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Found 9 results

  1. Step Sequencer adding By itself

    Hey guys if anybody could help that would be awesome!!!! Ive been using my xw g1 now for a while and it has become a part of my live setup. Since last week my step sequencer has been malfunctioning adding steps without me touching the keyboard. Is there anyway I can service this machine to get it fixed? I have re installed the firmware and reset the Keyboard back to factory and the problem still persists. It seems to interfere when im manipulating the synth thru the sliders.
  2. Hi everyone, I recently bought a XW-G1 and am loving the product (although the documentation leaves a lot to be desired). I am in the procces of putting some of my old projects (sample based hiphop) into the G1 but am running into a little problem with wich i hope someone can help me with: i upload my samples, save them and go to the right user tone (200 and up). i then go to the step sequencer, assign the solo synth to channel 1 and put in the notes live trough step edit. Now here comes my problem: when i have a sample that is made of multiple splits that all loop seamless and i put split one in the first step and next in the fourth to keep the loop going it seems to cut of the last part of the loop from step one when its near step four. When i only trigger 1 step in a pattern it doesn't seem to have this problem but because of the complexity of some of the songs this is not an option since i would be loosing to much patterns if i can only trigger a sample once per pattern. I hope i worded my problem accurate and understandable (english is not my first language) and one of you geniuses can help me. Edit: the problem is not the sampled loops length or quality, i already checked this and it plays normal when i only trigger one step per patter
  3. About Step Sequencer

    Well, I've try to do a little routine with the step sequencer... just to use User waves instead of common instruments. The problem is now to export it to my DAW. I can record the pattern in WAV mode... This is OK. But, If I want to export the sequence in Midi mode ? Is it possible ? Even if there's only the note...
  4. XW GrooveBox StepSequencer

    I had an issue using the XW-G1 factory settings for the StepSequencer as a groovebox. The issue is I want to use the sliders to turn the parts on & off with all drum parts and the bass guitar part on the same group of sliders. The factory setting has the kick drum on slider 8 in the first set of sliders (1-8 sliders) and the other drum parts on 9-12 sliders and the bass guitar on part 13, the second set of sliders. So I created a new user step sequence configuration with things moved around a little. I moved the kick drum from slider 8 to slider 13, the bass guitar from slider 13 to slider 14, and solo 1 from slider 14 to slider 8. I could not change the part names. The part 8 is still named "Drm1" even though it is now "Sol1", part 13 is still "Bass" even though it is now "Drm1", and part 14 is still named "Sol1" even though it is now "Bass". Download StepSequence: http://www.casiomusicforums.com/index.php?/files/file/900-groovebox-1zss/ Demo video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G9NK30jAVqU
  5. I've been impressed by the ability of the PX-5s arpeggiator to send control data (http://www.casiomusicforums.com/index.php?/topic/7341-px-5s-arp-angel/), as recently demonstrated by Mike Martin. Then I realised that the XW step sequencer can do this as well, paving the way for it to act like the PX-5s arpeggiator. The XW step sequencer has 4 control tracks which can send CC messages and pitch bends to channels 8-16 and channel 1; which means that it can be used to areggiate live performance in zone 1. Just specify channel 1 as the destination of the control track in Step Sequencer->Edit->Track Param->Ctrl. Ch. The Ctrl. Ch parameter is hidden deep within the menus and doesn't appear on the Track Param screen until you press Part+ several times to get to the control tracks. Up to 16 steps need to be set up manually, but effects like tremolo (CC07), vibrato (pitch bend), wah (CC74), autopan (CC10), etc. can all be created, simultaneously if necessary, via the step sequencer; leaving the DSP available for other things. The XW arpeggiator and step sequencer can both be running at the same time affecting live performance in zone 1.
  6. Hi! Is that possible to play a full range chord in the step sequencer mode on XW-G1 in real time like in the WK series?
  7. Hi, I have problems with the step sequencer (sorry, if there are answers available already; I couldn*t find it): 1) If I create a sequence in "Solo1", it is played as created, but then I would like to change the notes using the sliders. If I do this, the notes are only changed e.g. in octave steps or in half tone steps (as I want it) but only in an octave "far away" from the original tone. How can I change and configure that? 2) If I want to use the Master Slider to change the octave of a sequence in Solo1, nothing happens! What may be the mistake here? How can I use this feature? Thank you for any help. Regards reuel
  8. Sounds question from noob

    Ok just got my Casio XW G1 and trying to get me head around how it all works, can somebody answer me a question about voices, using the step sequencer I only seem to have access to the PCM (GM) voice, I am unable to use the solo synth voice on the step sequencer, in the menu mixer part change I can on use the horrible PCM tones! The synth is a little frustrating to use, I hope I do regret my purchase. Thanks for any help Jezza
  9. I got an XW-G1, a demo unit from a Guitar Center store. As soon as I powered it up, I did a factory reset. Then I upgraded to firmware 1.11. After doing these things, I noticed that some of the built-in performances have step sequences, but those sequences are not playing when triggered by the keys (at the upper end of the keyboard). I think that when I did the factory reset, I deleted step sequence data in the keyboard. Is that correct? Or did I miss something else here?