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Found 32 results

  1. Name that sound.

    Name that sound. I did this on the G1 and used Mike Martin's G1 Live Clinic from 2013 as a guide. Mike Martin and the XW G1/P1 If you got a good set of headphones? <-- put them on. Name that sound.wav It's not perfect, but good enough. Name that sound. Who made it and why. (that's the tricky part) If you win you will receive 10 fake internet points at a value of $o.oo USD. No coupons and or other offers apply, because it doesn’t matter.
  2. I did a fun tune for you and me (the 14';th begin a year older for me.. ). But i got wiser, i chase young girls (40 + Single and they have to be-able to play key's) now.
  3. Hi everyone, I recently bought a XW-G1 and am loving the product (although the documentation leaves a lot to be desired). I am in the procces of putting some of my old projects (sample based hiphop) into the G1 but am running into a little problem with wich i hope someone can help me with: i upload my samples, save them and go to the right user tone (200 and up). i then go to the step sequencer, assign the solo synth to channel 1 and put in the notes live trough step edit. Now here comes my problem: when i have a sample that is made of multiple splits that all loop seamless and i put split one in the first step and next in the fourth to keep the loop going it seems to cut of the last part of the loop from step one when its near step four. When i only trigger 1 step in a pattern it doesn't seem to have this problem but because of the complexity of some of the songs this is not an option since i would be loosing to much patterns if i can only trigger a sample once per pattern. I hope i worded my problem accurate and understandable (english is not my first language) and one of you geniuses can help me. Edit: the problem is not the sampled loops length or quality, i already checked this and it plays normal when i only trigger one step per patter
  4. Hi all, I finally got round to uploading another of my XW demo tracks. This also uses both my XW-P1 and G1. Enjoy! https://soundcloud.com/twilight_dissidenthero/satellite
  5. I've finally taken the plunge and uploaded one of my tracks to Sound Cloud. As many of you know, I moved over to the USA and my gear is still stuck in the UK. I didn't have much of a studio set up as I was in a state of flux back in the UK with a pending emigration overseas, though I did manage to record some live takes/ ideas I had with my Casios before I left for the USA. These were never meant to be more than sketches, just to get the ideas in my head down before I forgot them. The intention was to always re-record them properly, properly sequenced, multi-track recorded and mixed. Then I would put them up on the usual places (Sound Cloud, YouTube etc.) and see if anyone liked them. As my return to the UK to arrange shipping of my gear is taking much longer than planned, it's going to be a while before I get my gear over to the USA and can set up my own studio again. As I feel some of my live takes sounded OK considering my rudimentary keyboard playing, well, why not put some of them up for others to hear? So I did! Here's the first track, using both my XW-P1 and XW-G1. Played live and recorded in one take, straight to DAW via a mini Behringer mixer. I hope some may enjoy it
  6. Groovy Sample Loops Part 2

    Version 1.02


    Groovy Loops Part 2. Based on Performance patches and Step sequence. Package for this going to be called Run_The_Looper Some of these loops where build with one Performance patch, Others with stacking another on top. Some drum patterns have been realized by creating two patterns and stacking them on top of each other which was one way to do it but I've also could program a full step sequence using Bass , sol 1 2 for drums Have fun if you have any idea's shoot me a few. *added 8 more loops which are some of my experimental kind of stuff. Package available soon.
  7. Groovy Sample Loops Part 2

    File Name: Groovy Sample Loops Part 2 File Submitter: XW-Addict File Submitted: 11 Sep 2015 File Category: XW-G1 Groovy Loops Part 2. Based on Performance patches and Step sequence. Package for this going to be called Run_The_Looper Some of these loops where build with one Performance patch, Others with stacking another on top. Some drum patterns have been realized by creating two patterns and stacking them on top of each other which was one way to do it but I've also could program a full step sequence using Bass , sol 1 2 for drums Have fun if you have any idea's shoot me a few. *added 8 more loops which are some of my experimental kind of stuff. Package available soon. Click here to download this file
  8. Unexplained (loop)



    Tempo: 45 - 90 - 180. Quality: Mono 21khz
  9. Unexplained (loop)

    File Name: Unexplained (loop) File Submitter: David File Submitted: 18 Nov 2014 File Category: XW-G1 Tempo: 45 - 90 - 180. Quality: Mono 21khz Click here to download this file
  10. Dirty loop

    File Name: Dirty loop File Submitter: David File Submitted: 01 Nov 2014 File Category: XW-G1 Tempo: 99 BPM Click here to download this file
  11. PalaLED (sample)

    Version Unique


    Deep and "hard-hitting" rhythm.
  12. PalaLED (sample)

    File Name: PalaLED (sample) File Submitter: David File Submitted: 12 Oct 2014 File Category: XW-G1 Deep and "hard-hitting" rhythm. Click here to download this file
  13. HOTEL

    Version V0.1


    It is for use as a rhythm. Try it.
  14. HOTEL

    File Name: HOTEL (SAMPLE) File Submitter: David File Submitted: 10 Oct 2014 File Category: XW-G1 It is for use as a rhythm. Try it. Click here to download this file
  15. There is a thousand way how to play you're keyboard you can go with midi sequencing daws or fully stand alone the thing is how good will you're piece sound once you done it all right!, Mastering not only musical skills also the keyboard . Test your skillzz and let me hear how you turned the XW in a sonic power house doesn't matter how you do it how it sounds like what piece you play as long if you can tell how you did it what make the piece exceptional do it with or without the solo synth , sampling create new sounds max the possibilities out. ADD PCXW to you're mp3 or soundcloud link once you've finished you're musical piece and win to be honored excellence OF keyboard playing. YEAH awesOMe. I know its a bit crazy but I really want to hear more how others make music with their XW using everything on it by programming their own phrases arpeggio effects etc.
  16. G1 EDM Real Time Sound Tweeking Awesome!

    For the last week, I have been tweeking sounds during real time live playing EDM learning to use the sliders for the "Osc Block", "Env Generator", and "Total Filter/LFO" sections. Awesome!!!
  17. Where playing with the G1 and combined the sound of several performance patches(available for download) I got a nice vibe with arpeggio's , DSP and EQ all the patches have nice stereo imaging to the total sound, Wish to have done it in a DAW to clean it up but it proofs anything can be done on the synth alone, first kept layering the drums and other stuff got a nice loop and finished it off with Horn tone using a performance patch where which with EQ reverb and chorus. Think I've gradually mastered the G1 to a point get out of it what I want that what I like about this synthesizer. Main 9'nth east street.MP3
  18. I am looking for tone tb-303 to the XW-G1. But I can not find it. Can you help me? Thank you. PS: the search engine does not find it...
  19. Tips for a beginner.

    Hello everyone: Can you share tips on the use of the XW-G1? I need advice because I've bought a XW-G1. Thank you.
  20. That thing is the sample loading time and saving its almost as long as the time I would take to put me self a cup of tea one sample bank or coffee two sample banks. To be fair I'm using ordinary SD card the manual said that the G1 also uses SDHC cards I have not tried that yet since I think if it also take this long over usb it won't matter but then again who knows.
  21. Salutations forum members or visitors I'm going to show how you can edit a PCM tone to your liking. I've been using the G1 for quiet a while now mostly from the seven standard modes yes you've heard it right seven modes. The modes I'm refering to are performance , tone(+solosynth +PCM +Costum PCM +Samples) and Step sequence mode I count them like that as separate modules within the synth. To get more familiar with the G1 I started out by creating my own performance mode patches arranging mixing Solo synth and PCM tones adding reverb and or effects. I wasn't fond of the balance and solved that by assigning ADSR, resonance , tremolo to the knobs so I could make the sounds a bit nicely. This way I could select to a few tones which to be edited directly and which not. Nice and all but still no satisfaction then I discovered tone editing for the PCM tones usually I would edit them in performance mode with knob assignment but that has its limitation and becomes garbled you wont get out what you exactly want. First a tiddly bit of where to. The Solosynth preset starts from P:000 up to P:100 The PCM instrument preset starts at P:100 up to P:400 The Drumkits start from P:400 to P:419. Now the Solosynth User tones are stored at U:000 up to U:100 The storage for the PCM instruments tones we are going to make are stored on U:100 its where the G1 points to first free location where we will save our PCM patch. [selecting a patch to edit] For this example I will use tone P:233 Distortion guitar, Press tone and use the scroll wheel to select this tone or press the Preset/user button and dial in 233 will also bring the desired tone. P:233 is a nice patch but a bit stale the knobs K1 to K4 adjust Cuttoff, Attack , Release and reverb on this patch. What I do is finding a nice balanced sound to start every time I would select this patch by adjusting the knobs the display shows which value's the knobs assign to have when you turn them to you're appropriate value. Mine is Attack -64, Release +30, Cutoff -40. Write those value's down or remember them. Now press the edit button if you're not familiar with the synth its the button under the performance button. You'll will see a menu now on the display, You're now in E:PCM melody. If you're not in that menu select the tone mode again select the tone P:233 and press edit. [Navigating with the cursor control buttons] On the right of the synth are the Exit, Enter and cursor buttons. Exit will bring you back to the tone selection mode. But we don't want that, Press the right cursor to see the selection available for this patch it start with Atk.time on page 1/5 and ends with Cho.sends on page 5/5. Now as you can see the first three features are present Atk.time for Attack; Rls.time for Release and Cuttof. Use the cursor down button to scroll to the respected feature and enter for each one you're desired value. [saving the new patch] Now that the value's are in I save what I have at this point. Press the write button the G1 now has selected a new Tone to be saved and pointed to a free slot for this now you can save the Tone as Distortion guitar or give it you're own cool name I gave my ACR distguitar. Press the cursor down button to select for renaming use the scroll wheel for each character and press right cursor for the next one. You can navigate back and forth while editing your own name when you finished press Enter select Yes. Now your new patch is saved you can find it by going to Tone Mode and selecting User Tone with the preset/user button. [Adding effects] To edit it more you can repeat the process what I did was giving the new guitar patch a vibrato when I hold and press a key down the tone will gradually vibrate at the end. By going back to edit mode on the new user tone patch navigate down to change each setting in; Vib.type [sIN] Vib.depth [-30] Vib.Rate [+30] Vib.delay [+30] Oct.shift [0] TouchSense [-20] DSP [on] - DSP edit type 33:DstRef Volume [110] - this one is nice cause now you directly control a fixed value for volume but you can change it in mixer. Rev.Send [000]-reverb Cho.Send [127]-chorus. Press Write then Enter save it yes, Now you have a new PCM tone to add in performance mode or as solo creating you're own custom tones like this gives another dimensions to your patches. Its even possible to give totally new effects to them by changing the vibrato value's vib.depth and vib.rate to -64 or create a new dsp effect. Mind you the last one will effect also the other Tone in performance mode when DSP is selected on all Tone will have the same DSP effect keep that in mind when you're doing arrangements. I'm guessing the same is possible to do on the P1 no I'm sure of it. If I left something out or forgot a detail please comment on that share you're feedback . Enjoy.
  22. XW dust covers

    Does anyone know if Casio made a dust cover for the XW series? With their flat surfaces, all keyboards/ synths quickly attract dust when left exposed, so a simple dust cover would be great for when they're not in use. Somehow I managed to acquire a genuine Casio dust cover with one of my many Casios (I can't remember which though!) It fits a treat and you can see it pictured covering my G1, with the exposed P1 below. The model number of the cover is 'C-47'. I'd love to get a matching cover, or find another cover(s) at a reasonable price to keep my XW's dust free when I'm not using them. Anyone know where I can find such dust covers, or know if Casio offered covers for the XW's?
  23. New G1 owner!

    Yesterday I finally received my G1 to add to my P1 and extensive Casio collection. For now, My MZ2000 has had to make way for the G1 as I only have a two tier stand, so I have the brothers P1 and G1 together. One day I will get all my Casios set up in their own studio, and maybe get all the midi Casios linked together! First impressions of the G1. Well, I'd just come off a night shift so my brain was beginning to fail, even so, I just had to get it out of the box and have a play before my brain shut down. Initial thoughts were that it was very similar to the P1, well, they are almost identical twins. However, I've obviously become accustomed to the layout of the P1 and found the G1 a little confusing. Solo synth was obvious as its engine is the same as the P1, and I LOVE the individual sliders being able to control the synth parameters (a big plus over the P1). However, the sampler section I didn't find as intuitive as the P1. The P1 is obvious with Tone buttons clearly marked 'Solo', 'Hex', 'Drawbar' and 'PCM', and the sections of 'performance', 'tone' and 'step sequencer' buttons also very clear. Again, maybe I've just become accustomed to the P1. Like most people upon originally getting a sampler, I wanted to record a silly sound and play it up and down the keyboard! Recording a sample was fairly obvious (after looking in the manual), but it took a websearch and a look in this forum before I could finally find out how to make it a 'tone' that could be triggered by any key on the keyboard. I have to say that the supplied manual seems somewhat lacking (the P1's isn't much better) and doesn't do such an amazing board justice. This I found surprising as most people want to jump in with a sampler by recording a sound and playing them back at different speeds! Surely this should have been a lot easier? In the end I managed to sample the pipe organ tone of my MT65, allocate it to a G1 tone and then play it back across the keyboard. Cool! Though I can't for the life of me get it to loop whilst as a tone (it does in the sample looper section). Hopefully someone can show me how to make the tone loop, as I hope to sample some classic analogue sounds, such as famous string sounds that need to play for as long as the keys are held down. I looked at the sample looper examples via online/ Youtube and they look impressive! Trying to replicate this though was too much for my brain to handle after a 12.5 hour night shift so that will have to wait for another day. Thus I am optimistic that I made a good decision to add the G1 to my P1, though I need time readjust to its different controls and features. And no doubt I will have lots of questions coming up once I really start delving under the G1's hood!
  24. Velocity switching?

    Does the P1 only exhibit velocity switching if not so how can I do it on the G1.
  25. How he uses the sequencer?

    Hello, ladies and gentlemen: I found this wonderful video. And I have a question for you: Any person with a good heart can explain how this person uses the sequencer? Does he use any pedal control? I'm very intrigued. PS: How do I put videos and not put the links? THANK YOU VERY MUCH.