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  1. Repeating/looping phrases

    So it took me about three days, but I managed to sequence a couple of phrases on the PC and get them converted to play on the Trackformer. However, I can't for the life of me figure out how to get them to loop/repeat like the stock ones do. I've tried using CC 111 like some players do, and also CC116/117 like in EMIDI. So far no joy. Has anybody managed to do this, and how? My current line of thinking is that it may not actually be possible, since other machines in the XW line seem to control phrase looping on the unit itself, and save the status locally (presumably in the ZPH file).
  2. Bug with Pad Action function?

    I can't reproduce this fault, but I have had the machine randomly power off and on while running on battery if they were low on power. If it does the same thing while plugged in, I'd say it's a fault.
  3. Possible to cue patterns live?

    I know how to sequence patterns and play them back on loop, but I was wondering if it's possible, in loop mode, to "cue" the next pattern to start at the end of the current one, rather than have it start immediately?