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Found 19 results

  1. Ok, I have a really random request: Can anyone help me name an obscure demo song with almost no info to give you?.... When I was a kid in the late 90's, I had a Casio keyboard. Don't remember the model number (that would be too easy, wouldn't it?). I remember it had round speakers and big buttons in the middle and a midi interface and less than 88 keys. It was silver. It had a ton of sounds and demo songs. Some songs were Londonderry Air, American Patrol and Bluebells of Scotland. Then there's this one song I can't get out of my head but can't for the life of me remember the name of. Can't find it when I search for demo song lists. So I will take a shot in the dark and describe it here in case someone happens to be familiar with that keyboard and song. (Not enough info probably but I thought i would try). The song is mostly in a minor key. It modulates a little to the major in the bridge. The strings carry the melody at least in the bridge. I don't remember if the rest of the melody is strings or oboe or something. The melody starts by going up a minor scale. It sounds very sad. Like a Russian ballad. It kind of reminds me of Song Without Words by Holst but it is not that song. I attached a recording of me singing the main melody minus the bridge so you didn't have to submit to the torture too long. Lol! It sounds Classical Russian to me but could be a theme from a movie or soap opera for all I know! Maybe if you don't have the keyboard but know a bit about music you will recognize it? This has been driving me mad for many years. Thank you for your time. Voice_171011_2.3gp
  2. Help with MIDI for lk280

    Hello, I bought the Casio LK280, I would like all the keys from the keyboard to light up, but until now not all the keys do so... and I tried to adjust the MIDI file, with changing channels to 3 and 4, but something went wrong. Does anyone have an idea what to do to make all the keys light up? Any help is appreciated, I am looking forward to learn to play this song (see the attachment). This is the version I didn't adjust. Thanks! 1_SHES_LIKE_THE_WIND.mid
  3. I recently purchased a wk6600 keyboard. Is there any certain angle I must store it? Can I store it on it's back or side?
  4. Can anyone pls explain how to repeat a song in my casio privia px-150 music library. For example automatically playingback repeatedly song 21 instead of it changing to another song
  5. Keith mcmillen 12 step,????? 560

    Keith mcmillen 12 step,...if anyone has used this with a 560 PLEASE LET ME KNOW...how it went..... ?????? am considering...
  6. CASIO LK-110 Ableton Live 9 MIDI

    Hello everyone, I've recently dug up an antique Casio LK-110 keyboard piano, I was wondering if there is a way for me to connect it to Ableton Live 9. Thanks! UltimateHG
  7. Help please

    Alright I need help I just recently received a casio ctk 6200, I plugged it in turned it on and pressed afew buttons then it powered off and ever since I haven't been able to turn it back on, I've checked the wires and I even tried batteries and nothing has worked please help
  8. I used my Privia Px-5s today, unplugged it and took it to band practice as normal. But when I plugged it in and turned it on, the keyboard factory reset itself. All of my recordings, factory presets, and sounds are gone. I owned this keyboard for 3 years, and it's never happened to me before. Has this happened to anyone? Is there anything I can do at this point?
  9. Hello to everyone on the Casio Music Forum! I'm here looking for information on an old keyboard which I believe to be from the 1990s. It originally belonged to my grandmother, and now I use it in some of my music production because I like some of the sort of 90s sounds on it. Printed on the front is a list of 100 drum rhythms, as well as 100 sound presets. It says CASIO: PRO-300 in the center, and has a LCD screen that is 4.5 cm x 2 cm which displays numbers that correspond to whatever preset one might have selected. It incorporates the use of Pulse Code Modulation (PCM) sound as well as touch response, and adaptable, built in Reverb and Delay effects. I have attached a photograph of the keyboard to this thread. The things I'd like to know about this keyboard are: How much did it originally cost? What type of synthesis is used (or are they samples)? When did they first begin being produced? How long did they stay on the market? What is it worth now? Thanks in advance, I look forward to seeing what you all can provide!
  10. Hi guys, I have a Casio CTK6200, which I have been making songs with the song sequencer for a while. And I want to know how to export them to my computer, I have read almost everything on the internet but I cannot seem to understand... I've downloaded Data manager from the casio website, but I only end up with CMS files which I know are not playable.. And from what I know other models have a "audio recording" button but this model does not. So does that mean everything saved into the SD card is only midi form? Is there a way to convert the files into audio files? My direct question is : How do I export the song sequencer files into a playable form on my computer? I don't mind buying any cables or programs or mics... I also don't know what a DAW is. So I would be very thankful to anyone who is willing to help me solve my problem. Please guys i'm super desperate Thanks in advance!
  11. Hi. I have the PX750. Was doing OK until one day kids might have messed with it. It turns on fine, lights initialise but then i realise the power lamp is not lighted. I also get no sound. I've tried function / local sound etc but get nothing. I can't seem to enable operation tone either. One thing for sure, operation lock works (func+last key) Off and on it seems to be OK when I mess around enough with function+X but after I disconnect mains and try to turn it on again, I get this non operative mode. Can anyone tell me what's going on pls. Must be some midi/usb/local setting.... Thanks
  12. Hi, We`re new owners of an AP450 and didn`t think it would be a problem if our little grandkids played it. It looks like they`ve pressed some buttons and now one note is off. It has no touch response. Unplugging doesn't help. The manual suggests turning off backup, but even though we`ve read through the manual a few times, we can`t figure out how to turn off backup. Could someone walk us through it step by step?
  13. Hello, I have recently bought the CTK - 2400 model online and it just game and I noticed there isn't a MIDI in attached to the keyboard, only a Input in, I was trying to hook it up to the computer in order to use fl studio, How would I hook this up? what cords do I need to buy? let me know asap! thanks!
  14. I have a Casio Privia PX-5S and I have a 3/4 inch going from my keyboard to my audio interface to go into my mac which I use Logic. When I play on it, the sound peaks even when my volume knob on my keyboard is turned half way. I have to turn it down quite a bit to get rid of any peaking but the piano is so silent, I might as well not have it in any of my music. But when I play live and I'm all plugged into the system, it doesn't peak at all. Any tips on what I should do with this? Any help would be awesome! Thanks! -Clint
  15. I am toying around with the presets on my Privia PX-5S and I want to save a certain set up of sounds for a gig that I am playing. Luckily the show is in January so I have time to not know what I'm doing at the moment. I have a Synth sound with Strings layered with it. I want to somehow save that sound so I can switch between that and a normal piano setting while playing live. Is that possible with this keyboard? Any help with this would be awesome so I don't have to type in what I want before each song! Thanks!
  16. I just got my new Privia PX-5S today and am currently trying to set it up. I have all the cables in place. All that is missing is SOUND. I've been going through the owners manual to try to find the answer but am unable to find one. I didn't know if there were built in speakers that just aren't working? I've even plugged in M-AUDIO studio speakers and there is still no sound. I've tried playing the piano while adjusting the knobs, yet, still no sound. Any help would be appreciated!! Thanks! -Clint
  17. XW / CTK / WK

    so now on Friday one of my Synths will be replaced i wonder what i should buy ,,,i need some nice rhythms...good Sounds Guitars strings and so on ..and a free system to programm own tracks.... So XW-G1 is very synth like how does classical patches sound like `? CTK-6200 nice i wonder whats the difference to the WK 4200 or WK 6600 ... other sugestions are welcome....
  18. So i just bought my Casio PX-5s and I am having some trouble loading patches that i downloaded from this website. I have them all in the left list (PC user data files) but when i drag them over into the instrument list it asks if I want to replace stage setting already on the piano. I'm worried that means I will be overwriting stock sounds/settings which I definitely don't want to do. I was hoping there would be a seperate section for me to drag these custom patches or stage settings. Yes i have read the editor manual btw. Page 16 onwards was helpful but still didn't enlighten me on this matter. I guess I don't understand the interface too well yet. Any help would be appreciated Michael
  19. Casio px-5s (we) song problem.

    Hello. Ive bought a brand new casio px-5s(we) model not long ago, and its great. But i have an issue: when i record phrase for egz. in bass. i press play phrase, and everything looks good, BUT when im editing song, and add the phrase i recorded before (in egz. bass), the phrase plays in piano only! no matter if i used drums/bass/ electric piano/ etc. while recording.. when song, it ALLWAYS plays in piano ONLY! i dont really know what to do (i red all the manual and tried all i could think off)... any ideas why? and how to fix it? help would be REALLY appreciated, thanks! p.s. that thing in sys rec setting is on (dont remember what its called :/)