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Found 105 results

  1. Visit my web page for many other original songs.... www.sergiosongs.com
  2. PX-560M LID Piano

    Version 1.0.0

    1 download

    Load LID PIANO Tone in Group Name: Piano Load LID PIANO Registration in empty location Load LID PIANO Tone in Upper 1 Control Knob 1 changes LID
  3. PX-560M Kawai SK5

    Version 1.0.0


    Load PX-560M Kawai SK5 Tone in Group Name: Piano Load PX-560M Kawai SK5 Tone in Upper 1
  4. PX-560M italian GPN 

    Version 1.0.0


    Load PX-560M italian GPN Tone in Group Name: Piano Load PX-560M italian GPN Tone in Upper 1
  5. Anthem Variation

    Improvisational exercise based on the Cuban national anthem.
  6. Stereo Grand piano

    Stereo Grand piano View File A stereo grand piano TN7 tone file from CTK6300IN. Submitter jibin.jacob3 Submitted 11/02/2017 Category CTK / WK  
  7. Stereo Grand piano

    Version 1.0.0


    A stereo grand piano TN7 tone file from CTK6300IN.
  8. PX-560M UPRIGHT 3

    Version 1.0.0


    Load PX-560M UPRIGHT 3 Tone in Group Name: HEX-LAYER Load PX-560M UPRIGHT 3 Tone in Upper 1
  9. PX-560M OLD UPRIGHT 3

    Version 1.0.0

    1 download

    Load PX-560M OLD UPRIGHT 3 Tone in Group Name: HEX-LAYER Load PX-560M OLD UPRIGHT 3 Tone in Upper 1
  10. PX-560M SteinwayB

    Version 1.0.0


    Load PX-560M SteinwayB Tone in Group Name: Piano Load PX-560M SteinwayB Tone in Upper 1
  11. When I connect my Piano CDP-120 with usb cable type a-b my computer read it but I can't use my piano with LMMS (The software I have installed)... My first question is: Which is the driver download for CDP-120 for Windows 10? My second question is: Can I use LMMS or I have to install other software?
  12. Morning Rituals.

    Since a few weeks every working morning when I'm waking up while walking to the kitchen I also fire the PX5S up, which sits nicely in the living room near the window. It takes time for me to get into gear each morning but getting out of bed is the first step. After turning on the keyboard and either have my cup or not mostly I'll sit at the couch with the radio on my favorite classic channel it turns on at a , specific time and while I do not consciously completely hear the music I am watching the key's of my PX5S while thinking the day ahead but this the thing. Those morning times when I sit on the couch going through my waking process, Five minute or two I don't know I'll go sit behind the keyboard and try a brand new tune something out of no where. Before I even touch the key's I see my hands moving over for some kind of chords and then I'll keep going until a tune is there. And it actually is every morning going through my morning rituals a new tune comes up and it even doesn't require a lot of though or key presses something comes up from nowhere and there it is. Thank to the recorder inside the keyboard when I come home I always listen to the things I've tried that morning which is really funny but in the end it sounds quiet good. Thank You.
  13. Gospel Music

    In this piece, I am going through some of the traditional Hymns of the church. Enjoy! 20170909_094716.mp4
  14. Visit my page www.sergiosongs.com and browse other songs....
  15. I have a Casio privia px-350M, and a key popped up (raised higher)! I disassembled the piano by taking all the screws I could find out. I know the problem, I have to hope a white square piece to a black lever, but don't know how. I NEED HELP ASAP AND DONT HAVE WARRANTY, this piano was very expensive. In desperate need.
  16. You're welcome to visit my page... www.sergiosongs.com
  17. Typical "bolero" with lyrics in Spanish. Enjoy!
  18. This is a song I wrote some years ago reflecting on my "roots"... Enjoy... Visit my page www.sergiosongs.com, where I upload my interpretations of standard songs as well as my own compositions. Sergio
  19. This is a song I wrote a while ago. It reflects a Spanish part of me... I play the piano by ear, don't read music, but I enjoy it a lot! Gitana.mp3 I have a webpage where I upload my own songs and song standards I like... www.sergiosongs.com
  20. Amapola

    Hi, I'm Sergio and I play the piano by ear, self-taught, do not read music. I've set up a webpage where I upload my versions of standard songs I like, as well as 20 songs I wrote a few years ago. I play with a Casio PX780, which I love and still trying to learn. This is a song by Joseph LaCalle, a Spaniard from Cadiz who played the clarinet in Sousa's band in the US. I hope you enjoy it. Sergio www.sergiosongs.com Amapola.mp3
  21. For no reason my post has disappeared (I wonder why). Voices used - It is a mix of PX-360 Grand Piano and FA-08 RD-1000. One of the goal was to create a piece that is easy to play. I know, there are a couple of places which may evolve some extra efforts to play it smoothly. However overall it a very simple piece. Feel free to download the score if you like, I grant such permissions since I am the author of it: Score: https://musescore.com/user/3880331/scores/4021966