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  1. ALENK - Alen, NOTHING ( sorry, promise it's the last time I'll use them ) I wrote was aimed at you, or anything you may have written! I honestly have no idea why you would have thought it was? Take it easy Chris
  2. Dear all, I'm not going to stupidly try and hide the fact that I was very pessimistic about Casio releasing another "professional" keyboard this year. After all, it's there for anyone to see in the "Casio....NAMM" thread! I've also, as an owner of the X500, never hidden the fact that I believe that Casio's "support/marketing" of the keyboard was nothing short of, "lousy" - at BEST, and "pathetic" - at WORST!! Whether or not U.S. owners defend ( or not ) Casio..... Whether they " put-down " some of the justifiable " complaints " from members from " elsewhere " ...... Whether they make some spurious ( imho ) argument along the lines of: " Casio believe the potential market in 'A' / 'B' / 'C', is more "lucrative" is, again, imho, totally redundant! If Casio SELL an instrument in the U.K./EURO Zone, then they are, by definition, obligated to SUPPORT that instrument, and the owners who've parted with their hard-earned, in order to purchase it!! CASIO, in THIS Zone, made not the slightest effort to support or assist buyers ( OR, for that matter, PROSPECTIVE buyers ), apart from with "a couple" of very brief, and not exactly in-depth, videos from Rich Formidoni, and Mike Martin!! Please, let no one try to argue with this, because it's there for all to see --- or rather, in this case --- NOT see!! Casio failed, abysmally, on all levels, to support, assist, and RESPECT, the musicians whose cash they were more than happy to take!! BUT --- All those incontrovertible facts DO NOT alter the fact that the X500 is a FABULOUS keyboard!! Despite some posters, over the months, trying to deny the fact, it simply HAS NO competition at its price-point!...... ...... And the arguments for an "upgraded" model may be nice to have in a wish-list --- but it doesn't make that 'upgrade" a necessary thing! From a personal standpoint, I use my X500 every single day, and I've not found myself thinking, yet, that it SHOULD have this feature or that feature!! A WISH does not a NECESSITY make!! Likewise, finally, Casio are under no obligation to release a new Professional keyboard, of the kind we'd all like,.... .... ( and what IS that, by the way - answers on a postcard! 😊 ) just because people say they SHOULD!! Just because there's no new "Pro keyboard" at NAMM. Just because Casio messed-up with their support of the X500. Just because they don't comply with the dozens and dozens of "demands" from members/owners re "upgrades / features / products / whatever" doesn't suddenly make them a BAD Company!! It just makes them, (if my 40+ years as a working musician, live and in the studio, mean ANYTHING! ) the SAME as every other Company!! Join some different products Forums and I'll guarantee you'll read the SAME KIND OF POSTS as you read here! There ain't nothing new in the world of the musician!! Just different shaped pickguards!! Take it easy all Chris
  3. Will January NAMM bring news from Casio?

    TUXFRIEND - Hi! I'd be genuinely interested in knowing what you mean by: " an option for WK7600 users or potential 76 key users " ?? Also, I assume, by the inference of your second sentence, that you're impressed enough by the spec of the CT-X5000, but you just require 76 keys - is that right? Interesting enough, but I STILL sense that you've got other things in mind, of which you've not revealed any detail - is THAT right?!? Over to you, Tuxfriend, in the hope that you "dot some i's, and cross some t's", for those of us who might be genuinely interested in your views! 😊 Take it easy Chris
  4. AT-5 rhythm to Roland FA-07

    Hi MichaelL, Well.....!! 70 eh?!? Nice to see that there's someone else on the Forum who's at least in the same age range ( ish ) as me -- although, I confess, I'm a little way off reaching your excellent figure! Okay - Firstly ...... I'm VERY proud that, of all the "foot-in-mouths" I've achieved on this, as you infer, quite excellent Forum, I've never yet referred to anyone as a "newbie" 😊 Second ...... you, obviously, had a very good reason in asking the questions you did -- although I'd "defend" my reply to you by gently pointing out that you really DID give the pretty clear impression, in your first post, that you'd discounted purchasing an X500, ( quote: " I WAS considering the mx500.... acoustic sounds aren't realistic enough ....." ), which is what "pushed my buttons"! Third ..... ISTANBUL?!!? ...... You won't even find one in LONDON!! 😂 Fourth .... You've obviously, dare I say, like myself, devoted the majority of your life to creating music --- and that ALWAYS gets unconditional respect in my book. Fifth....... Well..... Welcome along, basically 😊 Take it easy Chris
  5. AT-5 rhythm to Roland FA-07

    Hey LEE, Those were pretty much my thoughts, but he seems to have duplicated this post (??) and seems to be getting some sympathetic replies on the other one so it must be me that's out of step!! 😂😂 Take it easy Chris
  6. Desperate for mz2000

    Hey LOBBARD! 😊 Just been to to check out eBay uk ...... and, up to the 1st January, I was in contact with this seller ( who signed "their" emails to be from " Jane and David " ) about that very same MZ 2000!! Just blame my senile old memory mate! 🙄 Anyway, after sending them SEVEN emails, and getting SIX from them..... all attempts at contact just disappeared!! I know the ad says "collection only", and I was asking them if they would consider shipping it, they seemed, initially, to be quite willing!! I can only assume they had a change of heart, but, as I've said, I really don't know because they ceased contact! Sad really, because I'd have loved to have got it ( and they would have ended up a lot better off!! 😄 ) but, there you go! Still, thanks, anyway, for the kind info mate. Take it easy buddy Chris
  7. Desperate for mz2000

    CHAS - From what I've been told by a couple of people, I think the CASIOKID is right! But - as usual!! 😉 - no doubt BRADMZ will be able to give you a more definitive answer! LOBBARD - Thanks, old friend, for a brilliant piece of info! I'll keep you posted 😊 ************************************************************************************ Can I just say that the reason I'm happy to pay a price which, trust me, I'm well aware is " well over the odds ", is really quite simple. Some of you guys may be aware the I'm a Disabled Musician, and I, maybe, don't have quite as much time to spare looking for the "best price" on ANY instrument I may want -- I guess you'll have to make if that what you will!! 😉 No mad panic, but I've got, maybe, two years to complete everything I'm desperate to record, AND, to, if Im lucky, get hold of any instruments I "missed", for whatever reason, over the years! SO SORRY, I know it's not my "jolliest" post but the last thing I wanted was any of you guys thinking I was some idiot with more money than sense! 😄😄 Anyway ...... Life goes on -- and so will the MUSIC -- for as long as maybe! Take it easy all Chris
  8. AT-5 rhythm to Roland FA-07

    Hi MichaelL! Ive already embarrassed myself once, in the last 24 hours - on the matter of a piece of Forum-terminology of which I was totally ignorant ( thanks again BRAD! 😊), and I MAY be about to do it again! I don't understand why, having considered, and then, apparently, discounted, as a potential purchase, the brilliant MZ-X500...... ....... you would choose it's own, definitive, forum site, to, pretty much, ask for advice on what OTHER manufacturers keyboard you should purchase?!!? You've got a god- given right to go where, and when, you like to seek advice on a new instrument, but SURELY there can't be ANY regular contributor to this Group, who, having read your post, would argue that you would be better served placing it on a more general keyboard forum?!? Strikes me that you're VERY naive, or that you're expectations of a Group of musicians ( who's opinion of the X500 is, by definition, higher than yours ), being particularly keen on helping you, are overly high!! But then I could be wrong! Take it easy Chris
  9. Next Generation MZ-X wish list

    Thanks BRAD!! Not just for the reply - but for not heaping any sarcasm on me for what is, probably, common knowledge to everyone else on the Forum! 😊😊
  10. Next Generation MZ-X wish list

    RICK - So sorry to be "thick" dear friend, but I don't understand the inference of your: "This!" ? I think I'm well into the age-range of being able to claim premature senility Rick, so I think there's actually a law that says you HAVE to excuse me if I AM being stupid! 😄 😄 Take it easy Chris
  11. Desperate for mz2000

    I'll happily advertise my "naivety" to one and all by openly ( and VERY genuinely!! ) confirming that, if anyone spots one for sale - either in the U.K. ( which I appreciate is very unlikely! ) or U.S. ( with willingness to pack and ship - which I'd obviously cough up the loot for 😊 ), I would, with only TWO CONDITIONS, make a firm, sight unseen, offer of £650 - which, as of this precise moment ( 09:53am UK time ) is $927!! 😃 Those " TwoConditions " are: 1) - As you'll no doubt guess, that EVERYTHING MUST be in PERFECT working, and playing, condition!! Not a lot to ask I would think? I'm not in the least bit stressed about the odd scratch, scuff, nick, knock, paddywhack (?)....... whatever! Just so long as it PLAYS just as it would when it first came out of it's box 😊 And: 2) - That The CASIOKID doesn't beat me to it!!!! 😉 Not for the first time, ( yet again, in fact!! ) I have to say huge thanks to BRADMZ!! Probably because it was never officially sold in the U.K. I really had completely forgotten just what a stunning instrument the MZ2000 was/is, and without BRAD's reminder to me, in another thread, I'd still be wallowing in senile-ignorance as to it's brilliance!! So: " Thanks BRAD!! " 😊 I cant even BEGIN to imagine the Fun, as well, obviously, as the Creativity, that'll happen if I can get the X500 AND the MZ2000 into my studios together!! WOW!!!! 😃😃 Take care all, Chris
  12. A sneak reveal has been posted.

    BradgeMusicTube - " The MZ-X seems great but is TOO EXPENSIVE " (!!?!!?!!)...... ...... W..H..A..T..??!!??
  13. Desperate for mz2000

    May not be directly relevant to your question Matt, but I've been looking out for an MZ 2000 since BRADMZ tweaked my memory cells about it in reply to a post of mine a few weeks back! I confess I truly had forgotten just what a stunning instrument it was -- particularly in the light of it being close on 18 years since it was released!! Needless to say I haven't seen a sign of one on EBay, so I can only wish you genuine "good luck" in finding one 😊 Take it easy Chris
  14. So many features

    Echoing what RANDY said, CARTER, this IS a pretty small group, but there ARE ways to get the best info possible....... ........ for example, the post from COREY, that Randy quotes, is worth anyone's time in reading. I believe, EVERY member tries to be as helpful as they can, but there are, undoubtedly, to my eyes, some members who stand head and shoulders above the rest of we poor mortals!! 😊 Surely the the most BRILLIANT of all such knowledgable members, MUST be BRADMZ, who, it must be said, seems to know the X500 inside out!! 😊 He rarely fails to shine light on the darkness of confusion that some user is experiencing with the keyboard --- And MORE often than not he goes a long way further than that toward solving whatever problem they're experiencing!! 😊 I've said a couple of times in the recent few weeks, that, provided there's the WILL and enthusiasm from members, then there's no limit to how long this Group can continue to offer and receive help...... ...... because, "small" it may be, in terms of active members, but the knowledge, skill, and talent, is most certainly here ---- in abundance!! 😊 Take it easy all Chris
  15. Bought one today....

    Nice to see you PETE!! 😊 If I give you the number of my local, U.K. Ford dealership, do you think you could give them a ring and see if they'll lend me a new Mustang for a week or two?!? 😄 Anyway..... Congrats on a great purchase mate! You're going to have a LOT of fun!! Take it easy Chris
  16. Boards with video out for singalongs?

    Hey RANDY, I hate to seem critical of Casio, or any of the other major manufacturers, but wouldn't it be a nice surprise if we woke up one day to find they'd actually LISTENED to some of the excellent ideas that users, such as those on this board, come up with?!? "Scrolling lyrics", for example, RANDY, as you seem to suggest, SHOULD be a no-brainier - I mean, who on earth is going to say they DONT want them? Further to that, as LOBBARD asks, what about lyric-input for original material? That's something that I, as someone who is heavily involved in composition, would DEFINITELY go for! Incidentally, RANDY...... I'm SO pleased, to hear that you enjoy a SINGALONG!! 😊😊 Maybe you, me, and Lobbard, can get together for a quick burst of "Hey Jude" 😄😄 Take it easy all Chris
  17. Thanks and Goodbye! Of Topic

    SILVANO - I know, from my own experience, how sad you'll feel about "leaving" the Group, even if you don't quite feel that way now. As I said, VERY recently, in the "Sampler" thread: " SILVANO OBVIOUSLY has something significant to say about what he thinks are the failings of the Sampler".... It's a shame that, hopefully for just a short time, you don't feel able to remain as contributor to the Forum, and continue with your best efforts to explain the way the X500 contributes to Brazilian music. Take it easy Chris
  18. -- that some members ( it seems, in the main, to be a bugbear with a couple of our Brazilian friends ) have, with the way it "works"? PLEASE, let me be clear! This is a very GENUINE question, born out of ignorance and puzzlement! In no way am I trying to be " confrontational ", OR " critical ". I THINK I understand that, for some reason, the way in which the Sampler works conflicts with how some owners understood, or, naturally presumed, it would?? Again, -- without ANY "insult" or "slur" intended, -- because of the language difficulties, I have found it almost impossible to get my head round the point of some of the posts! That's MY problem and NOT that of the various posters!! SILVANO, for example, OBVIOUSLY has something significant to say about, what he feels, are the failings of the Sampler!?! Unfortunately, -- I emphasise, again, because of MY ignorance, -- I'm unable to understand what he is saying those failings actually ARE!! So, for my, and, perhaps, others' benefit, can anyone give me an idea of what it IS about the way the Sampler operates, that has, obviously, caused this extreme, and, I think it's fair to say, "angry" disappointment?!? Thanks, in advance, for taking the time to read this. Take care all Chris
  19. Re The Sampler - Exactly what IS the problem --

    COREYW - Now THAT'S what I CALL a post, Corey!! You sure you're not Mike Martin in disguise?? 😄 Seriously, though, a truly excellent post! "Technical", but genuinely helpful, and VERY well explained!! Great stuff, mate!! 😊 Take it easy Chris
  20. Re The Sampler - Exactly what IS the problem --

    So! Just to enlighten me ( and, I would HOPE, at least a few other members of The Group! ) here's a question on an aspect of the Sampler that I haven't seen anyone even mention yet! Has, or IS, ANYONE actually using the Sampler to sample "live" audio, because, up to now, all I've seen ( unless I need stronger specs! ) is examples of users sampling ........ well........ OTHER SAMPLES!! .......... ........ because, surely, that, in essence ( and, before anyone comes on to shoot me down in flames..... yes, I realise that's not an wholly accurate way of describing what's happening!! 🙄 ) is what's being done, in a lot of cases! By that I mean, whether it's a DX7, another Yamaha, a Roland, a Kurzweil..... whatever...... the user is, in reality, attempting to get the X500 to reproduce a sound that already exists elsewhere, on, in most cases, another keyboard or sound module. Absolutely NOTHING WRONG with that! Its been common practice ( particularly in what's come to be known as EDM! ), for years! It's all down to what the user wants, or needs! BUT, if these are the ONLY examples ( of use ) which are causing the, much quoted, ( but, to me, AND, it seems, users like ALENK, STILL unclear ) "problems" ......... ....... then should "someone", perhaps, be looking at what "imported", "alien", files, do to the O.S. of the X500 --- and NOT vice-versa?!? Has ANYONE used the X500 for "live sampling" of audio and been hit by any SEVERE "problems" that have interfered with their attempts to create the music they want --- ( and I'm NOT talking about problems relating to "mic volume" or any such "nonsense"!??! ). Maybe I'm being too simplistic!! I'm almost certainly exposing my own IGNORANCE!! But I'm not worried about being insulted, vilified, flamed, strung-up, or beaten to a pulp with a melon!! 😊 ........ ........ Just so long as, at SOME point, ( EVENTUALLY ), SOMEONE, explains what, why, how, the "problem" IS, that is causing the Sampler to continue to cause some users to be so "disenchanted"!! ************************************************************************************ Personally, and expanding on something I think I've already mentioned, elsewhere, I/We plan to release a new album of original songs, towards the end of June, ( PLEASE don't have any worries about my having an over-inflated ego! This is, very much, a "creative" project, and the "release" will be VERY local!! 😄 ) If it's okay with you guys, around that time, I'll place a few "snippets" on the site --- where members of The Group will be able to hear the Sampler in all it's "glory" ........ ........ On almost EVERY Track!! 😊 Take it easy, all Chris
  21. Re The Sampler - Exactly what IS the problem --

    Well, firstly, I've got to say that ALENK is dead right!! I'm NOT any closer to understanding what's wrong with the Sampler!! We've been in the process of producing a new album of original material over the past few months, and all I can say is that the Sampler has played a significant part in the way its turning out!...... ....... and, sorry, but no matter WHAT anyone else says, some of those samples have been WAY bigger than 30mb!! --- Maybe I got a " magic" model?!!? 😊 I can only assume that SOME users are using the Sampler in a way of which I'm totally ignorant!! As I said when I started this ( as it's turned out, quite "energetic" thread! ) I had/have NO INTENTION of being RUDE, INSULTING, or anything else, to ANYONE from ANYWHERE!! BUT, as a daily user of the brilliant MZ-X500, all I can say is that I've NEVER experienced ANY problems with the SAMPLER ......... ...... and all I'm asking is: IF there is a SERIOUS problem with it, that interferes with users producing the music THEY want..... ........ Then why on earth can't ANYONE, clearly and concisely, tell me what it IS?? 'Cos, up until now....... nobody HAS!! The one thing I AM sure of, again, no matter what ANYONE SAYS, is that there is a small minority of users that STILL don't appreciate that there's a basic fact that has ALWAYS applied to buying instruments in THIS, or any OTHER era...... ...... Sadly, you CANNOT spend £500 and get a £5000 instrument! I, personally, own TWO Mexican Strats, and for the money, they are, quite frankly, unbelievably good..... but neither comes near my "Custom Shop E.C."!!!! BUT, using the basic, general, principle --- The X500 has come closer than ANY instrument I, personally, have ever known, at behaving like one that cost five times as much!! Take it easy, all Chris
  22. Re The Sampler - Exactly what IS the problem --

    Leonh -- This is FUN!! On a, slightly, "serious", note, the reason I asked the original question was that I/We have been using the Sampler a fair amount over the past few months, and, honestly, haven't found ANY problem with it at all! I KNOW, however, that there HAS to be a "problem" for some users, because of the several posts "complaining" about it! I was honestly just hoping I'd find out what it IS !?! 😊 Take it easy Chris
  23. Re The Sampler - Exactly what IS the problem --

    Hi Leonh! 😊 LOVE the irony!! 😄 But, come on! You cant leave me hanging like that! Just what IS it that the, slightly more expensive (!!), Kronos can do with its Sampler that the X500, can't?? 😊 Take it easy Chris
  24. Will January NAMM bring news from Casio?

    Hi all, For what little it may be worth ( and I sincerely apologise if I sound too negative ) I truly believe we're in a " no grey area " situation, as far as the X500 is concerned! Either Casio will announce a brand new keyboard, featuring everything they may have learned about what the X500 COULD have been -- OR, ( as I've, sadly, confessed I believe, elsewhere on this Forum ), they will retire back into their "consumer-focussed" mode, ( as they, pretty much, did, after the MZ2000 ), and we'll hear nothing from them, re another "professional" model! Again, as I've said previously, the lack of ANYTHING, even approaching, what could be called, "marketing", of the X500 in the UK and EUROPE, is a mystery, the like of which I've never seen in terms of, what Casio themselves called, a brand new, "flagship" model!! Even more of a conundrum is why the X500 was totally absent from the pages of the Casio-Europe website ---- At least, until very, very, recently, by which time the astonishingly few companies that had been selling it had all deleted it from their product lineup! To this day, their was not a single, major, respected, store, wherein you would find Casio's new " Flagship Arranger " ( their title, remember, not mine!! ). Let me be clear -- I have MASSIVE RESPECT for Casio, and their obvious philosophy on producing some stunning keyboards at ridiculously low prices! ........ ........ But the way they ( sorry, yet again, as I've said before! ) launched the X500, and then proceeded to totally ignore it -- in the UK and Europe, at least -- is something my, obviously, feeble brain, will NEVER understand!! Anyway........ Here's hoping for a huge surprise at NAMM, when I can, VERY happily, eat humble pie -- and get my credit card ready, yet again!! 😊 The YAMAHA GENOS is, quite clearly, DISAPPOINTING buyers, left, right, and centre!! ROLAND offer NOTHING, of any consequence, AT ALL!! THIS could be CASIO's year to SHINE!! 😃 Roll on 25th January!! 😄 Take care all Chris
  25. Happy New Year

    I have to echo Leonh's sentiment! A WONDERFULLY Happy, Peaceful, and Musically Productive year to you RICK, and BRAD, LOBBARD, ALENK, ALANON, THE CASIOKID, JOKEYMAN, RANDY, SCOTT H., MIKE M ( we need webinars!! 😊 ), and of course you, LEONH, and any and all of the contributors to this magnificent Group, throughout 2017!! I can genuinely say that it's been a REAL privilege to play a very small part in the Forum's activities since getting my X500 in July, AND to be able to read so many pearls of wisdom from so many talented people! 😊 -- and I HOPE that, with some of the stuff "we've" been working on recently, I'll be able to be of some more productive use, to at least some of the members, in 2018!! Bless you all, and have a GREAT 2018 😊 Chris