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Found 3 results

  1. Hello, I apologize if this has been posted before, but I did a search and no results similar to my problem have been found. I'm having a problem with the sustain pedal on my Celviano AP-450 (purchased in 2012) where if I play something that requires repeated pedal presses, the notes fade away more quickly after a few measures, despite the pedal being fully pressed. For example, when I start playing Pathetique (2nd movement), the sustain pedal works as it should. But when I reach somewhere around measure 8, the sustain pedal begins to lose effect (but not completely), with notes sustaining only for about 2 seconds before completely fading away even though the pedal is fully pressed. I've checked the pedal assembly and the wires, and everything seems normal. I'm at a loss here, and it really ruins the music . Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you. Regards, Jericho
  2. If any casio people are reading this, can you please let me know who to contact for a product defect. Each time I record with the song recorder, the piano inserts a "phantom" note after a few seconds. It's always the same note (a very low bass). I can show this to you. I recorded 2 songs and saved them as midi files and attached them to this post. I stopped playing as soon as I heard the deep "phantom" note which means you can hear it at the end of the file. This note is not coming from me, I did not play it in either of the 2 sample files. I happens every time I record a song. Please let me know how to get the piano repaired. (i.e. email address, telephone number etc.) We are in Germany. David Stephens RECSONG66.MID RECSONG62.MID
  3. I have followed the instructions in the manual but cannot delete a song in the memory. Here is a video showing what I am doing. What am I doing wrong? Thanks, David P.S. There should ALWAYS be feedback to an interface. That's like a rule developers learned in 1980. Deleting a song should give some sort of feedback (a beep?) It doesn't.