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  1. Hi, Casio people, Had a dabble at converting Yamaha 'Styles' to Casio Rhythms on my new MZ-X500. Amazing what these keyboards can do, eh! There are thousands of Yamaha styles free on the psrtutorial site. Some styles need some tweaking after conversion to get a reasonable result. But for me, it's a great way to play around and learn a few things. In fact, this advertised feature of MZ-X's ability to convert third-party 'styles' to Casio rhythms was what drew my interest in the first place. Am now trying to make a MZ-X500 Rhythm from an imported MIDI file. Not from a Yamaha 'Style' this time, but using a General MIDI SMF file type 01 to try to build a Casio Rhythm by segments, or 'Elements' in Casio speak. Okay, have followed Ralph Maten's excellent video tutorial on this subject, have mirrored his every move, but for some reason all I'm hearing after the final (Execute - Complete) stage, is drums. Checked the Accomp button is lit and am playing chord shapes on left hand (like Ralph does in his video), only drums again. Have installed the 01:30 upgrade, no difference. All my MIDI files play no problem in the MZ's MIDI Recorder and play also when played on the SMF IMPORT SETTING screen, so nothing wrong with the MIDI files, one presumes. Any suggestions gratefully received, folks.