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Found 9 results

  1. PX-350m MIDI

    I can't get the px350 to change to a different tone sent from an iPad app called BandHelper or others may use one similar called SetlistMaker. What I want to do seems very simple and others in my band have used the same ipad app to control other instruments. All it needs to do is change the voice. Setup:iRig MIDI 2 Channel - I have tried it with both channel 1 and channel 2. In both cases the keyboard was set to the same channel for the tests.Numbering - tried both settings, 0-127 and 1-128 with no effect.MSB - 49LSB - 0. In the Casio forum someone posted to not send LSB. I have tried both 0 and no values, neither had an effect. For that matter I don't even see LSD settings in the Casio documentation.Program - 61I see a message gets sent from BH to the MIDI interface out port which I have confirmed is plugged into the MIDI in port on the keyboard. Tried 2 different MIDI cables, both of which were verified are working on another app. in another thread it was found that the MIDI local control needs to be set to off. When I try that I get no sound from the keyboard.
  2. My Privia PX-350 seems to be very temperamental about head phones. The only Headphones producing a decent (But not perfect) sound are the Harman Kardon Classic. I have tried with a pair of Bose Q25 using the original cable and a 1/4 adapter and using a special cable with a 1/4 connector and the sound is really bad. I have tried with a pair of Sony (Low cost, about 40 USD) with similar results. I have tried multiple combinations: Only the headphones connected, Headphones+a cable in the Amp out, Headphones in the Amp out. Any recommendations of what headphones I should use to obtain good audio from the Privia or should I consider a Headphone amp? PS: I know audio quality is very subjective but what I obtain is low volume audio with really bad definition. Thanks.
  3. Hi everybody, my name is Ruud. I live in Holland and bought a PX350 last year (as a complete beginner at the piano) and I really like it. I think it's unbeatable for the money (got a good deal for it via English website). I love the keybed (although a little noisy, but other brands are noisy too!). I play the internal sounds via a Behringer (yeah, I know) soundcard to a pair of Focal Alpha speakers, because the sound coming from the built in speakers is just not good enough for me (as compared to a decent set of headphones). I also use it as a midi keyboard to play vst's on my computer. However, this month I experienced driver problems twice. The midi notes just stopped getting into my computer (Windows 10) while I was playing and I couldn't use it as a midi keyboard anymore. My solution to this was to uninstall the (proprietary) driver (via device manager in Windows 10), disconnect the keyboard and restart the computer. After that I followed the directions for connecting the keyboard to a computer as described on page E-54 of the manual. and it's been working flawless ever since. My questions are: Does anybody else experienced this and what could be the cause? I never used the USB flashdrive port (I don't consider my playing worthwhile for recording just yet...), as I understand this could mess with the midi too? Greetings from the Low Countries, Ruud
  4. Hi, Is it possible to MIDI map tracks (multi-sequence) on my PX350 using DP8? I have a MOTU Micro Lite and am using the Windows platform. There is scant to no documentation on this subject that I know of. Looking at the keyboard, it appears this is not available with any function buttons or nested anywhere therein that I can see. Will I have to go back to my Yamaha S08 to sequence songs outside of the DP8 box? Thanks.
  5. Hi all, This is my first post here and I'm sorry if it's not in the right place! I've just had some trouble with my new Casio digital piano that I need help fixing. I purchased a Privia PX350 recently and enjoyed using it as a standalone instrument, but lately I've been trying to use it as a MIDI input device and I've encountered some bugs that make it unuseable for this purpose. The DAW I've been using is FL Studio 11, but since I've used other keyboards for this purpose before without issue it seems the Casio unfortunately is the source of the problem. I just can't pin down exactly what's causing it. For starters, some keys on the keyboard will randomly start and stop playback in FL when pressed. It happens very frequently - maybe every 3 or 4 keystrokes - and this alone makes it unplayable. I know the keyboard is the source of the problem because playback is steady when I'm not touching it. Furthermore, when two or more notes are pressed simultaneously, at least one of them will continue to be held down indefinitely even after I've let go. I've found few people with similar issues and the only solid suggestion I found for a fix was to turn off local control in the keyboard's function menu, but it did nothing for me. I've installed the CASIO ccusbmid driver from the Casio website, but it also hasn't made a difference. Another suggestion I heard was that perhaps the pedal is causing the stuck notes, but I've tried with the pedal unplugged and the same issues occur. I'm using the same MIDI->USB cable that I used with my previous keyboards, and I swapped them in again to make sure the cable was working. No issues with the old keyboards. If anyone has any idea what's going on, I'd be thrilled to hear it. I can't wait to use this thing to make some music but it's just not happening right now >: EDIT: I tried uninstalling the Casio driver and going back to the generic USB MIDI2.0 driver that windows installs when I plug in the piano, and this fixed the constant starting and stopping problem I was having, but not the stuck notes. After further testing it looks like exactly what's happening is that when multiple notes are pressed simultaneously, after releasing the chord, rather than stopping the bottom notes the keyboard triggers them again. I've tested this in Finale as well and verified that it's doing the same thing there as it is in FL.
  6. Just getting used to my PX350 and yes, the reviews are right - it's great value, it sounds good, it's half the weight of my Yamaha, it's got some nice features like line input, etc - BUT Is it me, or does the auto accompaniment has a major flaw ? I play lounge jazz/vocal using a (Yamaha) digital piano and a GEM accompaniment module which I strip back so that it only plays acoustic bass. Lets be honest, auto accompaniment generally is a bit tacky and awful so I never bothered with it until I realised that with just auto accompaniment acoustic bass and a hint of percussion the effect is really subtle, makes a huge difference to the sound and is a pleasure to play. My plan was to change to a PX350, which has auto accompaniment built in AND a line input for my mike, and simplify my whole setup - great, EXCEPT Why on Earth does the PX350 play a new bass note the moment it detects a change in the current chord, even if a bass note is not due?? Can anyone help me with this because it's a total deal-breaker. EG. if I set a pattern of say, 2 bass notes per bar at a slow tempo of say 50 BPM and hold a CMaj anywhere on the keyboard, the PX350 plays a C note and then a G note exactly when they are due. But if I change the chord at all, even from Maj to Minor, the PX350 triggers a new bass note instantly whether one is due or not, COMPLETELY RUINING THE RHYTHM. You wouldn't do that with say, the snare drum, it would be a musical disaster, so why do it with the bass?? Casio PX350M, Jazz style rhythm (modified by me to play bass and percussion channels only), auto accompaniment, chord detection mode set to full range. Someone please tell me that it's not going straight onto eBay.
  7. There is a 16 track recorder in PX 350. A very powerful feature. Is there a way to control the volume levels of indivudual tracks? For eg. the if I want to use the organs (which ate not touch sensitive), the volume of that track is too high in the mix.
  8. Hi all, I would like to know is 7/8 time signature accompaniments are available in PX-350. If yes, I would like to know its category and number. Thanks in advance.
  9. Privia PX-350 vs PX-5S

    Differences & similarities outlined between PX-350 and PX-5S: http://youtu.be/VIoZfsprPak