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  1. Hi, I'm new, just received my PX-360M yesterday. After reading thru the manual and trying some features, I have many questions, the first set being about use of the USB drive. I've loaded the flash drive with SMFs and I see how I can load them into memory, BUT only one at a time? Is there a way to load multi files at once? Using the MEDIA section, I think, must I play a song from the internal memory or load a file from the USB media? Will the sequencer not play directly from the flash drive? Is there any way to mute tracks or change volumes on a file? Lastly for now, can the dial (#17) be used for anything useful? Is it programmable? Otherwise it seems a waste of a good feature.
  2. Gig bag for PX360

    Thank you. I bought a new Roadrunner case for an excellent price. It should arrive presently. THANK YOU EVERYONE FOR YOUR INPUT.
  3. Gig bag for PX360

    @ Casiokid - if known guys to put rigid foam around the inside edges, but your idea of lining the top and bottom is interesting. Depending on the extra room in my new bag, I'll have to give this a try.
  4. Gig bag for PX360

    My keyboard goes directly from the house to the back seat of the car, no other equipment there. I had the custom bag for my Hammond ask and loved the snug fit. I've got a line on a Roadrunner bag and wondered how it fit as well.
  5. Gig bag for PX360

    I like your idea. I was actually hoping for recommendations or reviews of the various available brands - Casio, Gator, Kaces, Roadrunner, Musicians Choice, SKB, etc. Which brand fits best, has best padding and design. I know Gator has the inner support straps, but it's also heavier. How good is the Casio Privia bag?
  6. I just bought a 360, now I need a gig bag. Should I get the Privia bag or are there others that would be preferable? I know Kraft Music ships a Kaces slim 88 bag. And Gator has an 88 slim also. I'm looking for recommendations.