounds!!!

    If you want to go for safest option then the best solution is ups bit bulky though .
  13. 2 ( and a bit ) Hours to go!!.......

    Or maybe one
  14. 2 ( and a bit ) Hours to go!!.......

    And after gig robotic hands (Casio) will deploy from MZ to give you a massage .