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Found 6 results

  1. CASIO SA-20 audio?

    Does anyone know of a resource where it is possible to download CASIO AS-20 audio files to use with a sampler?
  2. I have a Casio PX150 connected to my Mac using the USB cable. It is communicating and using Garageband for sounds but the volume is significantly low even at the computer's maximum volume setting. It also requires impractical key force to generate volume. It produces a strong as should be expected signal according to the DAW meters but the actual audio I hear through headphones is weak. The same is true when hooked up to Kontakt and 3rd party sample software. I see a good signal tripping the meters but this is not reflected in the signal through my headphones. The headphones are fine. I use them everyday. Regardless, I have tried two different pairs while testing the setup using a Mac Pro, Mac Mini and Macbook Pro. Each computer has a different OS version but they all meet the minimum requirements. It has not displayed this problem in the past. I was able to use the piano without this problem. It has been over a year since I used the piano. The keyboard has sat in the same place. It was under a dust cover. I just did not have time to play it. I doubt it is related to failure in the hardware. I had disconnected the USB cable because during the time I was not playing I had acquired the Mac Pro and shifted my desktop area to accommodate two systems and three ACD's. There must be something in the settings I am doing wrong. I have only set up the connection a few times. But I was able to do it without a problem each time. Usually the keyboard was connected and I just turned it on and opened software. I tried different sequences turning each on first. Reconnecting the keyboard I could have forgotten a setting or something. I read the user guide and it is a very simple process. There is nothing like this in the trouble shooting section. Sharing any ideas would be greatly appreciated.
  3. Help! Can't record to my Macbook

    I have a Casio Privia PX160 and I'm trying to record the audio (not MIDI) to my Macbook Pro 13". Unfortunately, I haven't been successful. At first, I tried connecting a simple male-to-male auxiliary cable from the headphone port in the Casio to the dual headphone/mic port in the computer. This kind of worked, but the cable ended up recording BOTH the sound of the piano and the ambient sounds in the room—I hadn't realized that the cable had a tiny built-in mic that was picking up sound! I discovered online that because the Macbook Pro 13" has a dual headphone/mic port, it can be tricky to get the computer to recognize an external audio source. I read that I needed a TRRS (i.e., three-ring) aux cable to get the job done. Sadly, I tested the new cord today and it didn't record any audio at all—not the ambient sounds in the room nor the sounds of the piano—because my Macbook didn't recognize the Casio as an "external mic" like it was supposed to. Any ideas?? The simple aux-to-aux approach really SHOULD work, so I'm reluctant to buy any new equipment (splitters, audio interfaces, etc).
  4. Line In, Audio In Not Working

    Noticed that my 3.5mm audio input on the PX-5S is not working. No signal with master volume at max. Same goes for the 1/4" line inputs. Headphone jacks do work, however, along with everything else. Is there something else I should check? I tried multiple cables, just can't get the audio into the keyboard's mix. Thanks.
  5. XW-P1 in Logic

    Hey everyone, I am an owner of the XW-P1 keyboard and would like to be able to use the instruments from the keyoard as midi instruments in logic. Is it possible to do without setting up an EXS24 sampler for each sound every time? It's fun making my own synths with it, but using the original would save some time and busy work when I like the sound CASIO made for us to use. I have the controller plugged into an interface and the interface plugs into my computer. I have also plugged it in directly. My MacBook Pro has the ability to control the CASIO XW-P1 to scroll through instruments but it only records MIDI time data and the instrument choice comes from Logic. Any suggestions would be helpful. Thanks so much. GoldKicks
  6. So I recorded myself playing my casio priva px5s and i go trough all the steps to play it back but its silent. I took the usb drive to my pc but the wave file plays back silent there too. My usb drive is formatted corectely i dont know whats wrong.