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Found 4 results

  1. Hi guys, I have a Casio CTK6200, which I have been making songs with the song sequencer for a while. And I want to know how to export them to my computer, I have read almost everything on the internet but I cannot seem to understand... I've downloaded Data manager from the casio website, but I only end up with CMS files which I know are not playable.. And from what I know other models have a "audio recording" button but this model does not. So does that mean everything saved into the SD card is only midi form? Is there a way to convert the files into audio files? My direct question is : How do I export the song sequencer files into a playable form on my computer? I don't mind buying any cables or programs or mics... I also don't know what a DAW is. So I would be very thankful to anyone who is willing to help me solve my problem. Please guys i'm super desperate Thanks in advance!
  2. Hi guys Need some help please! I'm using the Casio WK 7600 and want to know if there's a way to record an entire song using the song sequencer function? At the moment I can only record 4 bars worth of melody but I don't know how to make this longer. All I need to do is record a simple baseline that's repeated throughout the whole song and record a melody over this. I'm wondering whether I need to loop the four bar baseline and then record a melody over this baseline? Just don't know how to do this! Any help would be much appreciated! Thank you 😊
  3. I'm not sure who I'm directing this to, but if someone from Casio reads it and finds it interesting, or if this post inspires some reworking of the song sequencer, then I'd say that's a good thing. I've been analyzing the files created when a sequence save, phrase save, or save-all action is invoked by the Px-5s either using the USB drive or through the data editor. Without launching into the detail of the formats, I believe I discovered something that could end up being a problem if the phrases and song sequencer are used a lot and the songs and the phrases are changed often. In either the song sequencer file or the save-all file, the phrases that play in a song, are referenced by number in the song. This is a problem because if a phrase is changed, and a song references that phrase, the song will no longer play the phrase information that was originally intended. This is because the sequence doesn't store the actual phrase, it only stores a reference to the phrase number. One work around is to save all, and load that information back in. Of course, this overwrites your current setup and may not be favorable. The reason I was analyzing the file types was with the intention of creating a visual display of a complete song sequence, and perhaps an editor, so that all of the patterns, tracks, and timing could be seen at once so that building a sequence could be a little easier. The initial stumbling block I came upon was that there was no phrase information in the song sequence file. The references were there, but not the actual phrase data. I then looked at the save-all file where I did find the phrase data. It's just harder to track down the song sequence. If I use the two files, then it's possible to manage - but I'd rather use 1. A suggestion is to have an option to save a song sequence with the phrase data. Loading in a sequence of this sort would load in the necessary phrases without having to replace everything as the save-all and load-all options currently do. Another suggestion, is to have an option to save a song sequence as a midi file. This would break down all the repeats, time signatures, etc. into the proper measures. All of the program changes, midi control data, etc. would be stored as well - each track on it's own midi channel. It would also be good to have the option to save a phrase as a midi file. That would allow detailed editing of the phrase itself in an external program. This midi file could be modified, then loaded back into the Px-5s through the data editor. It seems to me that the playback of song data is converted to midi. I'm guessing it would be a matter of outputting that information to disk rather than to the sound generator and/or midi channels.
  4. While I have owned my WK-7500 for almost two years, I finally connected it to my MacBook Pro via Data Manager. It works fine. I am curious to hear from other WK-7500 owners about how you use and benefit from Data Manager. Do you use it mainly as a backup device? I envision using it to store numerous, large Song Sequences (since the unit stores only 5) and then load them back into the WK-7500 as needed. What about you? Share your ideas no matter how basic they seem. The synergy of fresh ideas almost always yields more creativity and user satisfaction.