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Found 60 results

  1. Hi guys/gals Apologies but I may be asking a stupid one here - haven't had my morning triple-shot coffee yet I recently had a go at loading and configuring guitar WAV samples and produced a "Hank Marvin Fender Strat guitar" tone to share (in downloads section). This seemed all reasonably straight forward using the sample manager software from Casio. I'd like to do a better job with some other sound samples I have. My question is: ...if I was doing the same but with WAV file samples of strings or organ (i.e. the sounds are sustained (looped)) how do I configure the actual loop part of the WAV so that the MZ plays continuously whilst the notes are held down? I have done this on my Korg as its in-built editor has this feature. Hope I'm making sense. I think Mike Martin may have done this with his "StringMachine" tone in the downloads..... Thanks Pete
  2. PX-560M LID Piano

    Version 1.0.0


    Load LID PIANO Tone in Group Name: Piano Load LID PIANO Registration in empty location Load LID PIANO Tone in Upper 1 Control Knob 1 changes LID
  3. PX-560M Kawai SK5

    Version 1.0.0


    Load PX-560M Kawai SK5 Tone in Group Name: Piano Load PX-560M Kawai SK5 Tone in Upper 1
  4. PX-560M italian GPN 

    Version 1.0.0


    Load PX-560M italian GPN Tone in Group Name: Piano Load PX-560M italian GPN Tone in Upper 1
  5. I just got my new Px-560M a couple of days ago. It came with firmware version 1.12. When I first turn it on, the LCD screen showed that the upper 1 tone was set to Grand Piano 1 (default). However, the sound was not that of a grand piano (you can hear it in the attached take00.wav file). The sound is the same on the speakers, over earphones, and even when recorded in a wav file and played on my PC. I tried pressing the "Grand Piano" key, but nothing happened. I then updated the firmware to 1.14 and performed a "factory reset", but the problem persisted. Then, by chance, I entered the "mixer" section. The sound immediatly changed to the correct grand piano sound (hear to take01.wav). If I turn off the piano and on again, the problem reappears, and goes away (for that session) by simply entering the "mixer" section of the menu, whithout changing any parameter, just by entering that section of the menu. I don't understand what is happening, and it doesn't appear to be a normal behaviour. Any suggestions? Has this happened to anyone else? TAKE00.WAV TAKE01.WAV
  6. PX-560M UPRIGHT 3

    Version 1.0.0


    Load PX-560M UPRIGHT 3 Tone in Group Name: HEX-LAYER Load PX-560M UPRIGHT 3 Tone in Upper 1
  7. PX-560M Fretless Bass

    Version 1.0.0


    Load PX-560M Fretless Bass Tone in Group Name: GM Load PX-560M Fretless Bass Tone in Upper 1
  8. PX-560M OLD UPRIGHT 3

    Version 1.0.0


    Load PX-560M OLD UPRIGHT 3 Tone in Group Name: HEX-LAYER Load PX-560M OLD UPRIGHT 3 Tone in Upper 1
  9. PX-560M PAD PAD

    Version 1.0.0


    Load PX-560M PAD PAD Tone in Group Name: HEX-LAYER Load Registrations onto empty slot Load PX-560M PAD PAD Tone in Upper 1 all Real Time Controllers affect Tones
  10. PX-560M Steel DIRE STRAITS

    Version 1.0.0


    Load PX-560M Steel DIRE STRAITS Tone in Group Name: GUITAR Load PX-560M Steel DIRE STRAITS Tone in Upper 1 recommended for "Private Investigations"

    Version 1.0.0


    Load PX-560M NYLON DIRE STRAITS Tone in Group Name: GUITAR Load PX-560M NYLON DIRE STRAITS Tone in Upper 1 recommended for "Private Investigations"
  12. PX-560M SteinwayB

    Version 1.0.0


    Load PX-560M SteinwayB Tone in Group Name: Piano Load PX-560M SteinwayB Tone in Upper 1
  13. New guitar tone.

    Hello guys! I made some mixes and inserted some effects into some guitar tones for MZ-X500. Try it out! GUITARRA.ZTN
  14. EP Registration And Voices

    Version 01.50


    Hello guys! Here is a sampling of combinations that I made on my MZ-X500, you should first read the memory files (PIANOS_E.ZRM), then choose the tones. Now, load the tones: ELEC_MAR.ZTN DIGITALE.ZTN PIANOCHO.ZPF DIGITALE.ZTN ELEC_MAR.ZTN PIANOCHO.ZPF PIANOS_E.ZRM
  15. Hello there I am recording my new stuff with Privia and doing it first time using MIDI recording section. Since I have no satisfactory VSTs on my PC, I'd rather use Privia's interface and then work on it further. I like to work on some tones but later I often change them, when all paths and items are recorded and put together to change overall sound and blend. So my questio is: Is there a way to CHANGE TONE OF ALREADY RECORDED 'solo track' in Privia's MIDI interface? It would be helpful as hell. I even hoped for changing in 'on fly' to hear how the tone changes the piece. But I cannot find answer in internet or manual :/ Thanks in advance
  16. Hi there! Confession up front - I'm a MIDI newbie. I'm trying to get my iPad (Onsong app) to fire off MIDI commands to my PX-560M to change the following based upon the song I pull up: Tone (Upper/Lower 1&2) Split Point Levels I know the MIDI connection is working fine but the tone change command doesn't seem to do anything to the keyboard. Here's the steps that lead to the problem: 1. Set Onsong to Listen for MIDI commands 2. Change tone on keyboard --> Corresponding command shows up in Onsong (so it definitely receives ok) 3. Turn off MIDI "Listen" in order to do a Test 4. Manually change Tone to something elese on keyboard 5. Click "Test" in Onsong (which fires the same command back to the keyboard) --> Result: Nothing happens. When I do the same process, but with Playing a note as the command, the test is successful and Onsong is able to play the note back through the keyboard. So I know the communication is fine. That means the problem must be around the other commands that don't seem to work when Onsong fires them off to the keyboard. Does the PX-560M support what I'm trying to do (in theory)? Are there any troubleshooting tools on the PX-560M to see what MIDI messages it's receiving? Am I missing some setting or something to allow these settings to be changed remotely via MIDI? Thanks for any help!
  17. Hi, Is it possible to access and edit component layers of a quasi-layered "Tone" or "PCM Melody"? For example : Internal tone/sound P:320 NEW AGE - this is a layered sound comprised of a bell-like sound combined with a synth string-like pad. How do you access the bell sound and string pad separately ? For example : Can I switch the bell sound with another sound choice to layer in with the existing Pad and vice versa? Or, how would you create a multi-layered tone using existing tones? I realize this can be done as a performance, but since this layering is used in factory tones, I'm curious as to how deep you can burrow into a factory tone. Pressing the edit button while in Tone mode only seems to offer editing access to Attack, Release, Cutoff and other effects - not the actual ability to select different sounds for combing/editing into a new layered Tone. Once again, no luck with the manual :-(( Thanks kindly for any tips. Cheers, Gee Won
  18. Space Strings

    Version 1.0.0


    A rich HexLayer tone I'm having fun with it, it have splits and velocity triggered voices, play it softly for smooth sounds (right hand sounds will starts to detune if holded), or play it harder to trigger more powerful sounds. I hope you like it
  19. Space ElPiano

    Version 1.0.0


    Here is an Electric Piano tone I modified to my personal taste. I like it very much, very suggestive in my opinion, I hope you like it
  20. I have Ableton Live configured to send MIDI to my PX-560 for playback. However, I can't figure out where in the PX-560 is the mapping between what tones are assigned to what MIDI channel. For example, when Ableton sends MIDI to channel 1, the PX-560 plays Grand Piano. Channel 2 plays percussion. Channel 3 plays Warm Pad. I've looked at the "MIDI Channel Assignments" table at the end of the User Manual but I'm not seeing the answer. What am I missing?
  21. I was building a performance containing tone 288 and two others. Tone 288 is a VA tone with a drop and rise at the end which continuous as long as the keys are hold. I like the first segment of that tone and tried to cut the rest of by editing it and make the release long enough before that typical part comes to bit and have the release draw it short how I wanted it. But while editing that tone the release holds good on +00 to 64+ until, trying to get it short while setting value's from -00 to -64 it keeps the full play from beginning to the end of sample where I would expect the tone to be just long enough as the release to be. Nothing happens the value's only seem to work from +00 up to 64+. Is that how far editing a tone gets to be or is there a fault at work. I do have a work around containing arpeggio and step sequencer but it makes that tone monophonic which I don't want.
  22. MR Funk wah

    Version 1.0.1


    Here is new tone MR Funk wah (load to Hex Layer) and registration for all controller. Modulation wheel is in use for Distortion, Knob1 for Dealay, Knob2 for Reverb, Knob3 for Amp and Expression pelad for Wah. This is a very Rock setting... I'd be glad to hear did you rock with it...? I love this odd px-560 ! In this setup I used MR Funk wah in Upper1 and Syn-Bass+Ld in Upper2. First load the tone to Hexlayer and save it and then registration and save it to bank+area.
  23. PX-560M UP Piano LID

    Version 1.0.0


    Load UP Piano LID Tone in Group Name: Piano Load UP Piano LID Registration in empty location Load UP Piano LID Tone in Upper 1 See details in the attachment about how all real time controllers are assigned

    Version 1.0.0


    Load PIANO CLASSICS Tone in Group Name: Piano Load PIANO CLASSICS Registration in empty location Load PIANO CLASSICS Tone in Upper 1 See details in the attachment about how all real time controllers are assigned
  25. PX-560M POP PIANO

    Version 1.0.0


    Load Pop Piano Tone in Group Name: Piano Load Pop Piano Registration in empty location Load Pop Piano Tone in Upper 1 See details in the attachment about how all real time controllers are assigned