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Found 3 results

  1. expression pedal help moog ep3?

    tommorrow or the next day i'm going to try a moog ep3 expression pedal with the privia 560 any tips? im mainly interested in good wah like sounds i'd especially like to control the LFO in the flanger or phaser dsp set at "random" waveform sigh but alas there is only one dsp for all the 17 midi record tracks...well maybe two ...i think someone said the rhythm section could have one? is there another way to get good distorted seperate wahs or some kind of distortion going for the other tracks? using what is controlable other than the dsps? that sure would be something.... my wish list for Casio is sounds like the new arrangers have like yamahas sweet and (?) sounds only that are more dirty "articulated distortion grunge" sounds.... hopefully i can download some soon along with reverb etc being non dsp they should have some sort of distortion channel all its own for all 17 tracks i think. does anyone know if the 560 can handle those new arranger keyboard sounds...not from yamaha but casio? that do glissandos, overblowing etc...that would be great..... ****** oh yes my 560 says assignable and damper on the back for pedals........ can i run a sustain pedal i got for free through the damper jack????or would it also have to go through the assignable? orrr can i use the moog ep3 as a sustain also by changing the parameters on the keyboard?????? i know it sounds stupid -and maybe is- saying can a damper be a sustain...but....one never knows these days..... thanks for putting up with me, alan
  2. Problem: PX-560 | CC doesn't provide smooth volume control when pedal is assigned to CC11:Expression I bought the M-Audio EX-P expression pedal. Calibrated and assigned it to CC 11 controller so I could control volume with my foot. I returned it back because it seemed to be causing a very noticeable volume jump just as the layer fades in. I was expecting the expression pedal to increase the volume smoothly, just like when you use the keyboard's master volume knob, but that's not what happened. Initially, the sound jumps from off to some low level; and it's definitely a jump and nothing like a fade in. As I further depress the pedal, it's not smooth at all in the first ~25-33% of travel. Once I'm past that first third of the travel, the pedal seems to operate smoothly. But it really kills anything subtle you're trying to do at lower volume levels. So I bought the Moog ACCEP003 EP3 expression pedal. Plugged it in; calibrated it, and same thing - volume jumping at initial fade-in and then along the first 25 - 33% of travel. Kind of like a detented pot, if you know what I mean by that. It's looking like my PX-560 is the problem. Now it could be just my keyboard, but I'm thinking that people just haven't noticed it yet because they're fading in a sound while another sound is already playing so the problem would be masked. That other sound could be coming from their own keyboard or their band mates' instruments. Either way, it probably wouldn't be noticeable. Took a while before I caught it. Anyway, I'm assuming this problem exists for all PX-560's. I'm guessing it's a firmware issue where the code/function that interprets and translates the pedal's variable resistance/impedance at its lowest levels is not granular enough to produce a smooth continuous controller response over the entire range of travel on the pedal. Maybe it's a problem having to do with the characteristics of the pedal's potentiometer, but I'm betting that routine could be written that notices when jump in db is about to happen and branch off to a subroutine that smooths out that volume level transition over time. You'd have to have to play with the timing so that is sounds natural/believable/reponsive, or as close to it as possible, but I bet could be done. Thoughts? Thanks!
  3. I've got a little E-mu Xboard. It supports c.c. pedals. I've got my expression pedal connected to it, and I have the xboard midi'd into my PX-5S. On the grand piano, the exp pedal is doing the half damping function splendidly. Pretty cool. But how would I go about setting it to do volume swells on strings? That's what I really want to use it for.