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Found 5 results

  1. WK-500 sustain stuck

    Hi, folks. My first post is a problem I'm having with my keyboard (typical, right?) It's a Casio WK-500. I've had it for 5 years or more and never had an issue. I turned it on the other day, keyed a chord and it sounded like the sustain pedal is continuously pressed (which it wasn't). It's very noticeable if I change the tone to something other than piano such as strings, organ, etc. Pressing the pedal has no impact. I unplugged the peal and still the same issue. The only way to make the sustain stop is to go into the settings and change the pedal setting to something other than sustain. After that the pedal has no impact at all. I've tested the pedal in a different keyboard and it works. Any ideas? I did get a response from Casio (kind of surprised that I did actually hear from them) but they asked me the old "did you try turning it off and back on again." (Which btw doesn't work.) Thanks for any help, Scott
  2. CDP-130 MIDI issues

    Hey everyone, I'm having some MIDI issues with the CDP-130. I am trying to send MIDI information from Ableton Live into the CDP-130. I have the keyboard set on the "strings" setting, however the "Grand Piano" sound is what is recorded in Ableton. The MIDI notes are reaching the keyboard properly, but the wrong sound is coming out. Does anyone know what I am doing wrong? Thanks for any and all help,
  3. Hi Everyone! Its been about 4 months and my keyboard has been giving me problems. Specifically, the "B" note of the keyboard is sounding rather shrill and that's getting worse. I'm sure something's wrong with the speakers. Please help. Thanks in advance! Below attached is the sound recording that describes the issue. Voice Capture 011.m4a
  4. Hello guys, I am having a very bad time with my Privia PX-5S, I bought it in December 31st, 2014, and for the first time I'm experiencing some issues regarding the volume knob, it isn't work properly, it gives the same volume when turning up or down, and there is a point where should be volume 0 where you can appreciate a noise, pretty much like the two states devices (a button) and instead of giving an especific amount of resistance it's giving just "On" and "Off". I don't know if this is new for you or it is a common situation. I live in Mexico, and the purchase was in the US, what do you recommend me? Please check the video.... help me ='( By the way this issue seems to be like a shortcut, sometimes happens and after an specific amount of time it solves by itself but in the end it happens again. Thank you in advance Tony Martinez IMG_4042.MOV
  5. Casio px-5s (we) song problem.

    Hello. Ive bought a brand new casio px-5s(we) model not long ago, and its great. But i have an issue: when i record phrase for egz. in bass. i press play phrase, and everything looks good, BUT when im editing song, and add the phrase i recorded before (in egz. bass), the phrase plays in piano only! no matter if i used drums/bass/ electric piano/ etc. while recording.. when song, it ALLWAYS plays in piano ONLY! i dont really know what to do (i red all the manual and tried all i could think off)... any ideas why? and how to fix it? help would be REALLY appreciated, thanks! p.s. that thing in sys rec setting is on (dont remember what its called :/)