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  1. Hello everyone! Does anyone know why although I have plugged the jacks on the "Line Out" (left and right) of my Casio WK-7600 into the "Line In" (left and right) of my XP-560 M I don't hear the sound of the WK-7600 coming out from either the speakers or headphones on the XP-560 M???
  2. Mixing with the Mixer

    ANSWERING USING THE MIXER 1) Record your main system track and use the "Balance" in the menu to select the volume for Upper and Lower voices; 2) Record your track 1 additional voice (MIDI recorder); 3) Once your track has been recorded, hit the "Monitor" button (top right), click on track 1 to select it and hit "Edit" and "Rename". Give this track a new name (i.e. voice); 4) Go to the main menu and select the Mixer; 5) At bottom left, the blue button displays "A". Click twice so you display "C"; 6) Your track 1 voice shows first. Hit the volume display (third box from the top); 7) Using the knob, lower the volume to the desired level; 8) Once your volume is set, click and hold the STORE button next to the registration and click on the MIDI Record/Play button to save this new volume setting. 9) The screen will confirm that your song has been updated. 10) Repeat the above steps for all new tracks you are recording.