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Found 90 results

  1. Dear all friends I want to ask all of you that do anyone have the FM (DX) Electric Piano Presets for Casio PX-5S? Because I want to use FM tones with PX-5S in the Worship and other reticals. Thanks
  2. Hi Everyone, Been searching the docs, this forum, and the 'net. Behavior: PX-5S, Firmware 1.13 - If I power up the keyboard using the power adapter, and no batteries in the compartment, it eventually (after hours) seems to power itself off (screen dark) but will power up normally by simply pressing the power button. Background: Performed an outdoor show last weekend it was humid, and between sound check and the show, there was some drizzle, but the PX-5S was sheltered. Played a 90 minute show with no issue, packed up and went home, but since there was the outdoor exposure, I brought it inside, and left the (ATA) case open so that any humidity trapped inside the keyboard or case would dry out. The next day, I powered up and played for a few minutes, testing the keys, buttons, etc -- all working - so far, so good. I decided to leave it powered up, and to my surprise, after a number of hours (not sure excatly, but more than 2 or 3) the LCD is dark - and it appears that the keyboard powered itself off. I've repeated this 3 or 4 times, asked around the family, "Is anyone powering the Casio off?", and even put it in a room with low/no foot traffic (which also means a different a/c outlet.) It still powers off, eventually. Any ideas? Is this a "feature"? Memory leak? Should I expect the PX-5S to remain powered up as long as there is A/C power? Anyone curious enough to leave their PX-5S powered up on a/c overnight, as a test? I honestly just want to know if anything is wrong, or going wrong, because when I test it, it does seem to work properly. Many thanks, -Harris
  3. Can I download an install a PX-5X file as a starting point? or are the file types exclusive to the Privia model? McDTracy
  4. I won't be I using my Px for a bit of time and need to store it. Space is limited and I have it in the gig bag in the vertical position. It's slightly leaning back against some other items. The keys aren't the end leaning forward though. Is there any harm keeping it stored somewhat upright?
  5. Hello!I am David ,come from mainIand China,I edit the tones and stage settings, live play, a packet of 5 people live: two Blues harmonica, a guitar, a bass, and a drum of Congas. I'm not playing the conga lively, but using cyclic music phrase, with second pedals to control its start / end. 《Dream Field》.mp3It seems like a band show,really?
  6. Need some help. I play the PX-5S live at church every weekend, and just recently it has started sounding random single notes. They happen at random intervals; usually about 3-4 times in a set. The best description I can give of them is that it sounds like someone is reaching over my shoulder and hitting a single note, out of key and out of time. It's VERY distracting. Here's my set up - Playing a piano stage setting with external audio out from the board itself. Have USB out to Mac laptop to control a synth in Reason. Also have a second keyboard (for Rhodes and organs) with its audio passing though the PX-5S and tied to a fader for volume control. Finally, I have a USB expression pedal going into the mac for volume and synth adjustment. Here's what I've tried for troubleshooting - * Made sure I was on latest firmware * Reset the board to factory (once) * turned off midi-in & USB-in on the px-5s I cannot figure it out. I've used this setup or something very similar for nearly two years. Is there something wrong with the board itself? -CK
  7. Here's perhaps a unique application of a Casio SA-76 run through an analog synthesizer. Recorded using a Casio PX-5S.
  8. On the PX-5s, can I assign the transpose function to a slider? I want to avoid the button presses normally used to transpose / change keys, to make it easier to transpose quickly on the fly (like the dedicated transpose button on the PX-560). For example, if the slider starts in the middle position, moving it up one notch would transpose + 1 half-step; or moving it down one notch would transpose -1 half-step. If the PX-5s transpose feature can be assigned to a slider, how would I do it? Thanks in advance.
  9. Wav File

    Hello I'd like to play the recorded intro to the Styx song "Too Much Time On My Hands" Is there a way to trigger a wav file to play the recorded sample? Thanks Mark
  10. Hello. This thread possibly involves two separate issues. There's some noise coming out of the phone outputs of my PX-5S, one that is there at a constant volume regardless of what volume is the PX-5S set to output. I think I read about this somewhere, but I couldn't find that exact issue being cited when I searched for it at the moment. Anyway, it's not super-strong, but it's quite audible and you notice it as soon as the keyboard is turned on. I don't know whether that's regarded as "normal", and as the output volume doesn't affect the noise level, I thought perhaps it's some ground noise from the AC adapter. So, I tried running the PX-5S on 8 Duracell AA batteries – it doesn't turn on! Why is that? I've put them in correctly. Is there a chance something's wrong with the wiring that should go from the battery compartment? Thanks in advance.
  11. This is an original song of mine. I used the Px-5s for "Modern Keys" and "Hello Stranger" here and panned them a bit. Stephen D'Amato Not Crystal
  12. Hello guys, I am having a very bad time with my Privia PX-5S, I bought it in December 31st, 2014, and for the first time I'm experiencing some issues regarding the volume knob, it isn't work properly, it gives the same volume when turning up or down, and there is a point where should be volume 0 where you can appreciate a noise, pretty much like the two states devices (a button) and instead of giving an especific amount of resistance it's giving just "On" and "Off". I don't know if this is new for you or it is a common situation. I live in Mexico, and the purchase was in the US, what do you recommend me? Please check the video.... help me ='( By the way this issue seems to be like a shortcut, sometimes happens and after an specific amount of time it solves by itself but in the end it happens again. Thank you in advance Tony Martinez IMG_4042.MOV
  13. Shut Up And Dance Lead

    Does anyone have the synth sound for the keyboard in shut up and dance?
  14. Used my Px-5s for this Grateful Dead cover. I'm playing with a friend, who is singing lead and I'm singing harmony. I used the software, Mixcraft, for recording. Soundcloud - Friend Of The Devil cover - CornerStone Appreciate your comments.
  15. 5Velo Wurly (Hex Layer)

    Re: 5Velo Wurly (Hex Layer) Mike said (when he posted a version for a different Casio keyboard): <<<<As originally appeared on the PX-5S and also found built-in to the PX-560, here's my 5 layer velocity switched Wurlitzer.>>>> I can't find it anywhere in my PX-5s, even tho' Mike says it was originally on the PX. I'd like to load it in. Wondering WHERE I can download it.....I can't find it anywhere. Thanks!
  16. In addition to a edit hex layer tone, I also joined the harp, flute, horn sound, with four zones, consists of nine tone levels, wide range of 88 keys can be that they have a relatively independent "site" and will not fight. My own improvised music, improvisation. Playing in the process, I did not press an electric piano panel on a button or switch, is completely formal piano methods, but out of the effect compared with an acoustic piano, timbre variety and the level of enrichment. And, px-5s to me, seems to become the free to express the music of a tool, bomb, not what tricks and pay attention to, rhythm of free expansion,. Because, I did not have the box into the electronic keyboard musical instruments used to "automatic accompaniment" inside, the natural flow of notes with a sense of myself, rather than on the automatic production workshop conveyor belt. 爱的喜悦.mp3
  17. is it possible to assign one of the pedals to play a SINGLE midi drum sound (bass drum)? Certain drum machines have the capability of plugging in a std pedal which can operate an assigned sound - so thought perhaps......... Apologies if you have already seen this question on Facebook - but would make life sooooo much easier if it could. Cheers - tosh
  18. Best that I describe the set up first. I have PX-5S as a master keyboard which I have connected to my Macbook via USB. I want to use the internal arpeggiation of some tracks but I want them to sync with Logic so I set Clock to Slave at which point the arpeggiators stop playing I just hear the sound on one track. I had this problem last year and solved it somehow but I can come back to that later. Now, I have my Korg Volca Beats attached to the PX's Midi Out and then I have three other Volcas all sync'd to each other via CV. All the Volcas work fine....if I have the PX Sync mode set to Master as it follows the internal clock of the PX. However, if I set Sync to Slave, the Volca drops back to whatever tempo it has set on the unit and everything is out of sync. I set Midi Out to USB, USB Out to Key, turned on Midi In Enable and enabled USB In. Now all those settings seem to make sense to me but no sync. So in a nutshell, how do I get the PX-5S to transit midi clock information received via USB out through the MIDI out port? Ideally while still being able to use the PX as a keyboard to input notes into Logic. Thanks in advance.
  19. PX-5S also fit for IDM

    One of the go to get sonic characteristic of the PX-5S lends itself greatly for IDM, IDM stands for Intelligent Dance Music not to confuse with EDM or Dance Music, Its said when a synth can make complex lushes, weird soundscapes it is fit for IDM. Truer then that it can't be the PX-5S synth part capable of very weird vibrant lush sound and arpeggio pattern fill. Sound discovery is a growing amazing thing.
  20. For convenience, here are all of the sounds I have uploaded for the Casio PX-5s. Over 80 links worth! A few links are for XW-G1 or MZ-2000 but the majority are PX-5s. http://www.casiomusicforums.com/index.php?app=core&module=search&do=user_activity&sid=505696c3fd6533b584de3461ac81c3b9&mid=1490&search_app=downloads&userMode=all&search_app_filters[downloads][searchInKey]=files&search_app_filters[downloads][files][sortKey]=downloads&search_app_filters[downloads][files][sortDir]=
  21. I've recorded this video in order to test the sound of the PX-5s. In this video, I use my own stage setting specially designed for my speakers (not monitors). The bass has been reduced and the treble has been enhanced. I also use the Piano DSP. It will feel like a real world-class grand piano if you don't see the pictures. (The video is NOT clipped.) http://www.tudou.com/v/0hATXX4wj4A/&rpid=329635668&resourceId=329635668_04_05_99/v.swf
  22. hex sound question

    How can I lower Hex tone by an octave. The standard sounds are easy, but I can't figure out how to do it on a hex tone.
  23. New PX-5S user here, and I understand the basics (ie. Zone/tones, stage settings, editing and saving changes etc...) but now trying to figure out how to record a song and the Tutorial Manual is crazy to read. Can any one explain in basic english, steps how to record a song using the up to 8 tracks each on 10 user songs on the internal storage? Maybe this is easy once you've done it bunch of times, but I'm trying not to drag out my 8 track tascam out of frustration...once a song is recorded in the internal storage, how can you edit it and later transfer it to either a connected USB drive or directly to a MAC (or PC)? Much appreciated in advance. I'm an acoustic pianist w. little digital exp.
  24. Hello! At first, I would like to thank all the members and everyone involved for this amazing place! It's a great source of information and one of the most friendly and nice places to be. I have joined the board and I hope to become the owner of Casio PX-5S soon! It sounds like a true dream come true to me, especially the fact that it can run on batteries. Living in a country and a place where electricity problems and sudden power jumps can leave you in musical silence, it is a true saving grace! It looks like the instrument will instantly switch to battery power if the normal power suddenly goes out. Hopefully, I understood it right! I have a question regarding the use of the external sound modules and the USB recording ability of PX-5s. As far as I could tell from the manual and the different forums, PX-5S can recording raw WAVE data from what comes out from the instrument's out. Am I right? I have an old sound module called Roland JV1010 which has MIDI IN, OUT and THROUGH. Would it be possible to record the sounds from this external module to the USB stick through PX-5s? If so, how do I connect it or will the usual MIDI do in this situation? Or do I have to connect the sound output of JV1010 to the input of PX-5s? In order not to break anything, I just wanted to make sure if it is possible at all. Ideally, I would like to mix the sounds from Casio's internal collection with JV1010 and record it to USB. Another question that comes up in my head is: would it be possible to use the arpeggiator in PX-5s along with the external sound modules or it's only applicable to the built-in sounds in Casio? Any thoughts and inputs would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance! -- Iceman
  25. Hello, I'm new to this forum, but not completly new to the px-5s, which I bought in may this year. So I'm using it for 5 month. I use it as replacement for a piano, so nearly all my use is Grand Piano. Just from the begin I have the problem, that the output is not loud enough. It takes some time to realize, that setting - Master setting compression level to 100 would change the situation, but I found it. Ouput level is set to 127. For use with my Shure SRH440 Headphone ( 44 ohms ) this works well. For use with my Kurzweil KS40 Speakers ( 20k ohms input impedance ) this works not quite well. They are still not loud enough. To check weather it is a issue of the px-5s or the speakers, I recorded a wave file to USB, checked it on my notebook and detected, that it was recorded with a extreme low volume level. So I normalized the WAV and replayed it on the PX-5s. Wowh !!! I'd never thought, that the small Boxes have such a sound !!! But whats that ? The PX-5S runs extremly into clipping. Ok. I copied the normalized file to my mp3-player and tested the boxes directly without the px-5s. Sound was good and loud and without any clipping. Now I searched this forum and found the updated File from user Xagerado, which is a real improvement. Piano sound much louder even if the compression level is at 053. At least my questions are: What did he that it works in this way ? Is there a tool where I can compare Stage / Tone settings to see directly what he has optimized ? Is it just a singular setting which I don't found ? Thanks for your help. Bernd