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Found 19 results

  1. Hi, my name is Wagner, from Brazil. I'm trying to control korg module on my iPad using the PX5S connected to it via midi. I Need to send control change. CCs 100,101,102 and 103 but, when I look on the casio Editor, it only allows to use cc's up to 97. Is there a way to assign Control change higher then 97 to the sliders or Knobs: thanks
  2. I am thinking of buying this model for Christmas 2017. Can anyone confirm if it works with windows 10? Or IPad Pro IOS 11? i want something that has 1 finger chording, rhythms for auto accompaniment, but plays like. An acoustic. Thx
  3. App for iPAD on px5s

    Some time ago I saw right here in the forum that there was an ongoing project of an app editor for ipad, just as there is for xwP1, and xwG1. Does anyone know if this software has been finalized. If anyone else has an interest in such an application, let's use this topic to ask developers!
  4. Connecting LK-300tv to iPad

    I'm trying to input notes into Garageband app on iPad using the LK-300tv. The manual mentions General MIDI capability, and also about need to install drivers to connect to a computer. So far, I have the Lightning-to-USB camera kit cable on the iPad, and plugged into the keyboard USB port. Reading other posts, I configured the functions of local control to "off", and accompaniment output to "on". However, the iPad throws an error saying the device is not supported. Is there any hope this keyboard can be used with iPad?
  5. I have recorded a few midi parts onto separate tracks in cubasis. I now want to do a bit of mixing, but however I set the midi routing in the cubasis inspector I cannot get the px560 to respond to volume and pan information being sent to it from Cubasis. Is this a bug in the px or just me being thick?
  6. New here. Where can I go to learn how to set up my WK 200 to work with my iPad. GarageBand and other iOS apps? would like to experiment with midi but don't know where to start. Thanks in advance. Pete
  7. Newbie to midi, Casio and pretty much everything about this keyboard except how to play a tune ... looking for advice I know you can connect WK7600 to an iPad via USB. Has anyone successfully used a Bluetooth dongle for a wireless connection? Or would midi over Bluetooth require special processing within the dongle itself? Specifically I'm wondering whether a standard Bluetooth 4.0 dongle would work (ideally) ... or 2nd option the dongle made by the Y brand for its keyboards ... maybe it also works with other brands? Thanks in in advance for your help. I'm still on the edge between buying this keyboard or a Y brand so don't have one to actually test. RU32day
  8. Hi all, I have just ordered an iPad to use with Casio px5 to solve 2 big (for me) problems with casio: the monophonic mode with synth and the weak organ sound engine. for organ I think I'll use App Galileo, or maybe the hammond in Garageband, I'll have to try. For synth I want to know what app do you use for reliable, solid use in LIVE gigs (not amateur use at home). It's fundamental that the synth have mono/legato option, poly mode, and that I can change preset throught midi program change from casio and that it can work on only one midi channel. I already bought animoog with black friday sales, thinking that changing preset throught program change was a common feature in all app synth, but I was wrong..it doesn't do it (for me, unbelieveble) I want to know some app synth with this features and that doesn't get no issues with nothing. I'm looking to sunrizer and magellan (I prefer the second for sound), but I want to know if someone of you use them in live use and if there is any problems. or any other app suggestions? I want to link the mini jack out of iPAd to mini jack in of casio, is there any problem? I read that the output of iPad is a bit low, can I balance its audio with casio audio with line in Gain, or there is too much difference and have to further boost the ipad signal? Thank you for the replies
  9. Can I use my iPad 3rd gen with my Casio wk 6600 using Apple Camera Connection kit, A-B usb cable?
  10. This is a very simple template for midi designer (Ipad App) that shows how to change quickly PX5s stage settings (0-99) with a knob. Note that an hidden button that send a bank select message is present in the template. You can add this page to the standard PX5S layout that was provided in the past. Enjoy !! PX5s_StageSettings.zip
  11. Hello There! I would like to use my Casio Privia PX-150 to compose music via GarageBand on an iPad 4. I would like to know if this is possible, and if so, what connections/cables do I need, and what steps do I need to follow to set it up?
  12. Hi all, I recently got a px-5s (Holy crap what an amazing instrument, but I'll save my praising of for somewhere else. Now back to the question), and I want to hook up my xw and my ipad to them. I have connected the ipad alreadythru both the usd and midi ports and the audio in I'm sure its the same for the xw. My question is how do I make them a part of a stage setting? For example, I would like to put the sound of the audio in in zone 3 (or any for that matter). Also can I make the audio of the stereo ins and the 1/8 in two different zones? Right now it plays throug what ever zone I'm on as long as its on. And finally, would it be possible to call up a stage setting (that I set up) that will change the tone on the xw? Thanks
  13. As you know our keyboards are USB Midi Compliant, that means you can connect them to Midi devices in some case directly tuo USB, otherwise using, for example, the Kenton Midi USB Host http://www.kentonuk.com/products/items/utilities/usb-host.shtml Those Midi app let you to controle via USB OTG, Opus#1 1843 french two manuals church organ based on high-quality recordings http://www.refined-apps.com/opus-1/ be careful the app works only 4 1/2 octaves as the real organ and Pitea a 1989 german three manual church organ always based on high-quality recordings http://www.refined-apps.com/pitea/ again be careful the app works only 5 octaves. I'have those two apps, and I'm very satisfied, I used them even with my old Midi keyboard connected with a Roland USB/Midi compliant and even non Midi compliant, I suggest the first one. In any case read carefully the Refined Apps suggestions. You can also use two keyboards controlling upper an lower manual with a Midi merger like the Kenton one http://www.kentonuk.com/products/items/utilities/m-merge4.shtml. For IPad & Iphone go to visit http://polaron.de/Napo/index.html I hope to have been enough clear!
  14. Version


    A controller layout for MIDI Designer on the iPad and iPhone. More info here: http://priviapro.wordpress.com/2013/12/04/privia-px-5s-layout-for-midi-designer-iphone-and-ipad/
  15. File Name: Privia PX-5S MIDI Designer Layouts / iPhone and IPad File Submitter: Mike Martin File Submitted: 04 Dec 2013 File Category: PX-5S Other A controller layout for MIDI Designer on the iPad and iPhone. More info here: http://priviapro.wordpress.com/2013/12/04/privia-px-5s-layout-for-midi-designer-iphone-and-ipad/ Click here to download this file
  16. Here is something I did using the XW-G1 but the same thing could be done using a XW-P1. Nothing is pre-recorded. This is all done live using the Step Sequencer and the Phrase Recorder. Also utilizing the iPad apps NAVE and iMS-20.
  17. XW and iPad

    So I hinted at this a little while ago, it is a little closer to being real. I'm still going to be vague for a little about it because we're still working with the app developer but this completely changes the XW's Solo Synth in my opinion. The types of sounds you can get in just moments and in real-time is quite remarkable, so this is both a performance and editing tool for the Solo Synth. It also gives the XW-P1 the ability to manipulate the the Solo Synth the way the XW-G1 does and more. It works identically on the XW-G1. More details asap.
  18. PX-5S iPad app

    Hi all, what are the applications for ipad to connect with px5s? Tanks Luciano
  19. Hi everybody! How do you connect your iPad to XW (XW-G1 in my case) via USB? I'm following the manual, but after recommended steps nothing happens on either end. I have Garage Band app installed on my iPad Retina, to start with, and I just don't know where and what and how. I have sound via audio out to mic, or instrument, or line. Please, if you have a successful experience with this, share it with me. Thank you for your help!