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Found 13 results

  1. Hi, it has been an interesting journey to discover which workstation addresses my needs in a keyboard. I was considering the mzx500 but the acoustic sounds aren't realistic enough for my purposes. The SuperNatural tones on the Roland FA-07 are the closest to real in my price range. However, the Roland lacks adequate rhytm patches. I have two questions: 1. Has anyone found a rhythm download of world and Latin beats for the MZX500? 2. Can I download the rhythm presets into the Roland FA-07. If so, what is the best way? my own observations on the Roland FA series are it is almost as easy to use as the 500 but lacks touch screen, velocity driven layers, and arpeggiator for more than one part while playing but has 76 keys, good graphics and ease of use. i also looked at the MOXF6 but was discouraged by the difficulty of use, poor graphics, layout, lack of velocity driven layering and 61 keys. Both the Roland and the Yamaha require outboard monitors. I know the experts on the forum know all this, but for the newbies looking for the right keyboard it points out some of the things worth thinking about to make a satisfying purchase. thanks for the help.
  2. Was wondering if there are any good videos/youtubes for using the rhythm and accompaniment features of the px 560? I went thru the 6 youtubes which were very good, but didn't cover too much the rhythm and accompaniment aspects. thx,,,,
  3. Hi all, I recently bought the MZ-X500 and I'm loving it! However, I have tried to load .sty files into the keyboard but these do not show up. I have upgraded to the latest firmware but every time I search the usb stick it says there are no files on there when, in actual fact, there are! If anyone could shed some light on what I'm doing wrong or missing out, that would be great!
  4. Dumb question, I know, but I haven't been able to find this information in manual or online. I have a WK-7600. Sometimes, the auto-accompaniment (rhythm, chords accomp.) is too loud compared to the volume of the right hand playing. Surely there is a simple volume switch somewhere? Your advice will be much appreciated.
  5. FF Rhythms 01

    Version 1.0.0


    Hello, here are 3 rhythms I converted for the MZ-X500, I've adjusted them stripping out bad notes, I've also revoiced the tracks to use the MZ-X tones instead of the GM set. Proper names are: BALLAD01 -> Ballad 01 BALLAD02 -> Ballad 02 CELTIC01 -> Celtic Ballad 01 Please, let me know what do you think
  6. Hello all! I have a problem !. I'm writing a sequence/song with no accomp tracks, but using a User Rhythm Preset/Track. I need to be able to silence the Rhythm Track at the very top of the song and in the middle of the song. And have it come back in again later. I can't edit/punch those measures into silence, or even manually turn that track volume to 0 on the fly in the mixer. I've tried everything short of recording the track on a DAW by waveform to cut the waveforms there, oooof ! Problem with that, is I seem to be unable to play/record to DAW any of my Tone tracks without drums everywhere. Basically I can't find a way to turn them off in any form while the song/sequence plays. Halp ! Any help and advice would be greatly appreciate! Thank you in advance
  7. Just purchased a new CTK 4400 and it is anything but intuitive. Cannot get any of the rhythms to play at all. Just want it to provide drum accompaniment at times and cannot figure out how to get it to do anything that simple.
  8. It is possible to start a rhythm with a particular fill-in and save the same in registration banks? Eg. If i wanna store Pop-Rock rhythm in a registration bank & always want it to start with 2nd fill-in and then continue with 2nd Variation.
  9. PX-560M Comptine

    Version 1.0.0


    Rhythm for "Comptine d'un autre été l'après midi" BY Yann Tiersen Load Rhythm onto USER empty slot Use any piano Tone that you like Rhythm SET with Full Range Chord Tempo 75 Here are the chords Em G Bm D Actually is a simple mix of Rhythms Piano 8 Beat + Arpeggio 3
  10. Is there a way to set the rhythm volume for the pre-set (non-user) rhythms? My old (very old) Casio keyboard had a simple hardware slider that affected all rhythms. I know I can create up to 10 user rhythms with custom volumes. But to use the many many factory volumes and be able to set volume would be light years ahead! Factory volumes are generally way too loud.
  11. Rhythm Selections

    Hello, I am trying to bring my Casio WK 1630 back into use. I am not a pro and am very limited in knowledge of this instrument. I am struggling with finding out some things. I think I have found the tone selection that I want to use, but there is not a list that I can find. Is there a list of tones anywhere? The list in the manual that I found was difficult to use and did not include 130 standard piano. Is there a better list? But what I cannot find at all is a list of rhythms. Is there a way to find out the rhythm selections? I see the rhythm button, but that is not it. Can you help with this?
  12. I have a WK-7600 and I love it of course but there is a rhythm that I love on the WK-110 that has a drum roll-off and I use that all the time. Does anyone know who to convert rhythms from the WK-110 or create a roll-off? Thanks in advance!
  13. Hi chaps, After browsing this forums for several days since I got my CTK 6200 for two weeks so found that you can't really create a new rhythm from scratch . My ideal instrument now would be CTK 7200 but I got a good deal on ebay for a few months used CTK 6200 for £100 delivered Yesterday, I was trying to convert the rhythms/styles from Korg PA series to the Casio CKF so that I could load this into my CTK 6200. My workflow is: 01. Convert Korg PA style to Yamaha PSR 630 (SSF 1 styles which is actually midi file SMF format 0). I used Style Works XT style converter. 02. Rename the converted file extension .STY to .MID 03. Open the MIDI file in your sequencer (I used Cakewalk Pro 9 - old but very easy to use. You could use Anvil Studio free or something you're familiar with) 04. Change the drum track(s) from Channel 9 to Channel 10 05. Change bass track to Channel 11 06. Tweaks tracks for Chord tracks 12 to 16 (***Issues see below) 07. Test by connecting to your keyboard and playing each part as you hear the actual out from the Keyboard. (I actually connect the keyboard and set midi output of sequencer to keyboard before even opening converted file) 08. Save the file of you're happy. 09. Launch Casio Rhythm converter (part of IDES suit for last generation keyboards such as CTK 900 etc.) and open the converted style MIDI file 10. Set the markers for Casio rhythm parts i.e. Intro, variation, ending, fill etc. according to what is marked in the midi file converted and marked for Yamaha style. The Rhythm converter needs the starting point and number of bars so actual sequence in the midi file doesn't matter as long as you specify the part correctly 11. Convert to CKF rhythm by menu option Convert to Pattern which will save as Casio CKF file 12. Copy to your SD card in the Casio specific folder 13. Now load the rhythm (CKF) file in your keyboard in one of the user styles slot. 14. Now play! and have fun! *** Issues: The Casio CKF file only support 5 tracks for auto-accompaniment rhythm * Channel 10: Drum track * Channel 11: Bass track * Channel 12: Chord 1 track * Channel 13: Chord 2 track * Channel 14: Chord 3 track But the new generation of keyboards (CTK 6000/6200/7000/7200) supports 8 tracks for a rhythm in new AC7 file format. Technically it supports: * Channel 10 to 14 similar to CKF format plus 2 more channels * Channel 15: Chord 4 track * Channel 16: Chord 5 track which is great news and it makes the new generation Casio to stand with Yamaha, Roland and Korg in terms of style track counts. But right know I cannot utilise the track 15 and 16 due to stuck in the conversion from Midi to CKF. So I cannot transform the Korg PA styles to Casio rhythm completely and bound to exclude/ignore track 15 and 16. What I need is SMF(MIDI) to AC7 converter which has not seen the light of the day yet. Well, this is my journey so far. I think I am kind of happy because I have happily converted Korg PA series Progressive style and playing with the on my Casio 6200 but I would be more glad If I could completely reproduce the complete Korg rhythm for my keyboard Any help/comments would be great! I would share my converted Korg style with you guys soon for your feedback. Cheers, iNain