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Found 36 results

  1. MZX Series Manuals Combined

    I got really tired of searching through 5 different manuals when trying to look up something, so I concatenated then into one PDF file. You can search all 5 files at once. ;-) Combined Manuals Included: Web_MZX500_300-ES-1A_EN.pdf (USERS GUIDE BASICS) Web_MZX500_300-E-2A_EN.pdf (USERS GUIDE TUTORIAL) Web_MZX500APPEND-140-WL-1A_EN.pdf (APPENDIX) MZX_midi_imple_EN.pdf (MIDI IMPLEMENTATION) Web_MZX500_300-150-E-1A_EN.pdf (FIRMWARE VERSION 1.50 USERS GUIDE) Note: Casio has used the same page numbers across all their manuals, so for example you will find two EN-22 pages, one in Web_MZX500_300-ES-1A_EN.pdf and the other in Web_MZX500_300-E-2A_EN.pdf.
  2. Casio official links to manuals and software for the MZX series. Please remember to check out all of manuals, including the additional manual for firmware updates which added new features to the MZX series. Also check out the separate manual for the MZX Sample Manager software for how to use that application. You'll find these useful. Manuals are found on several pages following the links below. - Basics manual - Tutorial manual - MIDI Implementation manual - Appendix - Firmware manual covering items added via updates - Updated Appendix MZ-X500: http://support.casio.com/en/manual/manualfile.php?cid=008010003 MZ-X300: http://support.casio.com/en/manual/manualfile.php?cid=008010002 MZX Sample Manager + Sample Manager Manual: http://support.casio.com/en/support/download.php?cid=008&pid=1326 MZX Firmware Updater + Manuals for the latest update: http://support.casio.com/en/support/download.php?cid=008&pid=20&_ga=2.139794931.1978881524.1517415134-1905774122.1471012982 Expansion Data: http://support.casio.com/en/support/download.php?cid=008&pid=1251

    Version 1.0.0


    This uses the same samples as in my "HANK1.ZTN" file and is about 10MB (it just has Tremolo effect assigned) Wasn't sure if MZ shares samples or not so if you load both you may use up another 10MB Enjoy Pete
  4. HANK1.ZTN

    Version 1.0.0


    HANK1.ZTN Sampled tone of the classic Fender Strat sound of Hank Marvin of the Shadows - 10MB Enjoy Pete :-)
  5. Detailed questions about MZ-X500 and DAW integration

    Hi everybody I'm considering to buy a MZ-X500 and first of all need to know if: Is it possible to transferr and opeb a recorded song on the device as a Project directly in any DAW? I mean to open it in a DAW as a project in seperated lines of MIDIs and Audios and preferly with their adjusted settings such as VST (ofcourse if it exists on pc) volume, effects etc. AND of course with editing option in the DAW) e.g I play and record something with 5 midi and 2 audio lines on the keyboard and need to transfer, open, edit, mix and master it easily as a prepared project (not line by line) in a DAW ? If so with which DAWs can I do it? And to complete the question, is it possible to do the reverse? (transfer and open a project made on pc, on the MZ-X500 as a song with seperated lines and its setting with editing option) Any information regarding this matter is appreciated! Many thanks in advance
  6. Hi guys! I'm excited to find and join this forum and I hope you would help me on following questions: Is MZ X500 capable of controlling DAWs as some midi contollers are? If so which DAWs does it support? *I mean to use its knobs, faders and play/rec/stop... buttons, not only note keys. Many thanks in advance
  7. My Tones (set 1)

    Version 1.0.0


    24 tones for MZ-X500, they use the internal sample, more details on this forum thread.
  8. Hello all! I've just published on my blog a set of tones I made for my own pleasure, this keyboard is so fun to play! The tones uses the internal samples so no precious memory is wasted. You can download and audition the tones one by one; individual downloads as well as a single package are provided. Let me know what do you think. Here is the link P.S.: later I will upload a copy on the download section and a one on the official facebook page
  9. Greetings, hope you can help a Tablet Novice on this matter. Printed and bound both MZ-X500 manuals, but would also be nice to have them on a smaller device. (1) Would the cheaper Tablets (approx £50 new on Amazon et al), be suitable for reading Casio manuals in PDF format? With no mouse or keyboard, how would one navigate the pages? (2) Can PDF file opened on the last page read, like with a Kindle mobi file? (3) Windows 7 user, cable internet, not wireless. Assuming most tablets have a memory card for transferring the PDF file from my desktop to the tablet. Thanks for any tips
  10. Hi. Am trying to register some volume changes I made in the Mixer Edit screen of the pattern sequencer of Rock Pop 1. I reduced the volume of all the Rhythm parts to around 65, to allow the use of a new mic. Is there any reason why the new volume settings I made in the Mixer Edit page won't be recalled after I Registered them to Area 1 of Bank 1? Seems like all volume levels of the Rhythms are back to full volume after powering on again and selecting Bank 1 - Area 1 (first button). Probably some simple thing, but have checked that no Filters are applied - all set to Off. Thanks in advance.
  11. Hi all, I recently bought the MZ-X500 and I'm loving it! However, I have tried to load .sty files into the keyboard but these do not show up. I have upgraded to the latest firmware but every time I search the usb stick it says there are no files on there when, in actual fact, there are! If anyone could shed some light on what I'm doing wrong or missing out, that would be great!
  12. Hi, I've uploaded some MZ-X500 rhythms converted from various Yamaha arrangers styles. I own an MZ-X500 and the conversion has been entirely made using the internal instrument's tools without using a PC. I've revoiced wrong instruments, adjusted volumes, re-mapped wrong notes (especially in some drum tracks), and shifted up many bass tracks that where too low. I've also adjusted the effects values and the panning to my own personal taste, I hope you will like them In this package you will find some 6/8 rhythms, 8 Beat rhythms and 1 16/8 Ballad for a total of 18 rhythms. Link to the download section Let me know if you like it! Have fun!
  13. MZ-X500 Rhythms (set 1)

    Version 1.0.0


    Hi, here are some MZ-X500 rhythms converted from various Yamaha arrangers styles. I own an MZ-X500 and the conversion has been entirely made using the internal instrument's tools without using a PC. I've revoiced wrong instruments, adjusted volumes, re-mapped wrong notes (especially in some drum tracks), and shifted many bass tracks that where too low. I've also adjusted the effects values and the panning to my own personal taste, I hope you will like them In this package you will find some 6/8 rhythms, 8 Beat rhythms and 1 16/8 Ballad for a total of 18 rhythms. Have fun!
  14. (Admin edit: Caution! Installing this ZAL file will delete all user content in keyboard memory. Back up your keyboard to USB memory before loading this file) Installing this content file will give you instant access to even more rhythms and sounds taken from Electro, Dubstep, Hip-Hop or EDM. Installation Before installing the content please check if the firmware of your instrument is updated to version 1.50 . To add the new sounds and rhythms to your keyboard, you’ll need the downloaded installation file as well as a USB flash drive. Your MZ-X500 supports FAT32 - formatted USB drives. If your USB flash drive is formatted for use with another file system, use the Windows formatting function to format it for FAT32 (do not select Quick Format). Download the file MUSICDAT.rar and use an unraring program to unpack the file on your PC. When you have unpacked the rar file, you will have a folder named MUSICDAT containing a file named EDM5b.ZAL. Move the entire MUSICDAT folder and its contents onto the formatted USB drive. With your digital keyboard off, insert the USB flash drive into its USB port. Then turn the instrument on. Select MEDIA on the second page of the MENU screen. Select “Load All”. Select “All” and you will be given access to the EDM5b.ZAL file on the USB flash drive. Select that file and tap “Execute”. At the “Load - sure?” prompt, select “yes” and then wait until the loading process is complete (about two minutes). You can then switch the keyboard off and remove the USB drive. Now restart the instrument... and you’re all set! When you install the EDM5b.ZAL file, 8 sound and rhythm combinations showcasing the capabilities of the instrument will be stored to registry slots. Using the registry to try out a rhythm and sound combination - example Registration memory lets you store setups. You can access the first eight registry slots by simply pressing Registry buttons 1 through 8. Select Registry Slot 1. To start creating impressive sound effects immediately, hold down the Synchro button on the PAD controller and then press PADS 1 to 3, one after the other - afterwards you can let go of the Synchro button. Now start with Intro 1 on the Rhythm Controller by pressing that button; the samples on the PADS are synchronized and will play along in time. Now, for example, you can switch off PAD 2 (press it once) and play around with Variations 1-4 on the Rhythm Controller. Play around with the other PADS to try them out. The content is compatible with firmware version 1.50 (MZX500). You can find more inspirational videos here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jb4JW-1ZqM0&index=20&list=PLdL64PlAKQ8PP1phFV7LOpIB6ZJOZQrh9 MUSICDAT.rar
  15. Left Hold

    Is there any function in CASIO MZ-X500 like Left Hold in YAMAHA PSR 2000 etc..
  16. Hi Guys First of all pls forgive me for my poor English I've bought a CASIO MZ-X 500 Keyboard last week and i am working on it I've tried to create rhythms from midi files using the pattern sequencer (see Attachment) using SMF import and editing each element (intros, variations, fill ins etc..) But in the chord type section i can only see c major, c minor c7 and Cm7 chords but the actual midi file is none among them i selected chord type c and pressed execute, but while i played the rhythm with accomp, i get a different chord when i play c major chord I think there is a section called Key Shift. What is its function? pls check the attached Midi files and rhythms and suggest a solution 1) ->22 TAYLOR SWIFT.MID ->22.AC7 ->22_NEW.AC7 2)LIVIN ON A PRAYER.MID ->LIVIN.AC7
  17. FF Rhythms 01

    Version 1.0.0


    Hello, here are 3 rhythms I converted for the MZ-X500, I've adjusted them stripping out bad notes, I've also revoiced the tracks to use the MZ-X tones instead of the GM set. Proper names are: BALLAD01 -> Ballad 01 BALLAD02 -> Ballad 02 CELTIC01 -> Celtic Ballad 01 Please, let me know what do you think
  18. Sample Loop(s)

    Hi, i convert an old SF2 Sound to WAVE Sound and Import the Sound to the Samplemanager 1.1.0 . Is it possible to set a Looppoint to the Soundfile so as a SF2-File? (Startpoint - Looppoint - EOF) From the Wersi-Soundfile there is a Little demo in mp3. Hope you enjoy it. Karl-Heinz Wersi DB1.ztn Shakuachi.ztn shukari.ztn Wersi.mp3
  19. BureaCHpl v1.zlt

    Version 1.0.0


    My first chapel organ Hex Layer tone for MZ-X500.
  20. Hi, what is the potential for using a MIDI foot controller board to MZ-X500? By example, a Roland FC-200? Would it do much more than connecting the normal two standard pedals? thanks
  21. Hi folks, Am using Audacity to prepare short WAV samples for transferring to MZ via USB stick. I wonder if there is a quicker way of importing a full bank of sixteen, short WAV audio samples from Audacity into a single MZ-X500 PAD Bank? Filling a complete PAD Bank with imported WAV samples one at a time I find tedious. Was hoping that the MZ-X's 'Sample Manager' was the answer, but apparently that software is just for making new user tones. Hopefully, a drag-and-drop WAV sample import would be a handy upgrade for the MZ-X. cheers
  22. Hi, Have no problem using the metronome when recording MIDI phrases onto PADS. But when using the MZ-X500's metronome when recording short audio (mike) vocals to PADS, for some reason, the recorded PAD includes the sound of the metronome. How do I prevent the sound of the metronome from being included in recording? thank-you
  23. It is possible to start a rhythm with a particular fill-in and save the same in registration banks? Eg. If i wanna store Pop-Rock rhythm in a registration bank & always want it to start with 2nd fill-in and then continue with 2nd Variation.
  24. PIANO Acustic_1 (2Layers)

    Version 1.0.0


    PIANO Acustic1 (2Layers) (ZTN)