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Found 4 results

  1. PX5-S no sound bug

    Hello everyone! I bought the PX5-S 3 years ago. I love this keyboard, but I'm worried about something wrong with it. When I'm playng a Stage Setting (0-0, for an example) and I change to another SS (like 1-3), the keyboard has no sound and no MIDI messages. I have to turn it off and turn it on again and then it return to normal operation. Is it a bug? My PX has the lastest firmware and I restored to factory settings. This issue occurred more than three times with me, just as I was playing in the gigs (last time was yesterday). Can someone help me? I'm considering to sell it and buy another key. Mery Christmas! P.S.: Sorry my English. Google Translator is helping me .
  2. Hi all, This is my first post here and I'm sorry if it's not in the right place! I've just had some trouble with my new Casio digital piano that I need help fixing. I purchased a Privia PX350 recently and enjoyed using it as a standalone instrument, but lately I've been trying to use it as a MIDI input device and I've encountered some bugs that make it unuseable for this purpose. The DAW I've been using is FL Studio 11, but since I've used other keyboards for this purpose before without issue it seems the Casio unfortunately is the source of the problem. I just can't pin down exactly what's causing it. For starters, some keys on the keyboard will randomly start and stop playback in FL when pressed. It happens very frequently - maybe every 3 or 4 keystrokes - and this alone makes it unplayable. I know the keyboard is the source of the problem because playback is steady when I'm not touching it. Furthermore, when two or more notes are pressed simultaneously, at least one of them will continue to be held down indefinitely even after I've let go. I've found few people with similar issues and the only solid suggestion I found for a fix was to turn off local control in the keyboard's function menu, but it did nothing for me. I've installed the CASIO ccusbmid driver from the Casio website, but it also hasn't made a difference. Another suggestion I heard was that perhaps the pedal is causing the stuck notes, but I've tried with the pedal unplugged and the same issues occur. I'm using the same MIDI->USB cable that I used with my previous keyboards, and I swapped them in again to make sure the cable was working. No issues with the old keyboards. If anyone has any idea what's going on, I'd be thrilled to hear it. I can't wait to use this thing to make some music but it's just not happening right now >: EDIT: I tried uninstalling the Casio driver and going back to the generic USB MIDI2.0 driver that windows installs when I plug in the piano, and this fixed the constant starting and stopping problem I was having, but not the stuck notes. After further testing it looks like exactly what's happening is that when multiple notes are pressed simultaneously, after releasing the chord, rather than stopping the bottom notes the keyboard triggers them again. I've tested this in Finale as well and verified that it's doing the same thing there as it is in FL.
  3. Got a CTK 7200 and would like to have RegFltAcmp set to ON each time I turn it ON. I have the Auto Resume set to ON and it does retain all changes except RegFltAcmp. It keeps going back to OFF and I have to manually set it to ON every time I turn the keyboard ON. Could you check this on your CTK-7000, 7500, 7200, or 7600 and leave your comments. Thank you in advance. Kord
  4. Several times now, I have had something reset my Amp/Filter envelopes when I changed something else seemingly unrelated. Until now, I shrugged it off to, "I swear I did ______. Well, maybe I just thought I did." But this time I caught it red-handed! I found that in one of my stage settings, I had reversed my CC07: Volume and CC11: Expression controls. When I went to correct that, all I did was change the CC07 to CC11 (and vice versa) in the onboard Stage Setting > Common > Slider menus. After that, it reset the Amp and Filter envelopes: velocity sense was reset to +63 (I had changed it to 00), and release time was now 00 (I had changed it to -63). I suppose this could be intentional or "as designed", but I kind of think not.