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  1. Firstly, I am SO sorry about the two messed-up post attempts! Please just put it down to advancing years....... and lack of sleep!! ************************************************************************************************ So........ I LOVE my X500!! Its BRILLIANT, and, for me, it has NO "game-changing" flaws! In the, less-than, two months that I've been a, genuinely, proud owner of this, amazing, instrument, it's already found a place, in half-a-dozen recordings! Those recordings have all gained immensely, and in different ways, from the sound, and features, of "our" stunning board! I simply KNOW, already, that the X500 is going to "pay it's way" ten times over in my studio! It's almost - for me, anyway - limitless possibilities, creatively speaking, have already been, and will continue to be, a pure joy to work with on a daily basis...... And if any of you think that sounds "soppy" then, so be it!! ************************************************************************************************ I don't CARE which, or how many, buttons I have to press, in order to save a Tone, a Registration, a Volume Change...... whatever!! I don't CARE if I have to remember to press "Write-Edit" to save a change to a "User" Slot in order to then save it to a new Registration!! I simply don't CARE!! The fabulous array of features that this extraordinary keyboard has - its BRILLIANT sounds, those wonderfully flexible, Pads, the ease of editing using the drawbars, - and the overall ergonomic layout of it's, much-vaunted, ( and deservedly so, in my opinion! ), "Cockpit" design, deserves all the awards going!! ************************************************************************************************ Bringing me, rather painfully, to the title of this topic! I simply don't understand how ANY owner of this GREAT keyboard could, for example, submit a post, one day, scathingly criticising the X500 for what he, subjectively, believes to be it's lousy system of saving, ( and coming within a hair's breadth of accusing Casio of "cheating-out" on available memory!! ).......... ......... And then, the FOLLOWING DAY, posts again, SINGING THE PRAISES of the X500, focussing on how: "USER FRIENDLY" it is, and, again, praising it's EASE OF USE, and how CASIO DESERVE MAJOR KUDOS!! ......... ....... As if he'd never even posted the previous day's "critique"!?! I mean - Do me a favour!! Where's the CONSISTENCY?!? Where's the REALITY!!!! *********************************************************************************************** I may well lose respect for being so obviously "confrontational", but, if you check it out, you'll find, as I have, that this particular "Poster" seems to have made a habit of finding fault with the X500 - and then gone-off on a totally different tack, with his next post!! I promise you I'll totally understand if you resent my bringing a downbeat vibe to this, normally, wonderfully upbeat Forum! But, I have to repeat........ I LOVE my X500!! ....... and, I believe - - Most of you LOVE YOURS too!! Take care all Chris
  2. SO..... About that respect I'm going to lose!!

    RANDELPH - Firstly, and without a trace of confrontation intended, I would not DREAM of being so egotistical as to think I " SPEAK FOR THE WHOLE COMMUNITY"!! Dear god, I've only had my X500 for TWO MONTHS!! WHAT, exactly, have I written, that's intended to: " Make this an 'UNFRIENDLY' - ( WHAT?!!? ) and 'UNDERPOPULATED' Forum "???? You've, sadly, chosen to resort to personal insults as a method, I assume, of reinforcing whatever argument it is that you're trying to force. To call me a "Fanboy Troll" who "Contributes nothing... but makes a point of DISRUPTING things" leaves me genuinely speechless - and truly, sadly, full of sympathy for the way you must turn the truth on its head to fit in with how you see things. ******************************************************************************* I have no doubt, whatsoever, that if ANYONE reads this last post of yours, carefully, they will clearly see that there's only one of us who's trying to "speak for the whole community" and who, again, sadly, has a VERY inflated view of his own self-importance! ******************************************************************************* Of course I can't contribute 1% of the kind of intelligent, experienced, help and guidance that comes from such as BRADMZ, RICK,ALENK, etc!! I simply don't have anything like their experience with the X500!! What I can do is ask for help, ( as I have done! ), and give my genuine thanks when my question is answered! Beyond that, all I can do is, unapologetically, sing the praises of this astonishing keyboard, and the "wonder" of the way it's added, positively, to everything I write and have recorded, so far, in which it's played its part! ************************************************************************* Im going to say this, and then never repeat ANYTHING of it, again! - - I have been a Professional Musician/Songwriter, all my life. I've supported my marriage, raised my children, bought my houses, using nothing but, whatever, musical talent I have! I took a band to the UAE, with "BOON GOULD" ( LEVEL 42 ) along as bass-player! I was a member of a band, that lasted all-too-briefly, in which "SNOWY WHITE" amazed everyone who heard him ( including US! ) every time we played! You can go, should you so wish, to YouTube, and hear a track of mine called " ENDLESS DREAM " by a band we had, back then, called: "BIG SWIFTY" ( thanks again FRANK!! ) - I'm the one with the black Tele Custom, standing over the keyboard!! We've released more than 35 albums out of my studio, and are in the process of recording the sixth album of our own material. Why do I relate all this? - Because, where music is concerned, my confidence in my own knowledge and abilities, born out of decades of revelling in the joy that playing music brings, is strong, stable, ...... but NEVER "egotistical", or filled with self-interest! Like drugs, I count myself lucky not to have ever succombed to the addiction that can come from a self-inflated view of one's own abilities or achievements! Music has, apart from my beautiful Family, and precious Friends in Music, been my whole life - and I am grateful, every single day, for that gift! ***************************************************************************** I realise I'm repeating myself, but, I don't NEED to try and force my opinions on this Group - because, apart from my, (obvious to anyone), high regard for the X500 AND the majority of the members of this Forum - - I don't HAVE any "opinions" - other than those that directly, ( and VERY subjectively ), affect my own music, and the way I'm trying to create it! What am I supposed to have an opinion about? ..... I've only just GOT it!! BRAD, RICK, LOBBARD, LEONH, ALENK, SCOTT, etc, have, in different ways, been of invaluable assistance in the steep learning curve that's involved in owning an X500! Not, neccesarily, in replying to direct questions from me, but, often, in, simply, the information they impart in their own posts, or replies to others. The personal insults that you've thrown my way aren't, in the long run, going to affect me greatly, ....... but your accusations concerning my ill-intentions toward this wonderful ( and NOT "Underpopulated" ) Forum, go beyond any semblance of decency! I shall take your ( only ) piece of good advice, and, in future, disregard any posts from yourself. I will also, no doubt, bring a smile to your face, by saying that,( for a significant time, anyway ), although I'll continue to read, and enjoy, the posts from those talented people I've met, here, since the beginning of June, I won't reply, post, or take an active part in the life of the Group! I'm totally gutted that I feel forced to make such a decision - that's going to sadden me immensely!!...... ...... But I, somehow, feel I've played a part, inadvertently, I believe, and completely unintentionally, in ( temporarily I'm certain! ) dragging the Forum down to a place, and in a direction,it should never have gone. I wish everyone in the Group, good fortune - and keep making music you'll be proud of Take it easy all Chris
  3. Hawaii guitar tone

    ALENK - No! No! NO!!!! Not in a million years!!!! I'm not going to sail off on another of my long-winded posts! For once I don't need to! I HATE to sound "nasty", 'cos that's NOT who I am, ALEN, but this guy MUST be a complete "dreamer"!! A "Walter Mitty" with bells on!! I don't know about you mate, but, including my "ALESIS ADAT era", I've run a digital studio for 25 years, and I've been fortunate enough to experience some truly gifted musicians. Before being forced to "retire" from live gigging, in '98, due to my spinal problems, I'd played for decades, "at home" and across the world, in bands with some brilliant players ( I won't "name-drop for fear of you thinking that I'M fantasising!! ) - - My point simply being, NOT to "blow my own trumpet", but to state, categorically, that the GREATEST of the great musicians Ive been fortunate enough to share music with would not have been capable of producing the sounds that "he" claims to have done from that/those keyboard(s)!! The M.L.A.WOMAN track, for me, is the clincher!!..... ....... Sorry, but just NOT POSSIBLE!! Take care all Chris
  4. Hawaii guitar tone

    SCOTT HAMLIN - Damn!! Shot down by grammar - not for the first time! Oh those wasted years! Cheers Scott Chris
  5. Hawaii guitar tone

    ALENK - PLEASE don't think for one moment I was doubting your opinion about THAT particular video mate! Quite the opposite! Maybe I wasn't clear, but I said I'd " listen to it with different ears "...... ..... and that, then, " I'd see what I could produce out of the X500 " I've not, so far, ( in about 3 1/2 hours of experimenting ) got anywhere NEAR a sound I'd want to use in a "Live" situation - and certainly not in a recording that meant anything!! If you check-out my reply again, I don't, at any point, say anything approaching an opinion that the "sound" is genuine. In fact ( even with "different ears"! ) I cant bring myself to the opinion that it truthfully WAS programmed, in whatever way, from the XW-P1! In contrast, ( unless an awful lot of some of the best trick photography ever seen, was being used! ) I DO believe in the reality of what I witnessed, with eyes AND ears, what " Mr. Levin " was playing!! My apologies for misunderstanding the quote from "Mike" - but I'm guessing most might consider it an easy mistake to make? I also, obviously, because, how could I, had no idea of "this guy's" other videos with similar "claims. If that's the right word? Its judgemental, I suppose, but might he be what could be labelled a "Fantasy-Merchant"?? Anyway, hope you don't hold any lasting angst over my reply which was wholly "innocent", and simply my own opinion ( probably too long, as usual ) about a video which, in truth, seemed very difficult to accept at face value. Take care mate Chris
  6. Hawaii guitar tone

    ALENK - Like you, I listened to the "pedal-steel" sound ( in the thread you pointed to ) in total disbelief! "No Way"!! I thought! That simply CAN'T be real - although " MIKE MARTIN " , ( for whom I have a HUGE amount of respect having watched several of his videos) stating that it WAS, got me wondering! SO, I trawled the 'net and came across a video made by someone called " LARRY LEVIN " , who you guys may well know, but, I confess, I'd never heard of! Using a YAMAHA PSR-S950, in a video made in 2013 (!!), he created the most AMAZING pedal-steel guitar sound I've EVER heard! It was simply ASTONISHING! In the video he's seen triggering the accompaniement chord changes using just his thumb, whilst operating the pitch-bend and mod wheels at the same time, and, obviously, playing the lead phrases with his right hand. It's BRILLIANT!! I, again, confess, I know virtually nothing about the Yamaha, but what I DO know is that, once again, BRADMZ is absolutely RIGHT in the inferences of his above reply! As BRAD infers, it's the technique(s) used by the player, as much as the authenticity of the sound, which will, in the end, determine the authenticity of what's being heard. I will now listen to that XW-P1 video with totally different ears - - Whilst seeing just what I can produce out of the X500!! Take care all Chris
  7. Hawaii guitar tone

    Sadly, this reminds me ( As always, just my opinion guys! ) of those " bad old days" of 10 - 15 years ago, when "home studios" were rushing to buy every sample-loop library/collection/cd, that came on the market! ************************************************************************ (sic): " Buy our pristine collection of loops and you'll no longer have to be able to play ANYTHING - 'cos WE'LL play it for you"!! "Just slice-and-dice a few lyrics from hit songs you've heard, released in the past 25 years, line them up (roughly!) with a random selection of our ( "pristine", remember!! ) loops, and you'll have your own "unique" song......... that sounds strangely similar to all the OTHER "unique" songs that are posted on the, various, home-studio, "unique - songs" websites!! " ************************************************************************* Remember, I'm talking about the early to mid 2000's ( and even, in a few instances, the late '90's!! ) when there were, literally, hundreds of such products - and countless sites where you could post your "finished product"!! In terms of the total number of home/project-studios around back then, I would, confidently, "guess" that the vast majority approached the genesis of the "loop-collection" ( pop, funk, country, etc - you name it and you'll have been able to find it!! No problem!! ), as a short-cut of short cuts to creating a 3 minute classic!! There is a brilliant line, in one of the replies from the Gearslutz post, that ALENK points to in his reply above:- ************************************************************************* " Why not take inspiration from the sound you're hearing in your head, and EXPAND on it, instead of trying to COPY it ? " !! ************************************************************************* I'm totally aware that some of you will think I'm sounding a bit ( or a lot! ) " holier-than-thou ", we ARE, after all, owners of an "Accompaniement" keyboard which many other pianists and synth players will feel is, in itself, a "shortcut" to creating a "Performance" or the basis of a multitrack recording! Fair comment! ........ EXCEPT........ ..... You STILL have to have IDEAS! - Whether you're creating the beginnings of a new, ORIGINAL, song, which will, maybe, eventually lead to a full-blown multitrack on Sonar, Cubase, Logic, or whatever, or even if the song will remain as an X500 "sketch-pad", that never goes any further, but which will still always have a "life" on the brilliant keyboard in which it was produced - It remains YOUR IDEA! YOUR CREATION! OR...... If you're creating an arrangement for a "Cover" - An idea that's been bouncing around inside your head, and which, now, with the aid of the X500, you can, again, as with the "Original", give life to! You can make it something to perform at a gig that has YOUR inimitable signature! YOUR IDEA! And what if you really are "just" using the Performance aspects at gigs, with no pretence or ambition at "originality"?!? ......... So What?!? We aren't all fortunate enough to still experience the joys of playing alongside 4 or 5 other musicians, all in sync and in "sympathy" with each other..... BUT, we can STILL create a more-than reasonable facsimile of the sound we want ( and, maybe, remember with fond nostalgia! ), thanks to the excellence of the X500!........ ....... AND, we still have to be able to PLAY!! To recreate OUR IDEAS!! In closing - and with GENUINE apologies for this ridiculously long reply ( and I MEAN, genuine apologies! ) which may seem to have gone way off-topic, can I suggest something from deep within my musical soul? - - We should, all of us, NEVER get the same, or, even, ANY, satisfaction, from the efforts of others, that we "claim", in whatever way, as our own, when compared to the indescribable feeling of satisfaction that we do from our OWN work and creativity! You might labour, long and hard, in the edit screens of the X500 for that, elusive, " HAWAIIAN GUITAR " sound, and wind-up with a result that sounds more like " PLUCKED PAN PIPES PLAYED ON THE STERN OF A CHINESE RIVER BOAT ".... But I bet it'll sound BEAUTIFUL!! And, do you know what LADISLAV? It WON'T take long - and it'll be ALL YOURS!! And I bet you'll feel TERRIFIC!! Apologies again guys ( PLEASE don't hate me!! ) Take care all Chris
  8. Initial thoughts on MZ-X500

    Hmmmm! I was under the impression that the X500 has a couple of really good Wurlitzer "emulations" under "60's EP"?? I guess, maybe, they lack a specific "something" that you're looking for?!? How about a little basic editing to get that "just right" sound that you have in mind? My guess is that it's all there if you look for it! Take it easy Chris
  9. Control Map for Ableton please!

    Well BRAD, he says he's about to sell his XW-G1, and then begins his brief assertions re relationship between Casio's sales and Ableton!! Although we can't be certain, I'd assume, as he's on an X500/X300 Forum, then that's what he's referring to?....... Who knows??
  10. Control Map for Ableton please!

    Well, everyone can shoot me down in flames, if they choose, but I'm afraid I couldn't DISAGREE more with the poster's assertion! PLEASE don't get me wrong - In NO WAY am I setting myself up as the definitive X500 owner! I'm simply stating my honest and genuine belief that, whatever the "demographic", ( or whatever word applies to a particular bunch of musicians! ) that Casio were targeting when they designed the X500, I just CANNOT believe that they even considered that NOT having a: " control map to ableton " might be such a game-changer that it would adversely affect worldwide sales!! Likewise, I don't believe that ANY of the, average, X500 owners, are regretting their purchase and wishing they'd bought a controller keyboard instead!! Personally, I'll just continue to enjoy my X500, blissfully unaware of the omissions I didn't even know it had!??! Take care all Chris
  11. Ceter Cancel on the MZ X 500

    Good move TERENCE! Like I said, it'll take longer - but you'll feel terrific when you listen to the finished product! Good luck with it, and let us know how it goes. Chris
  12. mixer mystery

    Hey LADISLAV!! Welcome!! And congratulations on your new "Blue Wonder" ( I make no apologies for my choice of epithet!! ) You are about to embark on a fantastic ride, buddy! Enjoy every minute! Good luck mate Chris
  13. Ceter Cancel on the MZ X 500

    At the risk of stating the obvious ( to those who already know, that is ) the biggest enemy of ANY " Voice Canceller " that uses centre - cancelling, is REVERB! ANY piece that includes a vocal track that's been heavily processed, e.g., with a stereo reverb, is going to cause problems - and, sometimes, those problems can be, literally, insurmountable, UNLESS you're prepared to accept a faint ( hopefully! ) "ghost vocal" sitting behind whatever it is you're trying to do?!!? I can promise you it certainly wouldn't suit me!! I, obviously, have no idea what it is you're aiming to do, TERENCEYOUNGNOW, but if you're trying to create, for want of a better term, a "Backing Track", then, with the abilities that the X500 has, there must surely be more satisfying ( if, admittedly, more time-consuming! ) ways of achieving it. Whatever, I genuinely wish you the very best in achieving your goal ....... ...... And just a quick "ps " - if it IS a backing track you're trying to produce, then, unprofessional though this will sound, that "ghost" reverb track I mentioned, when mixed with what you, yourself, are playing / singing, may only actually be noticed by YOU!! To any audience, if it's noticed at all, it may well simply sound like some reverb you're using on your own voice!! Just a thought mate! Take care all Chris
  14. Initial thoughts on MZ-X500

    And I bet you BRAD, that in a couple of years time, you'll still remember that wonderful sound you created last week! Its moments like that which, I truly believe, separate music, not just from the other "arts", but from, literally, ANY other profession or pastime. A painting, well conceived and created is a beautiful thing, but, dare I say, once finished is...... well...... finished, and the materials used to create it are always what they are. They can be combined, sure, with new tones and palettes to subtly alter the feeling of the painting, with either a dramatic or more mellow mood, but, again, once placed on the canvas they are there, to all intents and purposes, for posterity. Music, however, whether a sound, a sample, a phrase, a pattern, an ostinato ( or "riff" as most of us are more comfortable calling it!! )..... or, in fact, ANY note, or combination of notes ( or beats ) is a living, breathing thing, which, simply because it's been heard and used, NEVER dies!! It can be re-used in countless different combinations, keys, time-signatures, tempos, etc etc ..... It NEVER dies!! I envy BRADMZ for creating that beautiful sound!! NOT because I haven't created some unforgettable sounds of my own, but because I didn't create THAT one! HIS sound!! I would have LOVED to have heard it in the way you did BRAD!! Take care all Chris
  15. Initial thoughts on MZ-X500

    Hey LOBBARD - That's £559 ( and MORE in many places!! ) -EACH!!!! BRADMZ - Oooohh!! A CORVETTE!! ...... But can I get one for £680?!!?
  16. Initial thoughts on MZ-X500

    Go get 'em LEONH!!
  17. Initial thoughts on MZ-X500

    RANDELPH - Firstly, I don't do "confrontation", so NOTHING I say is meant to have any negative, personal, inference My initial comment on your review, re the comparitive quality of the X500's speaker system, is that, here in the U.K., a pair of "QSC K-10"'s would set you back, close on, £1400 (!!!!) so, honestly my friend, how on earth that can be, in ANY way, a relevant contribution is beyond my poor simple brain! At least you concede that the onboard speakers are a "huge upgrade from the 7600" but, just a little earlier, you make a negative comparison with the "Yamaha CP300" ( again, an £1800 keyboard!! ) which I DEFINITELY recall as having a seriously disappointing bottom end with an emphasis on, what Yamaha describe as, "brightness", but which these ears remember as being very "thin" - but, of course, that is wholly a personal thing. Now..... EVERYTHING else you say is, with my very brief experience, right on the button, although I think it's fair to give Casio credit for making the X500 with the specific aim ( and certain knowledge!! ) that they would fly-out-the-door at the given price-point! Altering it to a 76 note board, would not have just meant a significant price increase in itself, but, in order to keep the style, the aesthetics, as appealing as they obviously are would have, again, meant a significant redesign which, to all intents and purposes, would have wound up with it being a totally different keyboard - and with a price tag of not much south of £1000!! Now, for what little it's worth, anyone who's seen any of my inadequate posts will know that I am an almost "fanatical" supporter of the X500, BUT, had I seen it advertised with a 76 note keyboard and a price of £1000 would I have bought it? Almost certainly NOT!! and thus I would not now be enjoying one of the most exciting, innovative, and genuinely fascinating instruments I've EVER come across in my ( many, many ) decades of writing and making music! It's also my firm belief that there are an awful lot of musicians who, in truth, don't WANT a 76 or 88 note keyboard! Many of them will be definitive Synth/Keyboard players, and NOT Pianists! Their setup, whether Live or in the Studio, may simply WORK with the smaller board. Personally, I have a studio that I've worked hard for. It's small, but it has everything virtually any musician might need. It's ultra friendly, VERY relaxed, it may not be "flash" but we "get it done" - and everybody who has anything to do with it is a musician, and a friend...... BUT, a 76 note keyboard would just "get in the way "!! I just don't have the room - seriously! I've produced more than 35 Albums in my studio ( ALL local-ish! NO "big-time, star struck" pretentions ) and I've never had ANYONE turn down the gig because we didn't have any 76 note keyboards....... BUT, I have ALREADY had some of my lifetime friends-in-music, literally, go "Wow!!" Before they'd even HEARD the X500!! Proves that, even to vastly experienced, wrinkled old, slightly cynical, musicians, the "Blue-Wonder" is a real eyeball-popper...... And when they've heard what it can do............!!!! I realise my my mind is wandering, so, to conclude...... ........ RANDELPH, I KNOW you are RIGHT!! Of course a 76/88 note, semi-weighted, keyboard on the X500 would be wonderful, brilliant, FANTASTIC!! BUT, in THIS musician's unwavering opinion, the X500 already IS Wonderful, Brilliant, FANTASTIC...... Just as it is Apologies, everyone, for babbling!! Take care all Chris
  18. Crack os mzx

    "Anciko" - Sorry, but......... WHAT?!? PS - Hi LEONH!
  19. Hi all Okay, this is NOT "bragging", guys, I just have to emphasise that I'm no "virgin" when it comes to studio-recording! ........ BUT, I simply cannot get my head round how to record an accompaniement track and KEEP it whilst trying to continue to record individual tracks! Further, I can't find any way to even SELECT an individual track to record onto! If I record the Accompaniement track, I only get the SAME Midi Recorder screen with the only option being to record to "Track 1"! If I DO try to record to that track it ERASES the previously recorded Accompaniement track, and I STILL only have the option to record to that same "Track 1"!! Although I KNOW I'm making some sort of "beginner's" mistake somewhere, I've read both the Basics manual, and the Tutorial manual and, unless I'm blind, I'm darned if I can find ANY indication as to how to do a "simple" multitrack recording, INCLUDING Accompaniement properly! Im happy to be as humble as you like, accepting my own stupidity ( if that's what it is! ) but PLEASE guys, someone put me out of my misery and explain the "A,B,C" to solving this ridiculous conundrum!! Thanks a million Take care all Chris
  20. Midi Recorder - Guys I am cracking up!!

    RICK, sometimes, BECAUSE, as you rightly say, it's so awesome, it feels like trying to learn to fly the space-shuttle!! - BUT, even at this early stage, for me ( I can't believe it's only been 9 days!! ), the results are already proving mind-blowing! The sounds I'm already getting, just playing around with the Hex Layers, are beyond anything I could have imagined Rick! It truly is an astonishing feature of an astonishing keyboard! Thanks as always Rick Chris
  21. Midi Recorder - Guys I am cracking up!!

    Well would you believe it?!!? I PROMISE you BRAD and RICK I wasnt fibbing when I said I'd read both the online Basics Manual and the Tutorial Manual, literally from "cover to cover", but this just proves that unless you absorb and digest EVERY word then you'll gain very little!! In my case there was one word that, somehow, I was simply blind to, and it's a word I've been familiar with throughout all my decades in the studio!! That single word ( thanks BRAD, because I spotted it instantly in your reply! ) was - "SOLO"!! HOW I managed to miss it every time I went through the Tutorial, in particular, I have no idea, considering I've, literally, pressed that button, countless times, on the mixer, every single session of my recording life! Admittedly it serves a different purpose in that context, but, even so, I'm red-faced with embarrassment!! Thanks, you two, for humouring my, literally, blind-stupidity, in such a gentle way! Take care Chris
  22. Hi All! But, if I may, especially RICK, BRADMZ, and LOBBARD!! I actually think, contrary to what some seem to feel, that the MZ-X500 online manuals are, actually, quite good, but in one aspect they seem to be puzzlingly lacking! No criticism from me, just an observation. So...... Firstly, having, hypothetically, recorded an Accompaniement track, how many, further, individual, keyboard tracks can I add to that track, if I wished, in order to make a multitrack recording? More important still - IS it possible to add an Audio Track to that multitrack recording ( e.g., a Vocal track - NOT recorded via the mic input, but from my X32 via the line inputs of the X500 ) that would, in essence, become a part of that multitrack. Putting it simply - A Vocal track, the Accompaniement track, and, however many further keyboard tracks that obviously playback together in sync? Im happy to experiment myself, obviously, but IF, for whatever reason the answer is "no-go", then at least I'll have saved a lot of wasted time! Thanks for your time guys Take care, Chris
  23. Midi and Audio Sequencer recording??

    Couldn't be clearer BRAD Much appreciated.
  24. Hey guys.... What is THIS?

    I realise I can phone Thomann, or even just stick it in the laptop and see what's on it, but I'm SO intrigued I thought you might not mind me asking the Group if they can enlighten me ;-) In all the "stuff" that came with my X500 is a REALLY heavily sealed, slightly padded, bag, in which is a USB Drive and a printed card - which is entirely in GERMAN!! I've actually had this before with Thomann".... in fact, several times in the past! I guess, with them being a German based company, they get a version of whatever the product is, that's focussed, in terms of paperwork, and even the power cable ( they included a U.K. adapter for use here! ) on Germany/ Mainland Europe? No hassle as far as I'm concerned, except that I have NO idea what is printed on this folded ( 4 "page" ) card, OR what is on the USB drive! I'm assuming that everyone else got this same "package" as well, so, before I take the boring option of checking it out ;-) I'd love to know what it's all about! Thanks for your time guys. Take care all Chris
  25. Hey guys.... What is THIS?

    Incidentally mate, after BRAD's clarification, I think I might load the .ZAL file after all - because I'm naturally inquisitive